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									help   is at hand

             understanding & meeting your recruitment needs
If you are looking for a recruitment company, which combines
resources that are similar to a national consultancy with local
knowledge and support that only an owner-managed company
can provide, then look no further than Contract Personnel.
                      About us                                               4

                      Industrial services                                    5

                      Driving services                                       6

                      Commercial services                                    7

                      Permanent recruitment services                         8

                      Permanent candidates & temporary workers               9

      Natalie Chapman, Founding Director, Contract Personnel
      At Contract Personnel we are committed to ensuring that we deliver
      a first class recruitment service to every client company, permanent
      applicant and temporary worker we come into contact with.
                                                                                                about us
Contract Personnel is one of the                         time, day, night or weekend, clients can speak
leading independent recruitment                          directly to people who understand their needs,
                                                         know which temporary workers are available and
businesses in East Anglia.                               can get the right staff to them, quickly.
We provide industrial, driving and office workers
                                                         Getting it right any time, every time is very important
to organisations – ranging from household name
                                                         to us. Regular calls, visits and questionnaires help us
corporations to small, private companies.
                                                         check our clients are happy with the service we have
Established in1989, our success has been based on        provided and identify ways we might improve our
building long-term relationships with our clients,       service in the future.
understanding their requirements and delivering          And, as we were the first agency in East Anglia to
high quality, cost-efficient recruitment solutions       attain our industry’s much-coveted REC Audited
– both temporary and permanent.                          status - an independent endorsement of our
Whether clients need a flexible workforce to handle      practices and standards - clients can be sure we’ll
seasonal peaks or a key position filled, our teams       continue to provide an honest, professional and
of consultants, all experts in their fields, can help.   high level of service in the future.
They’re passionate and knowledgeable about what          If you are looking for a recruitment company which
they do, which means an assignment or vacancy is         combines resources that are similar to a national
always safe in their hands.                              consultancy with local knowledge and support that
Contract Personnel is contactable 24-hours a day,        only an owner-managed company can provide, then
seven days a week, meaning that whatever the             look no further than Contract Personnel.
industrial services
       For many employers the use of                             To ensure we can fulfil clients’ requirements
       temporary workers has become a                            precisely, our highly trained consultants thoroughly
                                                                 assess each industrial worker. This includes checking
       permanent strategy.                                       relevant skills, references and eligibility to work.
       In addition to covering short-term absences, many
                                                                 If it’s ten o’clock at night and some of our
       warehouses, factories and depots now use a flexible
                                                                 clients’ staff have called in sick, just one call to
       workforce to respond to business demands, drive
                                                                 Contract Personnel’s 24/7 On Call service and
       down costs and take the lead over their rivals.
                                                                 our consultants get to work immediately to find
       Contract Personnel’s temporary industrial services        suitable temporary cover.
       help give them this competitive edge.
                                                                 And, clients don’t need to worry about our workers
       Whether our clients want a single person for a few        getting to the right place at the right time. With
       hours, or to adapt their entire workforce to improve      our fleet of PSV minibuses, we can make sure they
       flexibility, we can provide the temporary workers         arrive punctually - wherever they’re required.
       they need for as long as they need them.
                                                                 Finally, as our clients pay for temporary workers
                                                                 only when they need them, the combination of
        ‘Having used many agencies to recruit relief workers
                                                                 competitive charges and proven productivity gains,
        for peak periods in our warehouse, we’ve been            often means significant savings over the costs of
        particularly impressed by Contract Personnel’s ability   employing permanent employees.
        to provide large numbers of workers who are reliable     Whatever your plans, Contract Personnel can
        and have the right, positive attitude.’                  supply temporary workers that precisely match
        Will Espin, DHL Exel Supply Chain                        your requirements – leaving you to concentrate
                                                                 on your business.

                                                      driving services
Using agency drivers has become a                              ‘In a business as fast moving as ours, we can’t always plan ahead.
                                                               That’s how Contract Personnel is invaluable. They’re at the end of the
necessity for transport offices trying                         phone 24/7, doing all they can to get the drivers we need’
to balance customers’ needs with the                           Christine Hunter, DHL Express UK LTD.
requirements of driving legislation.
But it can pose some important questions. For example,
what company can respond quickest, which has the best        interview, stringent checks on their work history and
drivers and who is the most cost-effective?                  licences, as well as tachograph, local geography and
Usually though, there’s just one answer - Contract           driving assessments.
Personnel, the first choice for temporary drivers.           The demands of our clients businesses sometimes mean
Getting relief drivers at the last minute can be a real      that they need to contact us out-of-hours. In these
headache. But one call to us can solve all our client’s      circumstances, we don’t believe an anonymous call
problems. After telling us what category of driver they’re   centre, manned by people who don’t know our clients,
looking for, when and where they want them, our              their businesses or the jobs to be done, can help. That’s
consultants will do the rest.                                why our On Call service is manned by recruitment
With their extensive knowledge of both distribution          professionals who can assign the right drivers with the
and recruitment, our consultants are some of the finest      minimum of inconvenience.
in the business. They’re all specialists and know the        Backed up by Contract Personnel’s competitive charges
difference between trunking and shunting, drawbars           this represents the best value driving recruitment service in
and demountables.                                            the market.
Contract Personnel drivers are special. They’re reliable,    Call on Contract Personnel for driving support that is
experienced and selected only after an in-depth              fast, effective and affordable.

