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									Boiler                                            Pump                                             Calculation
 default data - oil boiler            2            none                                            Heat demand (kWh/yr)                                   20000
 default data - gas boiler                         fixed speed                         2           Hot water demand (kWh/yr)                              2000
 user defined                                      variable speed
 condensing                                                                                        Electricity consumption (kWh/yr)                     #NAME?
 non-condensing                                   Maximum power (W)                        90      Oil / gas consumption (kWh/yr, NCV)                  #NAME?
 on-off                                                                                            Total energy consumption (kWh/yr)                    #NAME?
 two-stage                            3            pump runs continuously           2
 modulating                                        pump stops after burner has stopped             Electricity price ($/kWh)                               0.14
Maximum boiler power (kW)                  25                                                      Gas/oil price ($/kWh, NCV)                             0.047
Minimum boiler power (kW)                  5      Pump after-run, heating (min)            3       Energy costs ($/yr) / electricity                    #NAME?
 heating only                                     Pump after-run, hot water (min)          3       costs (% of total costs)
 heating and instantaneous hot water
 heating and stored hot water                     Pump stops during summer
Storage tank size (l)                     100     Pump stops at night                                     = help / information available

Boiler control                                    Additional components
 on/off at Pmin                                   Additional pump (1)                      i
 on/off at Pmax                                   Additional pump (2)
Maximum number of start/stops              5      Other (1)                                TRUE

Minimum boiler temperature                 20     Other (2)                                FALSE

 no temperature set-back        2                 Other (3)                                FALSE

 night set-back and/or daytime set-back
Hours with temperature set-back            8      Climate data
Heating installation                               Belgium (Brussels)
                                                   Denmark (standard year)
Design flow/return temperature (°C)       80/60                                                               (CONTRACT SAVE 4.1031/Z/02-021/2002)
                                                   Finland (Helsinki)
Design radiator power (kW)                 10      France (Paris)                                                  BOILER SAVELEC
Constant flow?                                     Germany (Berlin)                                     Characterisation and reduction of electrical consumption

Flow through bypass (l/h)                  0      Correction of monthly climate data                          of central heating systems and components

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