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									          Epilepsy Monitoring Systems for Diagnosis and Treatment
                                                                                    Lisette Paris-Shaadi
Simon Fraser University, School of Engineering Science, ENSC 894

                            Epilepsy is a neurological disease of the brain that produces seizure.
                               It can be diagnosed and treated with an Epilepsy Monitoring System.
                                                                                                                                                     Source: < uphs_epilepsy.html>

            1) Epilepsy Monitoring Unit                                                                                  2) Monitor at Nurse’s Station

Room in a clinical facility equipped with:                                                                               Displays physiological parameters of the
•Electroencephalogram                                                                                                    patients at the nurse´s station.
•Respiration and oxygen level sensors
•Video camera                                                                                                            This monitor allows the nurses to be aware
                                                                                                                         of the patients´ stability.
                                                                                          Epilepsy Monitoring System
                                                                                          1)Epilepsy monitoring unit
                 < epilepsie.html>
                                                                                          2)Monitor at nurse´s station                                            source: <>

        3) Central Control Unit                                                                                                    4) Storage Area Network
                                                                                          3)Central control unit
Specialized CPU that permits neurologists 4)Storage area network                                                          Network that connects the Central
to review the information.                                                                                                Control Unit with the hospital´s database.

The software provides the                                                                                                 It provides autho-
following tools: play,                                                                                                    rized persons easy
pause, fast forward,                                                                                                      access to the study
rewind, delete and save.                                                                                                  information, with an
                                                                                                                          automatic backup.
                                            Souce: <>                                            Souce: < ebusiness/index6.shtml >

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