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									                                            In-Kennel Obedience Contract

In-Kennel Obedience is a program where your dog boards at Canine Country Club for obedience training for
approximately three weeks. Your dog is observed, worked and played with on a daily basis (Monday through Friday) by
the trainer. We will work on the following obedience: heeling at your side with an automatic sit, down, sit, stay, come,
waiting at doors. The following basic manners will also be addressed: jumping, mouthing and other problems that you
may have. Commands are given verbally and with hand signals. If possible, I prefer that dogs go home on the weekends
so you can start to practice what they have been learning. You will be given private lesson before the first weekend that
you dog goes home. You will receive instructions and homework on how and what to practice. This is the start of a new
chapter in your relationship with your dog. By practicing you can give your dog an advantage in his training while here. I
will be working with you so that you will be able to enforce the training that your dog has received. The more you work
with your dog, the better your dog will behave. Consistency is the key.

You will receive another private lesson at the end of the three-week session when you pick up your dog. An additional
follow-up lesson is also included which must be completed within 30 days. This will insure that the training is continuing
smoothly. I am also always available to speak to you by phone if you have any concerns or questions and to give you
updates on your dog.

Please take time to fill out the attached questionnaire regarding you dog. Any information that you give me will help me
develop an individual training program to fit you and your dog’s specific needs.

Notwithstanding any provision in this Contract to the contrary, in the event that a dog trainer becomes unavailable, or
your dog suffers illness, injury, or other incapacity, Canine Country Club reserves the right to cancel this Contract and
refund the cost paid by you; if the contract is cancelled during the training period, the cost (including the deposit) paid by
you will be refunded to you in an amount proportionate to the number of days you will not receive the training service.
You agree that: (i) your refund in accordance with these terms will be your sole remedy for cancellation of the contract by
Canine Country Club, and (ii) upon cancellation of this Contract by Canine Country Club, you will be responsible to pay
the cost of boarding your dog for each day after cancellation that your dog stays at the Canine Country Club.

***Please note: We need proof of the following vaccinations before your dog can stay with us: Rabies, DHLPP, and

Date of Sign up ____________________              IKO Session Start Date _______________

Session End Date/Private Lesson Date _____________________

Owner’s name ____________________________ Phone # _______________________

Address ________________________________________________________________

Dog’s name _______________________                Male/Female           Neutered/Spayed? Y/N

Breed ____________________________                Date of Birth ________________________

Total cost of the In-Kennel Training Program is $695. This INCLUDED: boarding (20 days max.), 15 days of
training, a private lesson before your dog goes home for the first weekend, a private lesson at the end of the session,
and one additional follow-up private lesson.

$100 non-refundable deposit needed at registration (needed to reserve your dates-deposit and signed contract must be
received within 10 days of sign-up or dates cannot be guaranteed)

$297.50 due on the 1st day of program

$297.50 due on the day of final pick-up (We require a bath after dogs have boarded longer than 5 days and this fee is NOT

________________________________$100 paid by Check, Visa, MasterCard, Cash
       Owner’s signature


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