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Looking For A Free Star Tattoo Design?
Have you been searching the Internet for a free star tattoo design. Star tattoos a very popular for both
men and women. They often make a great tattoo design for a variety of reasons. They look wonderful,
can be inexpensive to get done and are universally really cool symbols. Read on below to find out more
about star tattoos.
Free Star Tattoo Design Ideas "The Nautical Star"
One of the most popular versions start tattoo designs are nautical stars. Nautical stars have a long
history in the world of tattoo designs dating all the way back to the early sailors, specifically Sailor
Jerry, and his many tattoo designs.
Typically the sailors use the North Star to help them navigate the waters of the open ocean. Over time
the North Star became a symbol for good luck in a safe passage back to land.
Over time this led many sailors were very superstitious lot of folk to start getting Star tattoos and more
specifically nautical star tattoos to provide them with enough luck complete a safe journey. originally
they were different colors of nautical star tattoos and each color would represent have a different
symbolic meaning. For example a red nautical star tattoo might mean that the bearer assailed across the
Pacific Ocean successfully three times. Most of this history in early symbolism in terms of color has
been lost for what survives today is the deep history and rich symbolic meaning of the nautical star
tattoo. Not only is it a symbol of good lock it is also a simple for helping find one's own path in life and
it is seen as a guiding symbol.
Today the nautical star is a popular tattoo among a wide variety of people. Specificallypeople in the
armed forces or military often sport nautical star tattoos as well as people in the punk music scene.
While the symbolism for each nautical star tattoo depends somewhat on the person wearing it there is
still a rich this to work all symbolism behind the nautical star tattoo. so if you are looking for free star
tattoo designs you might want to ask a local tattoo shop about nautical star tattoos.

Free Star Tattoo Design: Shooting Stars
Another popular design motif that include stars as the shooting star tattoo. This can be done as a single
shooting star that is fairly large size or a small cluster of shooting stars. You can often find a wide
variety of shooting start to the different colors and configurations. They work well when done as a
small tattoo.
There is not a long this to work least significant symbolism for the shooting start star tattoo like the

                               This Article is Brought to you By:
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                                This Article is Brought to you By:
                               My Custom Tattoo
                      Visit our Website for More Great Tattoo Designs
nautical star. However, one can't help but think about the symbolism of a shooting star in general. In
Western culture the shooting Star has become the symbol of something beautiful yet very short-lived.
Often people feel that the shooting Star which burns bright and quickly can be as simple for life or
more specifically or how one should live their life.

Free Star Tattoo Design: Moon and Stars
A third category of star tattoos are a cluster of tattoos called moon and star tattoos.the title is pretty self-
explanatory this is any cluster or small group of stars and the moon.
These moon and star clusters lacked the historical symbolism for nautical star tattoo yet they're often
very beautiful tattoos and can be complemented with a wide variety of other tattoo designs. For
example women might enjoy getting a moon and star tattoos along with the Tinkerbell placed right in
the middle. For women moon and star tattoo combinations also make a great lower back tattoo design.

Reasons To Get A Star Tattoo
Number one: Star tattoos are a great tattoo for someone just getting started out and possibly getting the
first tattoo. They're often small and therefore don't take the time and commitment that larger tattoos do.
Number two: start touches can often be cut and designed for around $50 to a $100.
Number three: star tattoos can easily be sized and shaped to fit almost any area of the body. Therefore
if it is your first activity wanted to be in a well hidden place start at two is a natural choice.
Number four: star tattoos can be worn by both men and women alike. Therefore they are a great tattoo
for both sexes and something of mutual interest for everyone.
Number five: said star tattoos are so versatile tool in terms of the size, color, and shape they make a
great tattoo for covering up old tattoo mistakes like a girlfriend or boyfriend's name.
Number six: star tattoos and the stars in general have a deep history and symbolic meaning behind
them if they are not loaded like some of the other popular tattoo symbols. Thus you can ascribe any sort
of meaning to your star tattoos.
So if you're looking for a first tattoo to get started with a free star tattoo design is a great place to look.

                                This Article is Brought to you By:
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