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Contract for Medical Staffing Agency - Excel by btj67527


Contract for Medical Staffing Agency document sample

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									Requirement/Questionnaire, Attachment k
Vendor Management System for Harris County Hospital District

No.    Description                                                                                   Yes (X)   No (X)   Response/Comments
1      Present Company Name:
2      Location of company headquarters:
3      Primary Houston address:
4      If a corporation list officers:
5      Form of Business:
         Sole Proprietary
6      To be filled in by corporation:
         Date incorporated:
         Under the laws of state:
         Executive Officer:
7      To be filled in by Partnership
8      Date formed:
9      State whether partnership is general, limited, or associated:
         List members
10     Primary address of servicing office with regard to this contract:
11     Number of offices in Harris County:
12     Number of years in business in Harris County:
13     Does Vendor understand that subcontracting from another agency is not allowed under the
       terms of this contract?
14     Submitted by: (provide name of person submitting questionnaire)
          b.a partnership
          c.a corporation
          d.with principal office at:
15     Is your company presently in compliance with all City, State and Federal requirements with
       jurisdiction over your business?
16     If your answer is “NO”, what is the specific area of non-compliance and what do you
       anticipate as the outcome?
17     How many years has your company been in existence in its current business form and
       operating under the same name?
18     Is your office staffed 24 hours a day?
19     Does your company understand that, due to processing procedures involving several separate
20     Harris County offices, there may be up to a 30 day delay from the date an invoice is received
21     Provide the following contact information to be used upon start of service:
22     Name of your representative assigned to be responsible for handling all Harris County
       Hospital District needs, facilitating communication and insuring quality.
          Telephone number (must be a local or toll free):
          Fax number (must be local or toll free):
          Email address:
23     Technical Requirements
       Is the VMS internet-based?
        a. Describe the security of the site.
        b. Describe vendor’s privacy policies, including security measures used to protect client
     information from unauthorized users.
24   Security and Confidentiality
        a. Is the VMS encrypted in code to protect data during any transmissions?
         b. Describe how the VMS will maintain confidentiality and access control, including
     information on security protocols for the Solution.
25   Accessibility:
         a.Is the database accessible from any computer with internet access without requiring
     additional software to be installed or the download of any updates such that a user may login
     anywhere there is access to an internet connection?
        b.Will the VMS have minimal to no need for a client service?
        c.What is the desktop software or hardware requirement for the VMS?
        d.Does the VMS include Software as a Service (SaaS)?
        e.Describe in detail the process of interfacing the VMS with internal District systems.
        f.Describe procedures or scheduled system downtimes associated with the VMS.
        g.What is the vendor’s system redundancy plan?
        h.Can vendor provide system performance monitoring results and summaries? This should
     include performance summaries, benchmarking, capacity projection results and
     documentation of all changes made to address system defects or system performance.
        j.Describe the ability to designate roles, security, and update users of the VMS
26   Disaster Recovery Plan
        a. Should the vendor’s computer systems fail or not be accessible at any point in time,
                       i. what is the vendor’s plan to ensure the District’s needs related to
     temporary personnel will be met?
                      ii. what is the effect on the accuracy of the data stored by the VMS if the
     failure/inaccessibility causes the VMS to lose access to updated information?
         b. What is vendor’s response time to restore the system in the event of the primary system
     Describe the scheduled backup process to protect data

27   Operational Requirements
28   JCAHO Requirements – The District complies with JCAHO requirements by verifying a
     staff member’s education, licensure, certification, and registration. The District must
     validate the competency of the staff member in the responsibilities to be assigned.
         a. How can the VMS assist the District with JCAHO compliance?
         b. Describe the comprehensiveness and automation of the VMS to satisfy the District’s
     compliance goals and JCAHO standards.
29   HIPAA Compliance – How can the VMS assure HIPAA compliance?
30   Notification Features – The District intends to use the VMS to notify internal staff when an
     opening needs to be filled.
        a. What types of notification methods are available through the VMS?
        b. Can the VMS generate email enabled notices as part of its work flow?
        c. Are links available to take the recipient directly to the relevant page in the VMS?

31   Web Access – Describe the process that allows District representatives to have full web
     access to view records, check current vacancies and confirm staff availability.
       a. Describe how the District may view daily vendor or visitor log to monitor and control
        b. Describe how the VMS will streamline staffing and scheduling processes.
        c. Describe the type of reports the system will generate to help track patterns for staffing
                      i. Will the VMS track and log registry/float pool personnel hours?
          1. Automatically?
          2. Accurately?
          3. At the unit level?
                     ii. Can the information be fed to the District staffing center for reconciliation
                     iii. Describe how the VMS can assist managers in better forecasting staffing
     needs and workforce planning.
          1. Describe the ability to view available staff.
          2. Can staff self-schedule?
32   Time and Attendance System – The District utilizes Report Xpress from API Time and
     Attendance System. Internal staff and temporary personnel on Report Xpress must swipe a
     badge to record in and out times, which are then stored electronically.
                      i. Describe the effectiveness of tracking hours scheduled, worked and any
     overtime or double time.
                     ii. Is the VMS able to in real time track the location of assigned temporaries?
                     iii. Some temporary personnel are not on Report Xpress. Describe the effect
     of temporary personnel utilizing manual timesheets on the racking of hours in (i).
        e. Describe how the VMS may reduce overall contingent workforce costs.
        f. Describe how the VMS secures and archives critical staffing data.
        g. Describe the requirements for registrations and annual updates, if any, for any
     certifications needed.
       h. Describe how the VMS manages and tracks credentials of staff.
       i. Describe how the VMS will notify staff member and management that certifications
     need to be renewed.

