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english resume for YAO YING JIA LENOVO



                              YAO YING JIA

 Position & Social Title:

 Vice President, Innovation Design Center, Lenovo(Beijing) Ltd.
 Director member of the China Industrial Design Association
 Vice-commissioner of Information Product Design Professional Committee,
 China Industrial Design Association
 Standing Director Member of Beijing Industrial Design Advancement Committee
 Member of International Design Management Institute
 Member of Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA)
 Visiting Professor at Guangzhou College of Design
 Consultant for Industrial Design at Art and Design Academy, Tsinghua University

 Graduation Background:

1996 Qiqihaer University, Heilongjiang province, major in graphic design
2006 CEIBS --- the World Top 13 EMBA Institute

 Academic activities:

 2002 Tsing Hua host Global Design Management Conference---Only Speaker
 from China
 2003 Chicago HITS( Humans, Interaction, Technology, Strategy) International
 Seminar---the only speaker from Chinese domestic company
 2003 the First “Asian Fashion” International Forum & Seminar---speaker
 2004 China-Korea Design Forum---speaker
 2004 China-Britain Industrial Design Forum (Shen Zhen) ---speaker
 The Second “Asian Fashion” International Forum & Seminar---speaker
 2004 Second Most Influential Design Award in Asia---the only judge and seminar
 speaker from China Mainland
 2005 Singapore International Design Forum---participant
 2005 “Branding the Future” International Brand Forum & Workshop---speaker
 2005 Design for the China Market Conference---participant
 2006 the fourth IF Design Award China---juror
2006 U.S. IDEA Awards Ceremony---speaker
2006 Australia Victorian State of Design China Connection and the Design for
Business Conference ---speaker
2006 CBI China Summit ---speaker
2006 China-Korea Design Forum ---speaker
2007 International Design Symposium by Japan Industrial Design Promotion
Organization (JIDPO) ---speaker
2007 Forum on Sino-Swedish on Branding and Innovation ---speaker & panelist
2007 China Innovation Forum organized by “Fortune” magazine ---speaker

Personal Performance Description:

In 1996, Yao Yingjia graduated from college. As the first industrial design
professional brought in by Lenovo, he started his career in the industrial field. In
the past ten years, Yao has continuously led the way of introducing brand-new
industrial design concepts to China’s IT field. He has established the first
industrial design team of Lenovo and innovatively solved the problem of product
competition faced by companies in the fast-developing market.

Yao Yingjia has established the organizational structure characterized by
multi-disciplinary coordination and has created the idea of design based on local
Chinese culture. As a forceful tool of sharpening Lenovo’s competitive edge to
stand out of its peers in the market, the company’s design structure and ideas of
design have shed profound referential light on local Chinese design organizations.
Having won a large variety of reputable international design awards, Lenovo has
laid a platform where more domestic industrial designs are able to demonstrate
themselves and compete with foreign peers, which contributes to the better
understanding of China's design work from the international design community.

Main Awards:
2007 Germany Reddot Concept Design Award 2007, concept design-You
2006 U.S. IDEA(Industrial Design Excellence Awards)---two Golden Awards
2006 Germany IF Product Design Award, 2006 Germany Red Dot Design
Award---Lenovo laptop Tian Yi F20
2005 Enterprise Star Award, Red Dot Award of the Red Dot Design Concept
2005 the Top Ten Outstanding Youth for China Design
2004 Color China Award & 2005 IDEA Award---Lenovo Smart Phone ET960

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