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									       Strategic Plan of HRH
Dr.M. Selva raj
Dr.D.Ravi Shankar

• The Health Administrators & Planners in
  Karnataka have realised the shortage of
  skilled man-power(HRH) but the magnitude
  of the problem & systemic changes of a
  comprehensive nature which is needed is
  now understood. The remedial measures
  taken till now were ad-hoc & more in the
  nature of crisis mitigation.
              Current scenario

Doctors at Sanctioned   Working   Vacant/Gap   Remarks

PHC        2234         2041      196

Specialist 834          691       152
Staff         2123      1673      450
ANM’s         8487      7028      1459
           Reason for Gaps
• Shortage of educational institutions leading
  to shortage of skilled man power.
• Specialist Doctors & Staff Nurses-
  Immigration abroad & poaching by private
  medical institutions, development of home
  nursing service institutions.
Changes implemented to resolve Gaps
• Increase in salary of MOH ( 9000 to 18000 in last 2 years)

•   SN from 3000 to 7000, ANM’s from 3500 to 6000.

• Remote area allowance Rs. 1000/- per month, SDP(Special
  Development Plan based on Human Deprivation Index)

• An extra allowance of Rs. 500/- per month in addition to HRA if
  quarters not available for ANM’s

• Decentralization of decision making & delegation of increased
  financial powers to programme officers, DPMO, DH&FWO,
  Chairman, District Health Society.

• Provision for PG deputation facility
         State specific challenges

•   Not attractive salaries.
•   Delayed promotions
•   Difficult service conditions
•   Contract jobs vs Regular jobs
•   Percentage of salary outgo to total plan size
    846crores to 362crores about 44%, where
    as National Health Policy guidelines-upto
Innovative measures to fill in the gaps
• Merger of NRHM with KHSDRP at the state level for better
  integration and to avoid duplication and conflict resolution.
• Appointment of retired doctors on contractual basis.
• Contracting of specialist doctors at Rs. 40,000/- for RCH care under
• Retainership to private practitioners Rs.5000/- per month & Rs.1000/-
  per event.
• Training of AYUSH doctors in Emergency Medicine & normal
• Prasooti Aaraike/Madilu/Evening OPD/Tele medicine-2 to increase the
  better efficacy of existing HRH.
• Interest free loan to buy 2 wheeler to ANM’s
Developing Human resources in Karnataka
• ANM training centres to most of the districts &
  permitting private NGO’s to open up new training
• Rs. 500/- HRA to ANM’s & appointing SN in
  place of ANM’s after short training.
• Blood collection centres at all Taluk level
• Karnataka has 29 districts, 39(10 govt, 29
  private)medical colleges with annual output of
  about 4000 doctors

• Political committed Leadership
• Effective leadership in middle level
  management-by deputing Doctors to
  Leadership training.
  Strengthening of Monitoring
• Invite constructive criticism.
• Training in e-governance & net connectivity for
  middle level managers and critical staff.
• Timely feedback to PHC MOH for course
• District Programme Officer to be appointed as
  nodal officer for Taluk for focussed monitoring by
  verification of beneficiary.
• Having Sub centre wise indices.
       Financial implications
• Current expenditure for HRH is Rs.284 crores for
• for 2008-09: Rs.372crores
• Remarks: State Planning Department allows 10-
  15% annual increase.
• Projected expenditure for HRH needs as per IPHS.
2008-09: Rs. 408crores
2009-10: Rs. 487crores
2010-11: Rs. 587crores
               Action Plan
• Correction of mismatch in 3 months by 1.08.2008
• About 810 Para medical workers outcoming batch
  by Dec 2009
• By using GOI & WB as platform to convince
  policy makers for supporting these reforms.
• Support from GOI/WB to provide financial

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