Wii and Wii Fit in Therapy

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					                 OMNI Physical Therapy is now using the Nintendo Wii
                 and Wii Fit as a rehabilitation tool. Playing the Wii and
                 Wii Fit can help improve balance as well as joint
                 motion. It can also help a patient get “back into the
                 swing of things” with their favorite sporting activity too!

Using the game console's unique, motion-sensitive
controller, Wii games require body movements
similar to traditional therapy exercises. Patients
can have fun while performing their rehabilitation
exercises. The Wii system also creates a sense of
competitiveness. Even though the patient may be
boxing or playing tennis against some figure on the
screen, they still want to win and beat their

                          The most popular Wii games in rehab
                          involve sports — baseball, bowling, boxing,
                          golf and tennis. Using the same arm swings
                          required by those sports, players wave a
                          wireless controller that directs the actions of
                          animated athletes on the screen.

Normally,     peforming   physical  therapy
activities can be pretty boring. The Wii
system turns the therapy process into an
enjoyable activity, where the patient is
moving physically and going through motions
that are helping them recover.

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Description: Nintendo announced earlier this month, the data show that as video games become mainstream, about a quarter of British households already have a Wii. Last year, the company is the best selling game WiiFit, which is a help in the exercise under the guidance of the game. According to an insurance company's research estimates that about 13 million British women are now at home, exercise, some people choose to use the basic fitness equipment, while the other part of the women chose to stand on the TV or computer screen using the game for fitness. In contrast, women who choose to go to the gym with only 8.7 million.