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            August/September 2006 Volume IV Issue 4

                                                                How Do You Get It, and How Do You Use It?
                                                                                                                                                           By Eric Walter, SAP Basis Consultant

                                                         Editor’s Note: Do you like to wait          In this article I will provide an                part of your enterprise solution,
                                                      for new products to have time to            overview of SAP’s Solution Manager.                 you can obtain more information on
                                                      evolve, to “get the bugs out” before        I will explain how to acquire it, install           installing and implementing the soft-
                                                      you jump on the bandwagon? Is               it, and learn to use it. I will also pro-           ware at
                                                      this the approach you’ve taken with         vide a summary of its functionality.                tionmanager. From here you can get
                                                      SAP’s Solution Manager application?         This information is relevant to Solu-               the installation and implementation
                                                      If you’ve decided it’s finally time to       tion Manager version 4.0.                           documents you will need to get the
                                                      take Solution Manager for a test                                                                ball rolling.
                                                      drive, you’ve come to the right place.      How Do I Get It?
                                                      Basis Editor Eric Walter offers up the         Due to the Solution Manager                      How Can I Learn to Use It?
                                                      information you’ll need to get started      requirement, all SAP customer                         Due to the need of “ramping up”
                                                      with SM, including where to get it,         licenses include Solution Manager. To               the knowledge of SAP partners and
                                                      how to install and test it, and how to      order the Solution Manager software,                customers with this product, SAP
                                                      learn to use it. Eric provides tips and     you must complete the form in SAP                   has developed online tutorials that
                                                      tricks for configuring the traditional       Note 628901 (Figure 1) and submit                   cover these technical and functional
                                                      implementation or with Java/J2EE to         the form to your SAP sales repre-                   roles with Solution Manager. You can
                                                      support the NetWeaver™ approach.            sentative. You will then receive the                access these online tutorials to gain
                                                      Once you’re set up and ready to roll,       media via mail and you may begin                    more information at
                                                      Eric suggests some ways you’ll want         installation.                                       com/rkt-solman. From the initial screen,
                                                      to use the Solution Manager. If you’re                                                          you can navigate to the technical or
                                                      looking for a “Solution Manager 101”        How Do I Install It?                                functional areas of your choice. The
                                                      overview, you’ve just found it.               Now that you are ready to get                     initial screen is shown in Figure 2.
                                                                                                  started using Solution Manager as

                                                         SAP dynamics have been a
                                                      roller coaster of concepts that
                                                      change from year to year. One
                                                      of the products in the SAP
                                                      suite is the Solution Man-

                                                      ager. Although this product
                                                      has been available for quite
                                                      some time, it has matured
                                                      considerably in the newest
                                                      release of Solution Manager
                                                      4.0. SAP is also mandating

                                                      this product as a prerequi-
                                                      site for all SAP versions to be
                                                      installed as of SAP ERP2004
                                                      (ECC 5.0). This means that
                                                      you must have a Solution
                                                      Manager installation com-
                                                      pleted before you can gener-
                                                      ate a key, needed for the base
                                                      install (or upgrade) of SAP.

                                                                                        Figure 1: SAP Note 628901 Form for Ordering Solution Manager Software

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            August/September 2006 Volume IV Issue 4

                                                      From this screen, you can cre-
                                                      ate your own learning map.

                                                      Solution Manager
                                                      Functional Concepts
                                                         Once you have Solution
                                                      Manager       installed, what
                                                      benefits will you get from
                                                      this software? There are sev-
                                                      eral functional concepts that
                                                      become available from Solu-
                                                      tion Manager. This is a short
                                                      list of the components:

                                                        • Implementation Tools

                                                        • System Monitoring (of
                                                           your entire SAP land-

                                                        • Operations

                                                        • Service Desk                 Figure 2: SAP Provides Online Tutorials for Functional and technical Roles

