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									  Jan 11, 2011 Issue
                                               Message from the President
                                               Dear Members

      Message from the President               I trust that your holiday season was peaceful and joyful. The NYCPA Board of
      EVENTS                                   Directors and Coordinators looks forward to a great year and providing the
         Special                               resources to advance your careers. What are your resolutions for 2011? What
         CLE Series                            do you want to learn? Send us your wish list of CLE topics; we will do our best to
      COMMITTEE NEWS                           deliver. We‘re also planning social events for networking with your fellow
         Membership                            professionals.
      Resources                                Please join us at our Membership Appreciation Dinner that will take place at the
         CLE                                   New Yorker Hotel on January 19, 2011. We will honor our sponsors, distinguished
         Grammar Tips                          members, and the winner of our PACE scholarship—register here.
      Q & A Corner                             WHAT’S NEW?
      CONTACT US                               I am pleased to announce our new board members: Evan Goldberg, Scholarship
                                               Committee Chairperson; Mariette Dalmacy, Communications Committee
                                               Chairperson; and Margaret Lattimore, Professional Development Coordinator.
                                               Meet Evan, Mariette, and Margaret as well as other board members and
 Calendar of Events                            coordinators at our Dinner!
                                               To all new members, we welcome you and know that your input makes a
 Winter 2011:                                  difference! Invite your colleagues and network associates to join.
                                               I encourage everyone to take an active role in furthering the Association‘s goals for
  1/19 – Member Appreciation Dinner            the professional advancement of all paralegals in the NYC area. Volunteering
  1/25 – Minding Medicare‘s Interests, Liens   supports your profession, expands your network, and advances your professional
         and Set-asides in Liability Cases     and personal growth. To volunteer send your statement of interest, resume, and
  2/15 – Workplace Bullying: Is it illegal?    letter of recommendation to nomination@nyc-pa.org. E-mail questions to
                                               president@nyc-pa.org or secretary@nyc-pa.org.
                                               Mariana Fradman, MBA
                                               NYCPA President & Mentor Program Chairperson
                                               Member of the Advisory Board of the Institute of Paralegal Studies, SCPS, NYU


                                                                    MEMBERSHIP APPRECIATION DINNER
                                                                  Wednesday, January 19, 2011 | 6:00 – 9:00 PM
                                                                               New Yorker Hotel
                                                                           481 8th Avenue, NYC 10001

                                                  CLE Series

                                                                   MINDING MEDICARE’S INTERESTS, LIENS
                                                                     AND SET-ASIDES IN LIABILITY CASES

Jan 11, 2011 Issue                                          -1-                                                          continued
                                                                       Brett Newman managing partner
                                                                         The Lien Resolution Group
                                                                  Tuesday, January 25, 2011 | 6:00 – 8:30 PM
                                                                               North Star Fund
                                                                  520 Eighth Ave, Suite 2203; NYC (36th/37th)
                                                                      Networking reception to follow CLE

Your guide to Broadway, family, sports,
music, comedy, and other live events and                          WORKPLACE BULLYING: IS IT ILLEGAL?
attractions. To browse all February                                     Eric Matusewitch, PHR, CAAP
Entertainment Offers, events and venues, go                     Tuesday, February 15, 2011 | 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
to our members’ benefits page.                                                    Venue TBD

                                                                         For CLE approved classes:
                                                             Attendees receive CLE credit & Certificates of Attendance
                                                        Attendance for full seminar required—Members have priority seating
                                                            To register click on each Class—members should login first

                                              COMMITTEE NEWS
                                              IT IS NEVER LATE TO BECOME A MEMBER! Read the many reasons to join
                                              our association at www.nyc-pa.org/reasons-to-join
                                              If your company sponsors your membership, let us know; we will credit your
                                              company by adding its name to the list of companies that support the paralegal

                                              NEW BENEFITS??? YES!!!

                                              We continue to work with various companies to bring our members new benefits.
                                              Visit our member‘s only area to take advantage of discounts offered by our
                                              vendors. Don‘t forget to sign up for Plum benefits and AssociationPerks too!
                                              USA-Serve will help you save time and money with its unique, totally secure
                                              web-based virtual solution to order service of process for your firm. In just minutes
                                              you can request service and upload your legal PDF documents to be hand
                                              delivered to any address in the nation, track status 24/7, receive email alerts and
                                              generate preliminary electronic affidavits and full diligence reports. This highly
                                              automated website is second to none in the industry and provides you the tools to
                                              quickly, accurately and cost effectively request and manage service of process
                                              from one single source. NYCPA members receive the following special prices:
                                                    $55 – Up to 150 miles of your office (Includes out of state service)
                                                    $65 - National (Remainder of the continental U.S.A.)
                                              To receive this special offer, go to NYCPA log in with your username and
                                              password then click the provided link for USA-Serve to register FREE and begin
                                              using the USA-Serve‘s online national process services for your firm. This
                                              proprietary integrated powerful system provides the mechanism to request and
                                              track your serves online from Start-to-Finish.
                                              Barkley Court Reporters         the first and only government green certified court

Jan 11, 2011 Issue                                        -2-                                                                continued
                                       reporting firm in the US.
                                       E Perfect Imaging (EPI), NYCPA partner, is a reputable litigation support firm
                                       servicing NY/NJ law firms for the past 30 years. E Perfect Imaging will extend the
                                       benefits of a 15% discount on all of their services to our members.

