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					                          SUMMARY OF LAWS CREATED FROM THE 1st SESSION OF THE 123rd LEGISLATURE (2007)

LD              LAW                                                   SUMMARY                                              AMEND FISCAL EFFECTIVE
                                                                                                                             35-A NOTE (Y/N) DATE
                                         ELECTRIC/ENERGY/BIOFUEL/CONSERVATION/BLDG CODES

36     PL 2007, ch. 18           Transfers administrative responsibilities from SPO to the PUC of the program              Section   Y     7/1/2007
                                 allowing retail electricity customers to make voluntary contributions to fund               3210
                                 renewable resource research & development and to fund demonstration community
                                 projects; expands the list of eligible entities; requires the PUC to report annually to
                                 Utilities & Energy (U&E) Committee beginning 12/1/07

134    PL 2007, ch. 29           Gives the PUC discretion to set rebate levels for solar thermal and PV systems            Section   Y    9/20/2007
229    PL 2007, ch. 189          Affirms the right of the Passamaquoddy Tribe and the Penobscot Nation to form             Section   Y    9/20/2007
                                 and organize tribal power districts                                                         3916

268    PL 2007, ch. 293          Revises the defintion of "renewable capacity resource" and preserves the definition       Section   Y    9/20/2007
       (Long Term Contract       of "interruptible, demand response or energy efficiency capacity resource"                3210-C

413    Resolve 2007, ch. 54      Requires PUC to undertake a review of electric utilities' participation in the energy               Y    9/20/2007
       (Electric Restructuring   supply business and report back to U&E 1/15/08

645    PL 2007, ch. 66           Modifies existing Efficiency Partners Program to incorporate financing for energy                   Y    9/20/2007
                                 audits; requires that an energy audit address compliance with the model building
                                 energy code; requires the Maine Municipal Bond Bank to report annually on the
                                 program to U&E; improves consistency and clarity in current law

677    Resolve 2007, ch. 46      The resulting resolution directs SPO and other agencies to identify overlap between                 Y    9/20/2007
                                 model codes and the codes & standards listed in MRSA, Title 10, section 9703 and
                                 develop a plan for implementing a model building code and submit a report to the
                                 Legislature by January 15, 2008

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678    PL 2007, ch. 148       Requires a T&D utility or other entity proposing to construct a transmission line to    Sections   Y   9/20/2007
       (Greenline bill)       notify the PUC, and in some cases, obtain a certificate of public convenience &        3132 and
                              necessity (CPN) from the PUC prior to purchasing or leasing state-owned land to            3136
                              construct the line; provides an exception for construction of a generator
                              interconnection transmission facility; requires a T&D facility to obtain a CPN from
                              the PUC for the construction of a transmission line before a utility may exercise
                              eminent domain authority for lands and easements

785    PL 2007, ch. 52        Requires the chair of the Energy Resources Council and the Director of BGS to                      Y   9/20/2007
                              develop a plan to increase the use of electricity from renewables for state-leased
                              buildings and report back to U&E and State & Local Government Committee by

795    PL 2007, ch. 158       Requires that in order to qualify for a rebate for a solar PV under the PUC's solar     Section    Y   9/20/2007
                              energy rebate program, the tenant or homeowner must demonstrate that an energy          3211-C
                              audit of the property has been completed; extends the program for 2 years

813    PL 2007, ch. 97        Provides similar treatment in laws governing needs-based low-income assistance          Section    Y   9/20/2007
                              for low-income electricity consumers who use ventilators as is provided to those          3214
                              using oxygen pumps; requires PUC to report back annually, beginning 11/1/07;
                              requires PUC to examine other similar medical devices that may be appropriate to
                              include and report findings to U&E by 1/15/08

969    Resolve 2007, ch. 35   Provides legislative review of Chapter 316 (Long Term Contracting & Resource                       Y   5/22/2007
       (Long Term Contract    Adequacy) and provides allocations of Other Special Revenue Funds to carry out
       Rule)                  the provisions of Chapter 316

1071   PL 2007, ch. 160       Amends the definition of "hydropower project" in the Maine Waterway Development                    Y   9/20/2007
                              & Conservation Act to clarify projects using tidal or wave energy to produce
                              electricity; clarifies requirement to obtain a permit for structural alteration of a
                              hydropower project is not limited to those projects that include a dam