                                                        • Early Watch Alert (moni-               Implementation Tools                                   an outside view of your entire land-
                                                          toring and diagnostics)                  The Solution Manager is now the                      scape that can replace your Visio dia-
                                                                                                 focal point for the ASAP methodolo-                    grams (If you are like me, these are
                                                        • Upgrade Solutions                      gies. Solution Manager contains tem-                   not always up to date!). It can allow
                                                                                                 plates and roadmaps to be followed                     vendors or SAP to get a look at your
                                                        • Collaboration                          throughout each phase of implemen-                     entire landscape (see Figure 3).
                                                                                                 tation. The change control, testing
                                                                                                 scripts, CATT procedures, problems                     Service Desk
                                                                                                 and resolutions, and all other ideas                      Want to check the problem history
                                                                                                 that should be communicated among                      and product versions, or compare all
                                                                                                 SAP teams, are held in this one cen-                   of your satellite systems, from one
                                                                                                 tral repository.                                       central point? Service desk is a Solu-
                                                                                                                                                        tion Manager concept that enables

                                                                                                 System Monitoring: SAP Solution                        this activity. This is a request track-
                                                        It is the “one stop                      Manager as a Dashboard                                 ing system that is a powerful tool for
                                                                                                   SAP Solution Manager is a cen-                       your internal staff as well as SAP. The
                                                        shop” for solution                       tral environment that acts as a single                 example below illustrates how a typi-
                                                                                                 point of information for all of these                  cal SAP problem might be resolved
                                                       management of the                         concepts. For the system administra-                   using the Solution Manager and Ser-

                                                                                                 tor, Solution Manager is a dashboard                   vice Desk.
                                                         patch levels of all                     into the Computer Center Manage-
                                                                                                 ment System (CCMS) of all of the                         1. A problem with long portal-
                                                         your SAP systems.                       systems in the landscape.                                   response time is reported by an
                                                                                                                                                             end user.
                                                                                                    It is the “one stop shop” for solu-                   2. While viewing the satellite sys-
                                                                                                 tion management of the patch levels                         tems, it is evident that an issue
                                                                                                 of all of your SAP systems: the oper-                       has occurred by an alert showing
                                                                                                 ating systems and the databases. It is                      in that system.

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            August/September 2006 Volume IV Issue 4

                                                       3. While drilling down into the                                                               Upgrade Solutions
                                                          alert, the cause of the issue is not                       During                            As mentioned earlier with the
                                                          clear.                                                                                     implementation tools, the upgrade
                                                                                                          implementations                            roadmaps and guidelines are also
                                                       4. The issue is documented for                                                                held in Solution Manager.
                                                          problem tracking in Service                        and upgrades,
                                                          Desk.                                                                                      Collaboration
                                                                                                            communication                               Solution Manager has been divided
                                                       5. This issue context is appended                    across SAP user                          for use in two groups; the administra-
                                                          by different business process                                                              tion role and the support role. This
                                                          managers and system adminis-                    groups is critical,                        collaboration concept in the support
                                                          trators, in an attempt to resolve                                                          role is very important for internal
                                                          the issue (collaboration).                   especially in global                          SAP functional teams. During imple-
                                                                                                                                                     mentations and upgrades, commu-
                                                       6. The issue is still not solved, so a                environments.                           nication across SAP user groups is
                                                          SAP support message is created.                                                            critical, especially in global environ-
                                                                                                     Early Watch Alert                               ments. The prior “Value SAP” con-
                                                       7. SAP experts log in to this sys-              The method of accessing Early                 cepts and ASAP methodologies are
                                                          tem to analyze the errors. The             Watch Alerts using transaction OSS1             built into this environment with the
                                                          support message opened con-                is no longer supported. You can                 five phases of implementation.
                                                          tains all of the issue history. This       access all of your Early Watch data
                                                          minimizes redundant work. It               now using Solution Manager as you                 As a system administrator in
                                                          becomes clear that this is a Java          interface. OSS1 was also the method             today’s SAP environments, system
                                                          error, so the issue is directed to         for opening messages (prior to Ser-             monitoring of every single system
                                                          the J2EE experts.                          vice Marketplace), and doing note               would take all of your time, if logging
                                                                                                     searches. Now, much of the Service              into each system to use CCMS (or
                                                       8. The performance of the J2EE                Marketplace functions can take place            other system monitoring techniques).
                                                          stack needs to be analyzed. SAP            in the Solution Manager.                        Solution Manager administration
                                                          uses the Wily Introscope
                                                          monitoring tool to trou-
                                                          bleshoot the problem and
                                                          gain additional informa-