commercial services
                For offices that must meet ever-                       understand their needs and match them
                changing customer demands,                             precisely to the experience, personalities and
                                                                       skills of our temporary workers.
                deal with holiday and sickness
                                                                       Being sure people have the right skills is
                absence, or cover maternity and
                                                                       particularly important - after all, they must
                paternity leave, a reliable source                     be effective as soon as they sit down at their
                of temporary workers is vital.                         desks. So Contract Personnel uses a wide
                For lots of companies, it is Contract Personnel        range of assessment tools, including client-
                who they trust to handle all their temporary           customised assessments, to check the abilities
                commercial staffing needs.                             of everybody who applies to us for work.
                Firstly, we can be depended on to act                  You can also bank on our enviable reputation.
                fast – ideally, responding to our clients’             Everything we do is designed to ensure
                requirements within one hour. If we need a             our clients are satisfied and explains why
                little longer to find the right person, we let         we’ve established so many long-standing
                them know.                                             relationships.
                Whatever office personnel clients are looking          And, as temporary personnel are often a very
                for, our consultants can be relied on to fully         good source of permanent employees, we
                                                                       can provide office workers on a temp-to-perm
      ‘Contract Personnel consistently provide us with great           basis, enabling clients to trial people before
      temporary customer service executives. We know that they’ll      taking them on.
      never let us down. And, they are utterly professional and good   For help adapting to the fast-changing
      fun to work with, too.’                                          world of work – you can count on Contract
      Sharon Willimott, Kuehne & Nagel Ltd                             Personnel.

         permanent recruitment
Successful companies need exceptional                       interviews. So all Contract Personnel’s candidates are
people to stay ahead.                                       fully prepared before they meet our clients, giving
                                                            them confidence to do themselves justice and ensuring
Finding such people though is often a job in itself.        that time isn’t wasted for anyone.
Staff can be expensive, time-consuming and stressful
to recruit – with costly ads to place, numerous CVs         Finally, once a new employee has been chosen, our
to wade through and many hours spent interviewing           experienced consultants make sure everything runs
candidates.                                                 smoothly, by providing interview feedback, making
                                                            verbal offers and keeping in touch with successful
Because of this, many employers turn to Contract            candidates until they start work.
Personnel and our tried and tested approach to
permanent recruitment.                                      No fee is payable until the person joins. In the
                                                            unlikely event someone recruited through us leaves
Our aim is to find the right people for our clients’        prematurely, we try to find a free replacement as soon
vacancies, which is why our experienced consultants         as possible, or give clients a refund*.
first take full job descriptions and visit work
environments to gain a detailed understanding of their      Don’t allow unfilled vacancies to hold back your
businesses and cultures.                                    business. Let Contract Personnel find the people you
                                                            need, cost effectively, quickly and without any hassle.
Next we utilise our extensive candidate database and
rigorous selection process, which includes a personal
interview, eligibility to work and reference checks,
as well as skills’ assessments, to produce a shortlist       ‘I have worked with Contract Personnel’s consultants for
of suitable people for clients to interview - ideally all    over four years. Nothing has been too hard for them. The
                                                             candidates they put forward are always of the highest
within twenty-four hours.
                                                             calibre and well matched to our needs.’
Properly briefed candidates usually perform well at
                                                             Fiona Pollin, Open Contact Direct Marketing Ltd
*(Terms and conditions apply)                                                                                           8
permanent candidates -
 temporary workers
                                                     First stop for local jobseekers
                                                     Contract Personnel is often the agency of choice for people looking for work
                                                     in East Anglia. By drawing on this profile and our unrivalled knowledge of
                                                     the local job market, we can give clients access to one of the largest pools of
                                                     industrial, driving and office workers in the region.
                                                     Hand picked permanent candidates
                                                     Having an extensive database of potential candidates is just the beginning.
    Good people are hard to find. That’s why
                                                     A thorough face-to-face interview enables our consultants to probe each
    Contract Personnel’s reputation, recruitment
                                                     candidate’s work experience, qualifications and personality.
    expertise and honesty helps us attract, select
                                                     These exacting selection processes save valuable time and make certain only
    and retain the permanent candidates and          people who have the relevant skills to meet our clients requirements and fit in
    temporary workers our clients need.              to their company environment, are put forward.
                                                     Top temporary workers
                                                     Our temporary workers are amongst the best around. Many are long serving,
                                                     individuals who’ve chosen temporary work as a career. They’re very reliable,
                                                     highly motivated and do a great job for clients.
                                                     Through regular assignments and good rates of pay, we encourage our
                                                     temporary workers to stay with Contract Personnel. At the same time,
                                                     keeping in close touch with our temporary workers means we can sort out
                                                     any problems promptly and without interruption to our client’s business.
                                                     Discover Contract Personnel –
                                                     and find the right people for your jobs.

                                         understanding & meeting your recruitment needs

            Norwich                                     Ipswich                                   Thetford
1&2 Saints Court, All Saints Green,      Fisons House, 159 Princes Street,                  27/29 Guildhall Street,
   Norwich, Norfolk NR1 3LP                      Ipswich, IP1 1QH,                        Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 2DT
        Tel: 01603 764044             Tel: Industrial and Office 01473 253036,                Tel: 01842 750222
        Fax: 01603 764755                       Driving 01473 280694                          Fax: 01842 751415
    Tel 24 hrs: 07836 258 238                     Fax: 01473 251958                       Tel 24 hrs: 07770 782 121
                                              Tel 24 hrs: 07776 197 478


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