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                                                                                                        university of california, irvine

                                                          Membership Contract

The mission of Uncultivated Rabbits is to facilitate an emergent student voice by creating a nurturing space where
students can express and empower themselves through the written and spoken word.

We provide a space for poets, listeners, artists, soon-to-be artists and poets, MC, and the general passer-by to
share, generate, and refine their skills of "spit" (the ability to rhyme or place words together that dictate your
opinion about your surroundings, publicly) thus, generating a community.

The organization provides opportunities for members to cultivate their creative skills by means of writing
workshops, or “creative sessions.” Members showcase their work through our Open Mic events, “U.R. Poetry.”
Also, U.R. consistently gets performance requests throughout the year, so members are allowed to participate in
such events. A few examples of past performances include Wayzgoose, Take Back the Night, Culture for a Cause,
many of which have crowds of well over 100 people. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to meet
established spoken word artists when planning “U.R. Presents” events. In the past, U.R. has brought artists like
Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye (of Project V.O.I.C.E.) and Shihan.

Benefits of Being an Official Rabbit
     OFFICIAL: You are considered an "official" Uncultivated Rabbit.
     PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES: Prioritized for performance sets from requests. If you are not an
        official Rabbit, you do not get this privilege, and we are not obligated to schedule your performance with
        the organization.
     RECOGNITION: Included on the website and all media outlets.
     LEADERSHIP: Build leadership skills by way of hosting creative session, getting involved in organizing
        open mics, or by participating in the planning other events.
     CREATIVE OUTLET: Allowed to have an account on the UR blog to get feedback on pieces, give
        feedback to other pets, and to interact with the Rabbits board and other members.
     DISCOUNTS: Get free rides to other poetry events outside of the UCI campus. Reduced t-shirt price for
        full members (Reduced = $7, Regular = $10).
     CONNECTIONS: Be connected to a plethora of organizations both on-campus and off-campus, as have
        the opportunity to meet critically acclaimed spoken word artists

How to Become a Rabbit
    Pay a small $5/year fee when you join the organization.
    Regularly attend Creative Sessions, Open Mics, and other scheduled events.
    Have a passion for the art of spoken word, poetry, and all things creative!

Join, and cultivate your inner rabbit!

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Sign below if you wish to become an Uncultivated Rabbit.

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