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Hi All

Following is a list that has been compiled by previous TESOL teachers that were preparing to go overseas to teach. I
have maintained this list to help other teachers prepare for their great adventure. It is not meant as a complete list as we
all have different likes and needs and will add or delete to suit our own requirements. It is simply meant to assist you in
preparing, perhaps jog your memory or inform you on something you may not have thought of. The list is in no particular
order and the explanations on the right are not necessarily complete or the only way you can do it. Please feel free to
contact me if you have any questions.

                     Basically this list is to assist you, don’t sue me if something is missing, not necessary or wrong!
                      (If you feel there is something missing you can email me to have it included for future fellow travelers)

  Documents required to apply for a job

  Questionnaire               Fill in Kauzenfun questionnaire if you want to use our service. (If you don’t want to use our
                              service still have a look at the form to get an ideas on what job you want & other information)
  Photo                       Personal photo to send with your applications (Read information about this on )
  Resume                      Resume updated & job specific. (Get a resume writing template from )
  Certificates                All TESOL certificates, degree & other relevant education certificates scanned.
  3 References                Business/employment or personal. (ATA TESOL College will supply a reference if you ask).
  Passport                    A scanned copy of the information page of your passport is required.
Passport photos            Photos for passport & extras for visa, health exam form, international drivers license
                           etc. (Perhaps get the photo onto your computer so you can print them as necessary)
Vaccinations               See your local GP or a specialized travel clinic.
Passport                   Current to 6 months after your return date.
Visa                       Tourist or work (Kauzenfun will assist its clients to arrange this)
Finish specialization
Teaching resources Books etc. for work (Watch out for excess baggage charges, perhaps DVD’s or web addresses of where you can find
                           information will be lighter)
Souvenirs                  For students/work colleagues.
Country research           Lonely Planet, travel books, library.
Job research               Country, city, tourist area, weather, school private/government, hours of work, holidays,
Job contract               Actual contract or paperwork of what has been discussed/agreed to.
Flight                     Stopovers? Into country, around country, travel brochures. (Kauzenfun through its association with
                           Seek Travel can make these arrangements as well as booking hotels & domestic flights).
Travel Ins.                Travel insurance verses medical cover with job. (Seek Travel give great discounts to ATA TESOL College
Transport to airport
 How to get it
 Work                             Save money
 Sell stuff                       Car, furniture.
 Borrow                           Personal loan, credit card
 Family                           ???

 How to take it
 Cash                             It is handy to have some local currency, cash on you for phone calls, taxis, food etc.
                                  while travelling but carrying a lot of cash can be risky. Most international airports can
                                  exchange money.
 Travellers Cheques               Can be stolen, fees & exchange costs, have to find a place to exchange.
 Credit card                      A lot of bigger stores & hotels will accept them but not much use at a local market.
                                  Good as an emergency backup. (Make sure you have a way to pay the bill later, Internet banking, friend etc.)
 Debit/ATM card                   Check with your bank if you can access your current account or another account with
                                  Debit vise card, or ATM card that can be used over seas in the country you are going

 How much to take
 Generally your job will be enough pay for you to live comfortably on, in the country you are in. (Foreign teachers
 generally get paid considerably more than local teachers)
 How much you need to take will depend on when you are going to get your first pay and if the job is
 supplying an apartment. It could be a month or more for your first pay. Also your first month is when you
 might have to buy a few things to make life more comfortable in your apartment. (In China probably around AUD$600
 will cover expenses but having access to another AUD$400 to AUD$1400 could be safer just in case something goes wrong)

 Other things to do with money
 Bank accounts are usually fairly easy to open in other China but don’t presume the account will have the
 same facilities & features you get in Australia. You will need to ask how the account works. Get an account
 with ATM access so you don’t have to ask a teller to get money out. You will need to show your passport to
 open an account in China.

 Having internet banking access to your Australian account/s can be handy to shift money and pay bills.

 The following web addresses are for international banks . They
 may have services that are beneficial although most Australian banks have some form of international

 Money belt                       Belts with hidden pocket or belts/pockets to be worn under cloths are handy for
                                  carrying money & passport. (Pickpockets are often a problem particularly as tourists/foreigners are often perceived
                                  as being rich).
 Bills                            Arrange someone to forward/pay bills for you. Arrange direct debit payments. Arrange
                                  internet banking so that you can pay bills from the country you are in.
Safety                          Personal, pick pockets, robbery.
Accommodation                   Your house or flat here. Rent it, house sitter, cancel lease.
Car/furniture                   Storage, sell it, lend it.
Phone                           Landline cancel. Mobile to international roaming or cancel. Take handset & get new SIM
                                card from new country. Arrange cheap phone card for self or family/friends. Check out
                                VOIP internet phones or Skype, MSN or other internet services for cheap contact
Pets                            Family/friends to look after, give away.
Mail                            Redirect to family/friend for them to sort, pay bills etc or have them bundle together &
                                post them to you occasionally.
Clothes                             If you are a bigger size, then clothes, shoes & underwear (bra) can be hard to find. Tailors
                                    can be cheap for suits & clothes overseas.
Camera                              Digital (computer required to download digital?) Don’t forget leads & charger.
Computer                            Generally not necessary (most schools supply one at school) but handy if you already have a laptop
                                    for digital camera or work.
Power adaptors                      Power adaptors for country & 4, 6 or 8 outlet Australian power board with extension lead
                                    can be handy. (The power board gives you lots of Australian outlets from one adaptor for phone charger, camera
                                    charger, laptop etc)
Swiss Army Knife     Very handy for fixing things, can be carried in check in luggage. Not in hand luggage.
Thermal underwear
Children’s Schooling Arrange distance education or international school.
Int. drivers licence Get from RACQ (2 passport photos required) NOT LEGAL IN CHINA, we recommend
                     that you don’t drive in China. You will understand why when you get there.
Centrelink           If you receive any benefits you must notify them you are leaving the country. Some
                     benefits may still continue for some months after you leave.
Medication           If you are on prescribed medication it is advisable to get a letter from your doctor stating
                     that you are on that medication & the required dose you are taking for customs. Also your
                     doctor can give you a special script for 6 months supply of PBS medicine. You can’t get
                     anyone to send you PBS medicine overseas. It is illegal.
Photocopies          Photocopy all important papers at least twice. Pack one set in your bag or one set in each
                     bag & leave one set with family/friend.
Current job          Quit.
ATA TESOL College Contacts, password, specialization details.
Family/friends       Say goodbye. Address/contacts in country.
Enduring Power of Attorney
Embassy registration Register your details with the Australian embassy in the country you go to. (They can assist in
                                    times of political or natural disaster).
Culture shock                       4 to 6 weeks, the number 1 reason this could fail. Email/phone friends & experienced
                                    people, make new friends.(Culture shock is understandable when you think that in a matter of 9-12 hours it takes you to
                                    fly to your destination your whole life will change, new job/career, new apartment, new country/culture, new language and probably
                                    opposite seasons etc. Try to tell yourself that you are staying for the first 3-5 weeks no matter what happens as by this time you will be
                                     getting used to your new life and making new friends).
Reverse culture shock                           Friends moved on, family not excited about your adventure.

Peter Ehrlich

Mobile: +61 403 707 974

Disclaimer: Kauzenfun or any of its staff do not necessarily endorse any of the information or employment positions listed on this letter or attached to this email & it shall bear
no responsibility or provide any compensation for the outcome of any information you might use to make a decision or employment positions to which you might apply or except.
All the information or employment positions listed on this letter or attached to this email are meant as information only. All decisions you make are entirely up to you. This email
is meant for the designated recipient only.