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					  Stereotype, prejudice and

Aim: To investigate different

Two doctors are collecting a child
from nursery. One is the father of
the others son. How are the two
people related?
What prejudices/stereotypes
 are shown in these videos?
   • Why were there been at least 9
     official complaints about this CBeebies
•Cerrie Burnell was born with part of an
arm and a hand missing. There have been
9 official complaints about her, some
parents saying their children have had
nightmares because of her arm. Other,
more reasonable, parents have said it is
good to have positive role models.
• Stereotype:
  a fixed idea that people have about
  what someone or something is like,
  especially an idea that is wrong:
  racial/sexual stereotypes

  is when you pre-judge someone – judge
 them before you know them. A
 prejudiced opinion is not based on fact.
     Jot down some notes…
• What stereotypes do people hold about
• Germans…?
• British…?
Parents                   Media

           Where do we
              get our
     Now write your own
  definitions of stereotype,
        and prejudice.

Give real life examples
with your definitions.
• Discrimination:
  Acting on your prejudice. Prejudice is
  the judgement of someone while
  discrimination is an action against
  someone because of your prejudice.
               Copy & Complete
Decide whether the following are prejudice or

1. Women can‟t drive!
2. Women pay less for car insurance.
3. In Boots teenagers are only allowed in one at
   a time.
4. Old people are grumpy!
5. Hitler killed over 6 million Jews.
6. Black people are better dancers.
• Homophobic bullying is almost epidemic in Britain's‟ schools. Almost
  two thirds (65%) of young lesbians, gay and bisexual pupils have
  experienced direct bullying. 75% of young gay people attending faith
  schools have experienced homophobic bullying.

• Even if gay pupils are not directly experiencing bullying, they are
  learning in an environment where homophobic language and comments
  are commonplace. 98% of young gay people hear the phrases “that‟s
  so gay” or “you‟re so gay” in school, and over four fifths hear such
  comments often or frequently.

• 97% of pupils hear other insulting homophobic remarks, such as
  “poof”, “dyke”, “rug-muncher”, “queer” and “bender”. Over 7 in 10 gay
  pupils hear those phrases used often or frequently.

• Less than a quarter (23%) of young gay people have been told that
  homophobic bullying is wrong in their school. In schools that have
  said homophobic bullying is wrong, gay young people are 60% more
  likely not to have been bullied.

• Over half of lesbian and gay pupils don‟t feel able to be themselves
  at school. 35% of gay pupils do not feel safe or accepted at school.
    Citizenship Essay

 Obj: To plan an essay and know
how to answer an exam question.
                         COPY & COMPLETE
„Discrimination is the biggest threat to peace in the UK today.’
• Do you agree?

You should include:
• An introduction including a definition of discrimination
• Arguments for and against the statement
• Examples of discrimination in the UK
• Compare these examples to discrimination world wide and what
  discrimination can lead to.
• A conclusion summing up your arguments.

Ideas to include:
• Local cases of discrimination
• BNP party and other groups that rally support for discrimination
• Mass discrimination and genocide such as the Holocaust/
  Rwandan genocide/Bosnian genocide
• Don‟t just focus on one sort of discrimination. You could include
  Islamophobia, Homophobia, Sexism etc
• Discrimination in schools. Stonewall‟s School Report into the
  experiences of young gay people in Britain.