Contract for Janitorial Services by Independent Contractor

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					                           JANITORIAL SERVICES CONTRACT
THIS AGREEMENT made effective the ______ day of ____________, ________. (the “Contract”)


                                   (the “Company”)
                                                             OF THE FIRST PART

                                               - and -

                             [NAME OF JANITORIAL CONTRACTOR]
                                      (the “Contractor”)
                                                                               OF THE SECOND PART


A.     The Company requires cleaning services as set out in Schedule “B” hereto (the “Services”) for a
       commercial office building municipally described as __________________ [name of building],
       located at ________________________ [address of building] (the “Building”);

B.     The Contractor wishes to provide the Services for the Building, on the terms and conditions
       hereafter set out.

NOW THEREFORE the parties hereto agree as follows:

1.     The Contractor shall provide the Services in a proper and skilful manner and to a professional
       standard as described in detail in the attached Schedule “A”, which is incorporated herein by
       reference. The Contractor shall provide all labour and cleaning supplies to complete the Services
       as described in detail in the attached Schedule “B”, which is incorporated herein by reference.
       The Company shall supply a vacuum cleaner(s) and light bulbs of a size and wattage appropriate
       for the light fixtures located in the common areas of the Building. Repairs to the vacuum
       cleaner(s) shall be the responsibility of the Contractor.

2.     The Company shall provide the Contractor with such offices, storage facilities with proper locks,
       and staging area for the performance of duties as may be mutually agreed upon between the
       parties. The Company shall also provide adequate trash disposal facilities.

3.     The Company shall pay the Contractor the sum of __________________________ Dollars
       ($[#,###.##]) per month for the provision of the Services, plus applicable taxes. [Reference
       applicable taxes in your area, e.g. GST, VAT, etc]. The Contractor shall invoice the Company at the
       start of each month, and the Company shall remit payment within ___ days of receipt of the
       Contractor’s invoice.

4.     This Contract shall commence on the [##] day of [month], [year] and shall terminate on the [##]
       day of [month], [year]. The Company has the sole discretion to determine whether the Contract
       shall be renewed for a further term. Such renewal shall be in writing and may be negotiated
       under new terms and conditions by either party. Any such renewal shall constitute an addendum
       to this Contract.

5.     The Contractor shall perform in all respects as an independent contractor and not as an employee
       or agent of the Company. However, because the Contractor’s work may be associated in the
       minds of the public with the Company, the Contractor shall ensure that its employees,
       subcontractors and agents perform in an orderly, responsible and courteous manner. The
       Contractor is solely responsible to ensure that its employees and those of its subcontractors and
       suppliers who are not citizens of _____________ [country] hold all documentation required under
       federal immigration law to allow them to be lawfully employed in _____________ [country].

6.    The Contractor shall be responsible for complying with all applicable regulatory bodies in the
      performance of the Services, including compliance with Workers’ Compensation requirements
      and payment of any and all income taxes and other employer/employee deductions.

7.    The Contractor shall be fully bonded and insured and shall maintain such insurance against any
      risks which may be incurred in the performance of the Services. The Contractor shall supply the
      Company, upon request, with copies of the insurance policies and documentation of bonding for
      theft to a minimum of $5,000 per event.

8.    The Contractor represents that it is fully licensed, certified and trained to perform all tasks
      required by this Contract, or that it employs individuals who are fully licensed, certified and

9.    The Contractor, at its sole expense, shall furnish its employees with an identifying garment and
      ID badge with picture identification. All of the Contractor’s employees shall be required to wear
      such garment and badge at all times when providing Services in the Building.

10.   The Company may from time to time request additions or changes to the Services. Such changes
      or additions must be initiated by a written change order signed by an authorized representative
      of each party. The change order shall describe the additions and/or changes and shall state the
      additional cost or cost reduction, and any schedule changes. Verbal change orders shall be of no
      effect, except in cases of an emergency which threatens personal injury or property damage.

11.   The Contractor shall report and be responsible to the building manager for the Building.

12.   No intoxicants, illegal drugs, nor employees or agents under the influence of any substance that
      may impair their performance shall be allowed on the job at any time. The Contractor shall
      promptly remove from the Building any of its employees or agents who is or appears to be under
      the influence of any of these substances or is otherwise unsafe or disorderly.

13.   The Contractor shall indemnify and hold harmless the Company for any damages or injuries to
      the Contractor, its employees, agents and assignees and to third parties which may result from
      the performance of the Services.

14.   The Contractor acknowledges that it has familiarized itself with the Building and clearly
      understands the requirements of the schedule and the Services to be performed, the Building
      layout, and all conditions likely to affect the Contractor’s performance.

15.   The Contractor shall conduct _________ [weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.] inspections of the
      Building with an authorized representative of the Company to inspect the quality and
      thoroughness of the Services. If an inspection indicates a deficiency in the provision of the
      Services, the Contractor shall promptly follow through to correct such deficiency at no additional
      charge to the Company.

16.   This Contract may be terminated by either party giving ________ full calendar months’ written
      notice to the other party.


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