1159   Resolve 2007, ch. 79   Directs the Office of Energy Independence & Security to develop a plan for a pilot                 Y   9/20/2007
                              program to establish refueling stations for biofuel that is at least 85% ethanol

1234   Resolve 2007, ch. 25   Requires DEP & PUC to develop a program for recycling fluorescent lamps and                        Y   9/20/2007
                              report back to Natural Resources Committee by 1/1/08

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1284   Resolve 2007, ch. 59   Directs the Office of Energy Independence & Security (OEIS) to conduct a review of         Y   9/20/2007
                              the current policy-making & administrative functions and structures within State
                              Government relating to energy policy and to develop recommendations; OEIS to
                              consider ideas for adevancing the development of energy independence policy
                              initiatives to support biofuels, renewables, cogeneration and green communities
                              and report back to U&E by 1/1/08
1302   Resolve 2007, ch. 37   Directs DEP to investigate ways to preserve Maine’s electric energy infrastructure         Y   9/20/2007
                              and to specifically determine “future value of renewable energy considering the
                              costs of electricity to Maine’s consumers, indigenous production, greenhouse gas
                              emissions and fossil fuel independence” and report back to U&E by 1/31/08

1347   Resolve 2007, ch. 51   Directs the Office of Energy Independence & Security (OEIS) to study and make              Y   9/20/2007
                              policy recommendations regarding the establishment of an alternative fuel incentive
                              program; OEIS to report back to U&E by 1/15/08

1381   Resolve 2007, ch. 52   Directs OPA to, in consultation with PUC, review status of RGGI and, among other           Y   9/20/2007
                              things, “identify alternatives for reducing the costs of implementing the initiative for
                              Maine’s electricity consumers;” OPA must submit a report to U&E by 1/1/08

1655   Resolve 2007, ch. 93   Resolve directs PUC and MSHA to convene stakeholder group and study the                    Y   9/20/2007
                              feasibility of state policies or programs to increase compliance with the Maine
                              Model Building Energy Code in constructing and renovating residential and
                              commercial buildings in Maine and submit report to U&E by 1/1/08

1666   Resolve 2007, ch. 55   Efficiency Maine (EM) to develop a plan to promote energy efficiency in schools            Y   9/20/2007
                              and school participation in EM programs and report back to U&E in its annual report
                              due 12/1/07

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1851   PL 2007, ch. 317       Among other things, requires:                                                             Sections   Y   9/20/2007
       (RGGI bill)            • PUC to appoint members of the Maine Energy Conservation Board and Energy &               3211-A,
                              Carbon Savings Trust (Carbon Trust)                                                     10007 and
                              • Carbon Trust and the PUC to prepare Triennial Energy Efficiency and                       10008
                              Conservation Plan
                              • DEP to adopt a variety of rules
                              • Carbon Trust to adopt major substantive rules
                              • Carbon Trust/DEP to submit annual report beginning 3/09/08
                              • PUC to make recommendations regarding energy efficiency spending ceiling 8
                              months prior to expiration of 1st compliance obligation period under DEP rules
                              • DEP to report on establishment of civil/criminal liability for disruption of CO2
                              allowance market
                              • OPA to report recommendations for consolidating energy efficiency
                              responsibilities of PUC and Carbon Trust

1913   Resolve 2007, ch. 91   Allows the Director of the Bureau of Parks & Lands to convey: (1) an easement for                    Y   9/20/2007
                              electric transmission lines across 2 state-owned parcels to TransCanada Maine
                              Wind Development; (2) an easement for electric transmission lines across 2 state-
                              owned parcels (in Bradley and Washington County) to BHE; (3) the remaining state
                              interests in the Sandy Pond Dam to the Town of Freedom; (4) trail crossing rights &
                              access rights across St. John Heritage Trail and St. John Plantation; (5) trail
                              crossing rights across the St. John Heritage Trail in St. Francis; (6) state-owned
                              property adjacent to a state-owned abandoned rail corridor trail in Mapleton; (7) 2nd
                              easement across a state-owned recreational trail to provide motor vehicle access in
                              Jay; (8) an easement to the abutting landowner across a state-owned access road
                              to Bradbury Mountain State Park; (9) state-owned property to the abutting
                              landowner in the Town of Littleton

