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									                                              Curriculum Vitæ

Giovanni Domenico Bulciolu

Date of birth: 8 June 1962 - La Maddalena (SS), Italy
Nationality: Italian and Swiss
Civil status: Married with Séverine D. (Swiss) - 2 kids
Languages spoken: Italian, French, English, Sardinian
Education: High school - Technical Nautical Institute
(Engineering - La Maddalena 1984)
Hobbies: Windsurfing, Snowboarding, Fly-Fishing, Trekking, Webmastering
Certified Lotus PCLP
Certified MS SQL Server Administration

I can cover the following positions:

Project Management
Network design and definition
Application development on: Domino platform, Notes client, ASP, Javascript, SQL, C#, Java
Web Site Development and Webmastering
Server Administration
Demonstrator and Trainer
Management Advisor

Aims and Objectives


To design, develop and implement business applications and solutions. To implement scaleable
applications that integrates fully with enterprise systems. To lead or be part of a team that is creative and
original in finding solutions to programming and management of application development projects in the
networked world of Internet.


To work with highly competent people in a stimulating, cross-cultural setting.To combine professional and
family responsibilities in a harmonious fashion. To have fun while meeting the highest levels of
professional and personal responsibility.
Languages:    LotusScript and Formulae, SQL, Javascript, HTML, ASP, Java, C#, VB
Databases     Lotus Domino, Oracle, SQL Server
Environments: Windows/Unix/Linux

Banking, Industry (Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Energy/Petroleum, Heavy Industry)
Sales & Marketing
Human Resources

Spoken Languages
Italian: Mother tongue
French: Fluent
English: Fluent

1976 - Mechanical Engineer (Captain from Istituto Tecnico Nautico La Maddalena)

2009 - Lotus Domino 8.5 Infrastructure/Server/User Administration I&II
2007 - ITIL Foundations
2003 - SQL Server Administration
2002 - Net & C#
2000 - Lotus CLS/CLP
1992 - RDBMS Database design
1991 - Analysis I-II (Merise)
Professional Experience

2004 - Today

Integrated Solutions S.A.
Hired as: Senior Consultant - Development on Notes/Domino platforms, Server Administration
Tasks: Development of new and maintenance of existing applications, 2         level support to external
customers, Server Administration

2002 – 2004

Freelance Consultant providing consultancy services to

Blue Infinity (2003/2004)
Development on Notes/Domino platforms, ISS/SQL Server & ASP

Serono International (2002/2003)
Development on Notes/Domino platforms

ID Form (2003)
Trainer for Lotus Notes Development I&II course

Medialogica S.A.
2000 - 2002
Hired as: Senior Consultant, Product Manager, Project Manager, Analyst Developer, Webmaster, System
Tasks: Design, develop and maintain new products for the Swiss market, set-up and manage the
Notes/Domino development team and infrastructure, manage internal and external projects, act as
developer where needed. Responsible for the corporate web presence.

Lotus Consulting
1998 - 2000
Hired as: Senior Consultant, Analyst Developer, Project Manager.
Tasks: Develop intranet/extranet business applications, develop Notes client applications, Involved in all
the aspects of Lotus development projects.

1991 - 1998
Hired as: Analyst Developer, Web Technical Leader, Webmaster.
Tasks: Develop intranet/extranet business applications, develop Notes client applications, develop new
products and enhance existing ones, management advisor, help desk.

1989 - 1991
Hired as: TTS system specialist.
Tasks: Involved in the deployment, configuration and maintenance of The Trading Service, a private
worldwide network designed for currency exchange between banks.

SDI - Studio di Informatica
1987 - 1989
Hired as: Sales Manager, Technical support.
Tasks: Sales representative
Relevant Projects

Company: Petroconsultants

Project Title: Daily Alert Service
Environment: Lotus Domino R4.6/5 on Unix, Notes Client and Web Browser
Project Profile: Intranet system/data distribution of Oil Industry News.

Project Title: ScoutWeb
Environment: Lotus Domino R5 on Unix, Web Browser
Project Profile: Collaborative Extranet Web Site.

Project Title: Petronet
Environment: Lotus Domino R5 on Unix, Web Browser, Ms Office
Project Profile: Internet system/data distribution of Oil Industry Activity Reports.

Company: Lotus Consulting

Project Title: IT Intranet Web Site (Deutch Bank Private Banking)
Environment: Domino R5.x on Windows NT, Lotus Notes Client, Web Browser
Project Profile : Intranet web site.

Project Title: Compass - Corporate Intranet (Serono International)
Environment Domino R5.0 on AS400, Web Browser
Project Profile: Portal Application to manage the Corporate Intranet Content.

Project Title: Geneva Portal (Etat de Geneve)
Environment : Domino R5.x on Windows NT, Lotus Notes Client, Web Browser
Project Profile: Multi-lingual web site

Project Title: Internet Web Site (World Economic Forum)
Environment: Domino R5.x on Windows NT
Project Profile: Given the sensitive nature of the above project, I cannot provide any further details.

Project Title : Network design, Server Installation, Secured e-mail deployment, Client deployment,
Administration (Alinghi).
Environment: Domino R5.x on Windows NT
Project Profile: Given the sensitive nature of the above project, I cannot provide any further details.

Project Title: Contracts Management System (Addax&Oryx)
Environment: Domino R4.6 on Windows NT, Lotus notes Client
Project Profile: Oil Trading and Contract Management System

Project Title: Corporate Phone Book (Addax&Oryx)
Environment: Domino R5.x on Windows NT, Web Browser
Project Profile: Intranet Web Site.

Project Title: Corporate Policy and Procedures Management (Addax&Oryx)
Environment: Lotus Domino 4.6, Lotus Notes Client
Project Profile: Document Management/Intranet Web Site

Web address and Contact information
This CV can be found on the web at this address
For more information, please access the contact page at this address

You can send regular ground mail to:
Giovanni Domenico Bulciolu
65 Chemin de la Gradelle
1224 - Chene-Bougeries (GE)

You can send e-mail to:

You can reach me by phone at:
Home: +41 (022) 348 57 30
Cell: +41 (079) 415 65 38

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