                                                       9. Introscope alerts reveal
                                                          a problem with the Java
                                                          threads in the Java stack.

                                                          The thread count param-
                                                          eter is too low.

                                                      10. SAP provides the custom-
                                                          er with the Java tuning
                                                          parameters that should

                                                          be changed.

                                                      11. The system administrator
                                                          makes the changes and
                                                          the issue is resolved.

                                                      12. Solution Manager retains
                                                          the issue and all changes
                                                          that were made so the
                                                          history can be tracked if
                                                          needed at a later time.   Figure 3: Solution Manager Allows a Central Point for Monitoring and Resolution

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            August/September 2006 Volume IV Issue 4

                                                      tools allow you to have time for other    that virtually shows its ROI right out
                                                      tasks. This also allows you to detect     of the box. Have fun and good luck!
                                                      problems before they occur. As with
                                                      former CCMS monitoring and alert-
                                                      ing procedures, you can still be pro-     Eric Walter is a senior consultant
                                                      active in system problem detection        specializing in SAP Basis technolo-
                                                      to remedy your problems as early as       gies along with J2EE and Java inte-
                                                      possible. Solution Manager provides       gration with SAP. He has eight years
                                                      a single point for administration into    of experience with SAP R/3 Basis
                                                      as many satellite systems as needed.      and security, UNIX administration,
                                                      I have actually used one Solution         Oracle database administration,
                                                      Manager system to monitor several         and five years with Java technolo-
                                                      landscapes for different clients. This    gies, integration servers, and portal
                                                      was extremely useful.                     environments. In this time, he has
                                                                                                led and supported numerous pub-
                                                         As mentioned earlier, Solution         lic and private implementations of
                                                      Manager allows SAP support to get         these technologies along with devel-
                                                      a view of your entire landscape for       oping and implementing architec-
                                                      problem resolution. This also applies     ture at all levels, from programming
                                                      to SAP NetWeaver™, which relies           interfaces to hardware improve-
                                                      heavily on the integration with the       ments and upgrades. Contact Eric at
                                                      J2EE engine. Java related issues and         ≈
                                                      problems can be very cryptic and
                                                      difficult to solve. Outside products in
                                                      the Java world have been developed
                                                      to help overcome this problem. One
                                                      such third-party product that is used
                                                      for Java diagnostics is Wily Intro-
                                                      scope. SAP can use your Solution
                                                      Manager system to diagnose your
                                                      Java issues, using this product. This
                                                      enables SAP or other vendors to get
                                                      a look at every system in your solu-
                                                      tion landscape that is using a J2EE

                                                         In addition to troubleshooting Java

                                                      problems, you can log in to your Solu-
                                                      tion Manager system to troubleshoot
                                                      your ABAP or other system related
                                                      problems, without actually having
                                                      access to the system in question.


                                                         As you can see, Solution Manager
                                                      is a robust tool that is useful in both
                                                      the technical and functional areas of
                                                      SAP. It is a powerful monitoring tool
                                                      and flexible change request tool. It
                                                      is useful in problem resolution and
                                                      testing. It is the kind of well-rounded
                                                      tool that benefits you almost immedi-
                                                      ately upon installation. This is a tool

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            August/September 2006 Volume IV Issue 4

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