1920   PL 2007, ch. 403       Directs the PUC to:                                                                       Sections   Y   9/20/2007
                              • submit annually, beginning 3/31/08, a report on the status of new renewables in        3210 and
                              Maine and compliance with the portfolio requirements                                       3212-A
                              • inform electricity consumers in Maine of the benefits and opportunities in
                              purchasing renewables including, but not limited to green power supply products
                              and RECs under section 3212-A
                              • set alternative compliance paymentt rate by rule; publish rate by 1/31st each yr
                              • collect alternative compliance payments made by CEPs and deposit into the
                              Renewable Resource Fund
                              • adopt routine technical rules
                              • submit one-time report to U&E by 1/31/10 on green power options that have been
                              certified and promoted since 7/1/08
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536    PL 2007, ch. 224       Makes changes to the funding levels for specific programs under the                       Section     Y    6/4/2007
                              Communications Equipment Fund while preserving the total amount available and               7104
                              authorized; expands technology covered by the discount program to include one-
                              way pagers and discounts for one-way pagers to be equal to the monthly service

547    PL 2007, ch. 68        Requires the PUC to adopt routine technical rules implementing provisions of E-911        Title 25,   Y   9/20/2007
                              funding law and to report back to U&E by 1/15/09 regarding collection of the E-911        Sections
                              surcharge on prepaid wireless service and interconnected voice over Internet             2921 and
                              protocol service                                                                              2927

627    PL 2007, ch. 42        Clarifies the Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) role of public safety answering                        Y   4/10/2007
                              points (PSAPs) and requires state licensure for all persons and entities engaged in
                              EMD; provides flexibility for PSAPs to enter into agreements with non-PSAPs to
                              provide emergency medical dispatch service

716    Resolve 2007, ch. 26   Provides for legislative review of Chapter 324 (ConnectME Tax Reimbursements)                         N   5/16/2007

765    Resolve 2007, ch. 27   Authorizes final adoption of Chapter 101 (ConnectME Authority), so long as certain                    Y   5/16/2007
                              changes to the rule are made to clarify the definition of broadband service provider,
                              to limit the requirement imposed on mobile communications service providers to file
                              mapping and service description information to those mobile communications
                              service providers contributing to the ConnectME Fund and to amend the section of
                              the rule regarding applications for funding to specify requirements for the content of
                              the application and the application evaluation process to be used by the Authority

1063   PL 2007, ch. 104       Requires cable TV franchises to provide a notice on subscriber bills of the right to                  Y   9/20/2007
                              credit or rebate for interruption of service for 6 or more consecutive hours

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1183   PL 2007, ch. 209        Establishes the state of mind that much accompany the disclosure of confidential           Title 25,   N   9/20/2007
                               information regarding E-911 calls or recordings in order for such disclosure to be a       Section
                               crime; forensic examination kits are to be stored reflective of and consistent with            2929
                               actual storage practices; updates references to federal agencies to reflect thier
                               placement into the Department of Homeland Security; authorizes a designee of the
                               Commissioner of Public Safety, a designee of the Chief of State Police and a
                               designee of the CIO to serve in their place on the Maine Communications System
                               Policy Board

1383   PL 2007, ch. 226        Requires the PUC to adopt a major substantive rule that will allow for the                 Title 25,   Y   9/20/2007
                               implementation of soft dial tone on a statewide basis; the rule must be submitted to        Section
                               U&E by 1/15/08                                                                            2921 and
1675   Resolve 2007, ch. 106   Directs the OPA to take several actions to monitor state & federal activity relating to                Y   9/20/2007
       (Net Neutrality bill)   full and fair access to the Internet and submit a report to U&E by 2/1/08

1837   PL 2007, ch. 227        Conforms state & federal laws regarding establishment and enforcement of a do-                         N   9/20/2007
                               not-call lists that allows resident consumers to opt out of being solicited by

                                           GAS/PROPANE/DIG SAFE/UNDERGROUND FACILITIES
1791   PL 2007, ch. 392        Authorizes the Oil & Solid Fuel Board and the Propane & Natural Gas Board to                           Y   6/21/2007
                               issue limited energy auditor technician licenses to qualified persons for the
                               purposes of conducting combustion safety & efficiency testing of oil-fired or gas-
                               fired space heating equipment or water heating equipment; directs those Boards to
                               adopt emergency routine techincal rules within 90 days after the effective date of
                               this Act