                                       Vcorp Services          is a leading provider of corporate state filing services
                                       nationwide, including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The company has
                                       been working with paralegals and attorneys for over a decade. Among their many
                                       services, Vcorp forms and dissolves business entities (LLC, corporation,
                                       partnership, 501C3), provides $99 annual registered agent service, retrieves
                                       certificates of good standing and performs UCC filings and lien searches. They
                                       have recently rolled out their Blue Sky state filing services as well. Vcorp
                                       Services offers personal, efficient customer service; every client receives a
                                       personal account manager to handle all filings, regardless of state. They work to
                                       ensure that all orders are processed smoothly and efficiently. Feel free to peruse
                                       their website, www.vcorpservices.com, for a more comprehensive listing of the
                                       services they provide.
            Help Wanted                Need CLE credits or more information about a legal topic or just like to hear more
                                       information about that topic? As a service for NYCPA members, Vcorp Services
NYCPA is looking for a volunteer to    is offering members a full suite of online CLE courses. All CLE courses are
help produce its highly regarded       categorized by topic and can be viewed online free of charge! Additionally, Vcorp
newsletter the Paralegal Buzz. This    Services is offering 3 free CLE credits to paralegals who are customers of Vcorp
is a great opportunity for the right   Services (check out their services below). CLE courses can be viewed at
                                       For further details regarding CLE courses or Vcorp Services, please contact
                                       Shoshana Halpern at 646-808-6071 or at shalpern@vcorpservices.com and
                                       mention NYCPA promotion at the time of scheduling. Thank you for your
                                       continued support of NYCPA and please take advantage of this great opportunity.
                                       YesDocs Ever get a document emailed to you by someone saying "please sign
                                       and return"? Suddenly, you find your time sucked up babysitting printers,
                                       scanners or worse yet... faxes. ... YesDocs (www.yesdocs.com) can help you
                                       avoid this time consuming "signature dance" by making it a snap to digitally sign
                                       your documents using your PC or your smart phone. Plus, unlike scan and email
                                       alternatives, your private information will be protected by stringent security
                                       standards when you sign using YesDocs. YesDocs is an electronic signature
                                       solution that allows users to digitally manage the entire life cycle of the agreement
                                       process, from drafting, signing as well as archiving. To receive an automatic 15%
                                       discount on all services, log in to http://nyc-pa.org and use the link provided by
                                       the company.
                                       PlumBenefits Plum before you buy…many exclusive offers provided to you by
                                       NYCPA, just log into your account and save! In addition to the discounts and
                                       entertainment access your would normally find, this month you can take
                                       advantage of access to Billy Elliot (save 35%), Princess Wishes: Disney
                                       On Ice (20% off tickets) & New Jersey Nets (50% off tickets), as well as new
                                       events in Las Vegas.
                                       Don't forget to visit member's only area and sign up for Plum benefits and
                                       AssociationPerks at www.nyc-pa.org!

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Jan 11, 2011 Issue                                 -3-                                                              continued
Q & A Corner                                       NFPA.

Q: When does the membership year start?
A: Our memberships now run year-to-date, i.e.         CLE
     your membership starts from the date your
     payment is processed and is active for one
     year.                                         Visit our CLE Page where the following providers offer CLE training and in
                                                   some cases certification in these products:

Q: How can I renew my membership?                  SecuritiesMosaic live web training and self-help for its searchable databases on
                                                   financial, compliance, and other business data resources.
A: Renew your membership by visiting your          ILW.com is one of the largest providers of immigration law CLE seminars, attended
     profile page here nyc-                        via telephone (toll-free) or CD recording.
     pa.org/Content/Members/MemberProfile.aspx     West LegalEd Center One of the largest libraries of live and on demand CLE
      (please note you will be required to login   programs from leading local, state and national CLE providers.
     first) then click on the renew button.        NFPA Online CLE Classes Electronic Data Case Mgmt, Ethics, Family Law &
                                                   HIPAA courses. Also Social Security advocacy training via Summit Org.
                                                   NALA Campus Live Offers two categories of courses: CLA/CP review & general
                                                   CLE, intermediate to advanced levels. All programs qualify for credit for Certified
CONTACT US                                         Paralegals.
                                                   LexisNexis CaseSoft Webinar Center: prerecorded presentations of its suite of
         nycpaparalegals@gmail.com                 products: CaseMap, TimeMap, NoteMap, TextMap and DepPrep.
             secretary@nyc-pa.org                     Grammar Tips
          esapaprimary@nyc-pa.org                  Grammar is Fun — well it should be and these two sites make it just that.
                                                   Grammar Girl provides short, friendly tips to improve your writing. Mignon
                                                   Fogarty, creator of Grammar Girl, makes complex grammar questions simple
                                                   with memory tricks to help you recall and apply those troublesome grammar
                                                   rules. Best of all, now you can take her tips with you — download them as a
           paraschools@nyc-pa.org                  podcast. Go to:

                                                   ―You write, me edit--me help you hunt for clues and learn how to write better,‖
                                                   is how Bonnie Trenga describes her Sentence Sleuth Blog spot where she
                                                   posts ‗criminal‘ sentences then plays detective to help you to spot the
                                                   mistakes. Go to:
     NYCPA Board of Directors
 New York City Paralegal Association,


Jan 11, 2011 Issue                                           -4-                                                               continued

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