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Planned Giving and Endowment Round Table


									                    Planned Giving and Endowment Round Table
                                  October 25, 2007
                             Vienna Presbyterian Church

                          To build on each others experiences

10:00AM       Gathering      -    Coffee and drinks
                                    - Guest list at each seat
                                    - Upon arrival, each guest to distribute their own
                                    program’s literature to each seat around the table

10:30AM       Opening        -    Welcome host Catherine Dehoney and Karl Mattison

                             -    Introductions (to include brief bullet points of each
                                   church’s program, its success, its needs)

11:00AM       Presentation - Roni Haggert, Georgetown Presbyterian Church
                             - Bequest Society
                             - Record Keeping
                             - Success rate (from 15 to 50 planned gifts)

11:30 AM      Lunch          - graciously provided by Roni Haggert

                             -   Open Discussion
                             -   Administrative Items
                                 - Next meeting? Early 2008?
                                 - PEER Network Conference - January 26, 2008
                                 - 18-Month marketing plan

12:15 PM      Presentation - Stewart Homes, Grace Presbyterian Church
                             - Annual Report - Special Funds Committee
                             - Endowed Pledges
                             - High congregational participation rate

Prior to the meeting, each guest will be asked to bring 12 copies of literature from their
program and to share a list of their program’s perceived strengths and successes as well
                             as their needs and challenges.

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