33   Briefly describe the process by which online enrollment will be handled and detail if the
     VMS allows the District to upload or fax all required documentation to the website of the

34   Describe the enrollment review process and the creation of a comprehensive electronic
     profile, including information on how the VMS will provide protection of information.

35   Describe how the VMS will provide any significant reduction in District administrative

36   Describe how the VMS database can be queried and the ease in which queries may be
     performed for specific departmental/unit needs (i.e. medical/surgical, critical care unit, etc.),
     for usage reports or any reports that may be associated with the data available through the

37   Management of staffing agencies providing temporary personnel
         a. Describe how the VMS will monitor, track and document staffing agencies’
     performance if given objective performance measures.
       b. Describe how the VMS can promote and maintain staffing agency neutrality.
        c. Will awarded vendor be able to replace multiple billings from staffing agencies into
     one consolidated invoice?
                       i. If the District cannot allow awarded vendor to perform this function,
     describe alternatives available to the District, such as auditing or reconciling staffing agency
     billings using information obtained through the use of the VMS.
                      ii. Describe how the VMS can minimize inconsistencies in billing by and
     payment to staffing provides.
        d. Describe how the VMS can maximize the use of temporary personnel by enabling the
     shared use of temporary personnel between departments.
        e. What is the VMS ability and capacity to store and make available for online review all
     documentation related each of the following requirements?
                       i. Staffing agencies must submit evidence of compliance of temporary
     personnel assigned to a District facility with all professional licensing and registration
     requirements under the laws of the State of Texas prior to the temporary personnel reporting
                      ii. All temporary personnel assigned to a District facility must complete
     orientation at no cost to the District. Temporary personnel must also pass required
     competency tests for the responsibilities to be assigned.
                      iii. Staffing agencies must perform background screenings on temporary
     personnel annually and before the temporary personnel is assigned to a District facility.
                     iv. Staffing agencies may not assign any temporary personnel to a District
     facility who has not been tested for and who is not free of symptoms that might indicate the
     presence of a contagious disease. Tuberculosis testing and all other immunization
     requirements must be satisfied prior to District assignment.
                       v. Staffing agencies may be required to submit copies of a temporary
     personnel’s hands-on CPR certification and certification must be current. This requirement
     depends on the position filled by the temporary personnel.
                     vi. Temporary personnel assigned to a District facility signs in using the
     Districts Time and Attendance System.
38   Supplemental Temporary Staffing Contracts – Does vendor have contracts executed and
     in place to be used in the case that the District is unable to fill temporarily open positions
     using internal staff or District staffing contracts?
        a. Explain the process and how the vendor obtains these contracts.
        b. Can this process incorporate the contracting requirements of the District?
        c. How is award and pricing determined? If vendor sets the pricing per position for each
     contract, then vendor must include the pricing in its Pricing under Section V.
        d. The District prefers a vendor-neutral VMS.
                      i. Will any of the supplemental contracts obtained by the vendor be with any
     of the vendor’s affiliates, subsidiaries, etc.? Explain what relationships are permitted by the
     vendor between the vendor and its contractors for temporary staffing.
                     ii. Does the vendor act as a staffing agency or provide staffing in any form to
     any entity?
39   Existing District Contractors for Staffing – The District has existing contracts for
     temporary staffing.
                      i. Explain how these contractors will be affected by the Solution.
                     ii. What participation will be required from these contractors?
                     iii. Will there be a cost associated with the required participation from these
     contractors? If so, the cost must be included in the vendor’s Pricing Information under
     Section IV.
     Describe any performance monitoring services that can be provided by the Solution for
     current District contractors.
40   Implementation
        a. Explain the implantation process.
        b. Explain minimum system requirements and resources required in order to implement
     the VMS.
        c. Is on-site training in the use of the VMS available upon implementation and as required
     by the District to its staff? Remote training will be considered only for trainings occurring
     after the initial implementation stage.
        d. Provide a draft of deliverables.
41   Key Personnel
     a. The awarded vendor must assign and identify an Account Manager to the project during
     configuration, workflow development and implementation and throughout at least the first
     two (2) months of the contract or until the system is operating at optimal levels. The
     Account Manager must be familiar with the VMS processes and the web application being
     proposed and will be responsible for training Harris County Hospital Employees and
     providing all manuals needed for Harris County Personnel. Payroll for Account Manager will
     be the awarded vendor’s responsibility; Harris County Hospital District will not be
     responsible for any vendor or vendor’s employee expenses.
     Is this long enough?
42   Support
        a. Support for all components of the VMS web-based application.
        b. Help desk services to report and resolve problems and issues.
        c. Correction of system errors, deficiencies and discrepancies found in the VMS.
43   End of Contract Transition Responsibilities
        a. The awarded vendor will be responsible for activities related to the end of the contract
     and completion of the contract to ensure that transition from awarded vendor to the successor
     is smooth and without disruption to the District. These activities include, but may not be
     limited to, timely transfer of data and documentation acquired during the course of the
        b. Vendor must provide a draft detailed Turnover plan in its proposal.
         c. Technical and professional support must be provided to the District and/or the
     successor vendor in support of the turnover.


                                                      NOTARY ON NEXT PAGE

     State of _____________________
     County of ___________________

     ____________________________________ being duly sworn, deposes and says that he is
     ___________________________________(Title) of _________________________________(Business) and that the
     answers to the foregoing questions on the attached forms and all statements therein are true and correct; that the experience
     record and the schedule of services are made a part of this affidavit as though written in full herein, and all statements and
     questions given in the above mentioned experience record and schedule of equipment are true and correct. Furthermore,
     full disclosure of any existing relationships as defined in the Conflict of Interest section of this RFP has been made known.

Sworn to before me this______ day of
_____________________A.D. 20___

My commission expires:

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