774    PL 2007, ch. 235        Provides that any requirements placed on public drinking water systems must be                         Y    6/6/2007
                               done in joint agreement between DEP and the Drinking Water Program of DHHS
                               and the OPA; directs the Board to incorporate into the rules a mechanism to
                               reconcile the objective of allowing community public water systems to use their
                               existing water supplies to provide water service

878    P&SL 2007, ch. 4        Clarifies territorial limits of the Harrison Water District; changes board of trustee                  N    4/9/2007
                               vacancy protocols; increases trustee compensation; changes the district's rate

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941    P&SL 2007, ch. 5       Changes territory of Long Pond Water District and makes changes to number of                          N    4/9/2007
                              trustess on boards

968    Resolve 2007, ch. 63   Authorizes final adoption of portions of Chapter 587 (In-Stream Flows & Lake &                        Y    6/6/2007
                              Pond Water levels) so long as certain specified changes are made to the rule

993    P&SL 2007, ch. 8       Extends the time that the PUC has to monitor the Winterport Water District's use of                   N   9/20/2007
                              the authority to disconnect sewer service for failure to pay from 1/15/08 to 1/15/09;
                              PUC to submit report to U&E 1/15/09; repeals provision 90 days after adjournment
                              of the 1st Regular Session of the 124th Legislature

1151   PL 2007, ch. 127       Clarifies the exception, with limitations, to the laws that require rate changes of     Section 310   Y   9/20/2007
                              consumer-owned water utilities be subject to suspension, investigation, hearing or
                              rate substitution by the PUC

1153   PL 2007, ch. 174       Enables the governing body of a quasi-municipal or municipal water or sewer utility         Section   Y   9/20/2007
                              to reduce the connection fee or impact fee charged for the establishment of service           6105
                              when that service is being provided to newly constructed affordable housing that is
                              owner-occupied, single family or condos; notification to ratepayers is required for
                              any reduction in connection or impact fees that may allocate that reduction across
                              all ratepayers

1205   P&SL 2007, ch. 15      Updates & clarifies the private & special law prohibiting bodily contact with the                     N   9/20/2007
                              waters of Sebago Lake within 2 miles of the Portland Water District intake pipes;
                              updates fines for violations

1236   P&SL 2007, ch. 6       Creates the Princeton Water District                                                                  N   4/12/2007

1303   P&SL 2007, ch. 12      Creates the Columbia Falls Village Water Distirct, subject to referendum; allows the                  Y   5/11/2007
                              District the authority to purchase property & franchises of the Allen Water Co.,
                              subject to PUC approval

1382   P&SL 2007, ch. 10      Creates the Edgecomb Utility District and authorizes the purchase of water &                          Y   9/20/2007
                              wastewater assets from the Town of Edgecomb

1656   P&SL 2007, ch. 11      Authorizes the Fryeburg Water District to purchase assets in East Conway, NH and                      Y   5/10/2007
                              stock in the Fryeburg Water Company

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1743   PL 2007, ch. 399       Requires the Land & Water Resources Council to convene the Water Resources                          Y   9/20/2007
                              Planning Committee and describes requirements related to membership, meetings
                              and reporting with an annual review of state policy regarding certain topics,
                              providing guidance to municipalities and developing and disseminating educational
                              materials; makes changes to the bulk water transport law and the natural resources
                              protection laws; requires DEP and the Maine Land Use Regulation Commission
                              (LURC) to amend their rules to require that a public information meeting be held
                              prior to submission of an application for a significant groundwater well; requires
                              DEP and LURC to periodically contract with independent environmental
                              professionals to provide a technical review and assessment of monitoring
                              information; each department shall undertake a rulemaking to develop a fee
                              structure to provide funding for those contracts

1754   P&SL 2007, ch. 22      Creates the Greater Augusta Utility District subject to referundum                                  Y   9/20/2007

1796   PL 2007, ch. 39        Authorizes bond issues for ratification by the voters for the June and November                     Y   4/10/2007
                              2007 elections and the June 2008 election and to transfer certain funds; Part B
                              authorizes a bond issue in the amount of $18.3M for grants and low-interest loans
                              to support construction of wastewater treatment facilities and to support
                              improvements to Maine's public water systems

