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					      Enforcement of TCMs

Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority

             Conor O’Shea

          13th September 2007
…More Bloody Bureaucracy!

    VITAL Protection?
  What Are We Protecting?
Fishermen’s Commercial Viability…

…and a profitable sustainable sector
          Mission Statement

"The Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority's mission is to
  enforce Sea Fisheries Conservation legislation and
  Seafood Safety legislation fairly and consistently to
  ensure that the marine fish and shellfish resources
  from the waters around Ireland are exploited
  sustainably and may be consumed safely for the
  long-term benefit of all"
                            Organisation Structure
                                                                                         Executive Chairman
                                                                                           Peter Whelan

                                                                           Personal Assistant             Admin support
                                                                          Maebh Mc Guinness              Marie O’Mahony

                                                                                                      Corporate Communications
                                                                          Consultative Council            & Public Relations

                                                                         Complaints Officer

                                    Authority Member                                                                                               Authority Member
                                    Andrew Kinneen

                                        Director of                                                   Finance Manager
                                        Operations                                                     Gene O’ Keefe

 Legal Case Mgt Unit                 Investigations Unit                  Sea Fisheries Ops Unit                        Finance Admin
  Seamus Gallagher                      Jim Condon                            Pat McGarvey                                   EO

                                                                          Ops National Manager
   Legal & Training                               Senior Port Officer                              Human Resource Mgr
                       Food Safety Manager                                & 5 X Senior Port
      1 X SFPO                                    Donal O’ Callaghan      Officers
                                                                                                       Sandra Harty

Reception & Training      Food Safety              Investigations Unit        Operations           Information Technology
   Maria Montero            SFPOs                       SFPOs             Approx. 6O x SFPOs       Manager (contract)

                                                                                                     Research, Planning &
                       Sen Admin Assistant        Forensic Accountant           Operations               Evaluation
                           Kate Giles                 (Contract)                   CO                  Conor O’ Shea

                                                                                                                                 Admin Assistant
                                                                               Data Analyst                RPE
                                                                                  HEO                   2 X SFPOs
Where Do We Get Our “Authority”?

            Dail Eireann
Our Legislative Functions

  Enforcement of Fisheries Protection and Food
   Safety Legislation

  Advise The Minister on Policy Matters

  Collect and Report Data

  Representation at National, International and
   EU Fora

  Provide Information to Industry Through
   Consultative Committee
                                  They Just Don’t
They Just Don’t                   Understand Our
Understand Our                      Problems!!!

        Communication is Good…

         Consultative Committee
          Consultative Committee

              14 Members Appointed by the Minister

To   Inform SFPA of Industry Views and Concerns

To   Inform Industry on Laws, Guides, Cop’s Etc

      SFPA on Issues of Fairness, Consistency,
Burden of Compliance
Why Do We Have Technical Control

   To Protect Juveniles of Marine Organisms

    – Restrictions on Fishing Activities

    – Fishing Gear Selectivity

    – Minimum Sizes
Technical Control Measures – 3 Facts

Fact 1. Technical Control Measures are VITAL

Fact 2. TCM’s are Imperfect and Unpopular

Fact 3. TCM’s must be based on good science
Compliance with TCM’s Is Not Easy?

         Listen! I’m
        Just a Fish!!!

   Enforcing TCM’s Is Not Easy?
Enforcing Technical Control Measures

     Consultation & Information

     Simplification & Consolidation

     Proportionality

     Uniformity in Enforcement
Example of Irish Sea (Vlla) – TCM’s

EU Reg 850 of 1998
& its 9 amendments
EU Reg 2549 of 2000 as
amended by EU Reg
1456 of 2001
EU Reg 254 of 2002
EU Reg 41 of 2007
Annex IIa
National Legislation
Various Other
Uniformity – Time and Patience

 Different Traditions

 Different Governments

 Different Aspirations

 Different Starting Points

 Different Languages

 Different Priorities
Our Future…

 Regulation   is Our Best Protection

 Communication    and Cooperation Between

 Open,   Transparent and Fair

 Determination   by Everybody to Succeed
Thank You

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