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  Traditionally in liturgy a collection was taken up to meet the needs of the church and the
                 poor. This was brought to the altar with the procession of gifts.
   The practice of having two collections was introduced to allow people some freedom to
                              determine the purpose of their offering.

 The first collection is an offering for the support of priests. The surplus from this collection
                      goes to a diocesan fund to care for retired priests.

 The second collection supports the works of the parish. Giving to this second collection is
*      by envelope ie: Planned Giving Program, which is 100% tax deductible – deposited
                    to the Catholic Charities & School Building Account
  *      ‘loose’ contributions - deposited directly to the Church Account and are the major
              source of revenue for the day to day running costs of the Parish.

    In addition the Parish imposes a levy on all families whose children attend St Patrick’s
Primary School. This levy has been introduced (after changes to taxation legislation) to assist
  Catholic Parishes to pay costs associated with their Primary Schools, and in our case, the
   levy assists the Parish to pay for the recent Primary School renovations and all ongoing
    repairs & maintenance etc. It is Parish Policy – required by the Archdiocese – that any
 moneys collected from parents towards the School Building Fund are spent on the Primary
     School. From time to time during the year, there are a number of special collections &
 appeals which support the special needs affecting the wider charitable works of the Church
      eg: Charitable Works Appeal – annual parish quota $27,000; Project Compassion;
                              Propagation of the Faith Appeal, etc.

 Donations to the Giving through the envelope program are available by Credit Card – or the
  traditional Envelope system. To arrange to join the Planned Giving Program, or for more
                information, please contact us

      Your support of our parish through your donations is always greatly appreciated.

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