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					Washington Online Testing
   Information and Technical Support
          February 5, 2010

 Link to Webinar Recording with Audio
                        Webinar Protocol

• All participants’ microphones are automatically muted to
  eliminate background noise.
• All participants may submit questions during the
  presentation by using the Questions Box on the
  GotoWebinar toolbar.
• All questions will be answered throughout the
• This presentation will be available on the Washington
  Online Testing website,, under
  the Documentation link.

• Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

• Data Recognition Corporation (DRC)

• Computerized Assessments and Learning (CAL)
•   Online Testing Overview
•   Roles and Responsibilities – District/School Assessment Coordinators
•   Roles and Responsibilities – Test Administrators/Proctors
•   Online Guides and Manuals
•   System Overview
•   Student Demos
•   Student Tutorials
•   Management Tools
•   Student Test Session Tickets
•   Available Tools
•   Test Security
•   Key Dates
•   Questions?
                 Online Testing Overview

• Spring 2010 MSP Online Administration
  – May 3rd – June 4th: Testing Window
  – Reading and Mathematics at grades 6, 7, and 8
  – Your school was chosen for one or more grade/content
    areas (check with your District Assessment Coordinator)
  – Test designs are similar to paper/pencil tests.
  – Testing times are similar to paper/pencil tests.
  – Student Demos are currently available for reading and
  – Student Tutorials are currently available for reading.
                          Roles and Responsibilities –
                   District/School Assessment Coordinators

• Determine technology infrastructure available
   – Computers available for testing
   – Network, connectivity, bandwidth specs available
• Set up computer labs for testing
• Manage all usernames and passwords within the
  Management Tools
• Verify and edit student data
• Print Test Session Tickets
• Monitor all testing; ensure test security
                     Roles and Responsibilities –
                     Test Administrators/Proctors

• Administer Student Demos and Tutorials prior to testing
• Ensure students have correct Test Session Tickets for each
• Plan for seating arrangement in labs
• Monitor all students during testing
• Identify any testing irregularities and report to School
  Assessment Coordinator
                     Online Guides and Manuals

• Spring 2010 Online User Guide
   – Addendum to Assessment Coordinator’s Manual (ACM)
   – Step-by-step instructions for online administrations (before,
     during and after testing)
   – Delivered with Grades 3 – 5 and 6 – 8 manuals on April 7th
   – Posted on TBD
• Directions for Administration (DFA)
   – Online directions to be included in the Spring 2010 DFA
   – Provides information for test preparation and test
     administrator directions for testing day
   – Must be reviewed prior to online test administration. Include
     this information in school Proctor Training.
   – Delivered April 7th
   – Posted on TBD
                          System Overview

•                                  •

•                                  •

•                                  •


•                                  •

    Web-based solutions            Installation-based solutions
                             Student Demos

• Student Demos
  – Student Demos - Grades 6 - 8 are currently available for
    Reading and Mathematics.
     • 15 minute interactive demonstration
     • Familiarize students with CAL’s testing interface
     • Demonstrate login process, navigation, and tools
                          Student Tutorials

• Student Tutorials
   – Reading Tutorial – Grades 6 – 8 are currently available
      • Students practice with usernames/passwords
      • Students practice with short responses with the
      • Students practice with tools
   – Mathematics Tutorial/Updated CAL testing software –
     Available March 29th
• Demo of Reading Tutorial
                           Management Tools

• Management Tools
  – District Assessment Coordinators have access to all district and
    school data.
  – School Assessment Coordinators have access to all school
  – Add new students for online testing
  – Edit limited student demographic information
  – Print Test Session Tickets
  – Management Tools available April 12th
  – Detailed training scheduled for April (TBD)
                      Student Test Session Tickets

• Student Test Session Tickets
   – Test Session Tickets have all login information for students
   – Each ticket is used for one subject only.
      • Students taking Reading and Mathematics online will need
        two tickets: 1 for Reading and 1 for Mathematics
   – Sample Test Session Ticket
                     Student Test Session Tickets cont

• Student Test Session Tickets continued
   – Test Session Tickets include Form Identification (Form ID)
   – Tickets available to print April 26th
   – Test Session Tickets are secure materials and
     must be distributed and collected as such.
                          Available Tools

• Reading – All tools needed are provided online. No
  additional tools are needed.
• Mathematics
   • Yellow Scratch Paper – must be collected after testing
   • Glossary of Non-Mathematical Terms – provided online and
     hard copy may be provided (not required)
   • Formula Sheet - provided online and hard copy may be
     provided (not required)
   • Rulers, protractors, and manipulatives may be provided by
     the school
   • Calculators (Grade 7 and 8 only) – provided online.
     Students may choose to use their own calculators approved
     by the school
                              Test Security

• Testing Labs
   – Configure labs to reduce possibility of cheating
       • Manila folders around monitors
       • Test Session Tickets – Form ID
          – Seat students based on Form ID, A1, A2, A3, etc
• All Test Session Tickets, Math formula sheets, Glossary of
  Non-Mathematical Terms, and yellow scratch paper are
  secure materials and must be collected after testing is
• Pause Function – used for brief emergencies (restroom
• Inactivity for longer than 15 minutes during testing will
  cause the system to log off the test.
                         Key Dates

• March 29th: Math Tutorials and updated version of the
  CAL testing software will be released on
• April 12th: Management Tools released
   – Usernames and passwords to be distributed by OSPI to
     District Test Coordinators
   – WA Online Users Manual and DFA available (date TBD)
• April, TBD: Training sessions scheduled
• May 3rd – June 4th: Spring 2010 Online Test window
               Contact Information

Check for updated
 information, Technical and General FAQs, etc.

      OSPI Assessment Hotline Mailbox

• Please type in your question in the on-screen Questions

• We will answer your questions as received.

• Washington Online Testing website
  – This presentation and a summary of the FAQ’s from this
    session will be posted in the Documentation link on the