215    PL 2007, ch. 1         State Supplemental Budget Bill - FYE 6/30/07                                                        Y   2/13/2007

267    PL 2007, ch. 16 (PUC   Creates assessment mechanism to help ensure sufficient funds are generated to         Section 116   Y   3/23/2007
       Assessment bill)       allow the PUC to perform its regulatory responsibilities; PUC shall present its
                              budget to U&E and U&E shall make its recommendation regarding the budget

499    PL 2007, ch. 240       State Budget Bill - FYE 6/30/07, 6/30/08, 6/30/09                                     Section 116   Y    6/7/2007

528    PL 2007, ch. 372       Provides eligibility under the business equipment tax exemption for used property                   N   9/20/2007
                              previously subject to propety tax in the Sate as long as the pirmary purpose of the
                              acquisition of the property was not to obtain eligibility for the exemption, which
                              would become a Class E crime

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556    Resolve 2007, ch. 57    Directs each state department to conduct an evaluation of its operations to                         Y   9/20/2007
                               determine if any programs or personnel could be reduced by 7%; results shall be
                               reported by each department to the Commissioner of Administrative & Financial
                               Services at a date to be determined by the commissioner, consistent with the
                               supplmental budget process

676    PL 2007, ch. 462        Section 12 of bill requires MEMA to conduct a study in cooperation with other                       Y
                               agencies including the PUC, to develop a plan for implementing and funding a
                               statewide disability indicator system and submit a report to Criminal Justice &
                               Public Safety Committee by 1/1/08

905    PL 2007, ch. 181        Requires an agency adopting a rule to develop and make available to the public a                    Y   9/20/2007
                               brief economic impact statement, with reasonable alternatives, on small businesses
                               prior to adoption of the rule; the statement shall identify types of small businesses
                               subject to the rule

1055   Resolve 2007, ch. 100   Study group created to review need for State to adopt a program to provide hearing                  Y   6/20/2007
                               aids and Captel phones to Maine’s low-income elderly population; report is required
                               by 12/7/07 to the Labor Committee and the Health & Human Services Committee

1360   PL 2007, ch. 268        Allows the University of Maine System (System) to install wires or lines on existing     Sections   Y    6/8/2007
                               utility facilities located within or along a public right-of-way for the purpose of     2301 and
                               transmitting data and communications between & among the System's facilities and            2501
                               partnering entities

1420   PL 2007, ch. 157        Amends the definition of "coastal area" to clarify that the area only extends out 3                 N   9/20/2007
                               nautical miles; makes similar rules regarding the Taunton Bay Resource
                               Management Plan routine techincal

1504   PL 2007, ch. 437        Makes minor substantive changes to the tax laws                                                     Y

1841   PL 2007, ch. 274        Removes mandatory language regarding the role of the regional emergency                             N   9/20/2007
                               medical services councils to allow for evolution of that role in accordance with
                               recommendations resulting from a review of the Maine Emergency Medical
                               Services system; Maine Emergency Medical Services is authorized to participate in
                               and share information with the National Emergency Medical Services Information
                               System, notwithstanding confidentiality provisions
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1842   PL 2007, ch. 402   Updates professional & occupational licensing laws                                                  Y    9/20/2007

1853   PL 2007, ch. 323   Enacts the Model Registered Agents Act                                                    Section
1903   PL 2007, ch. 355   Requires disclosure of potential for conflict of interest if mold assessment and                    Y    9/20/2007
                          remediation services are provided to the same person or company; requires DHHS
                          to submit a report to Natural Resources Committee, Legal & Veterans Affairs
                          Committee & Judiciary Committee on activities and reviews undertaken by the
                          Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention in connection with public health
                          issues relating to mold or excess moisture in buildings, training of local health
                          officers and the warranty of habitability as it relates to landlord/tenant disputes

1906   PL 2007, ch. 396   Overturns the portion of the Law Court decision in Stevenson v. Town of                             N    6/21/2007
                          Kennebunk that held that a municipal board was not authorized to take any action
                          due to a vacancy on the board; clarifies that Maine law generally, and county &
                          municipal laws specifically, to require a statute, charter or ordinance to specifically
                          prohibit a body from acting in the event of a vacancy in order to have that effect;
                          clarfies no action previously taken is invalid solely because of the existence of a

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