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                           B R A D E N T O N
      Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine Student Government Association
                                  Bradenton, Florida

      Executive Meeting Agenda
      To:     SGA Executive committee
      CC:     Kim Schoeffel, D.O.
      From:   Caroline Davis, President, 2010-2011 SGA
      Date:   9/15/10
      Re:     SGA September Meeting

        Call to order: 5:36 pm, Caroline Davis, OMSII

        Approval of the minutes: Christopher Murphy, OMSII
         Second, Erin Telepak, OMSII

        SGA officer reports
               o SGA President: Caroline Davis
                    First Rotation Review Raffle Winner Selected – see Forums for latest Rotation
                    Used Books Drive
                                   - Sarah Fahnhorst, OMSII: Maybe better towards the end of the
                                        year when people start to go through their stuff.
                    Conference Funds: The SGA budget has allotted $250/person for up to 20
                        students to attend conferences this year. So far, 12 people will be using those
                        funds to attend the OMED meeting in San Francisco this October. Anyone
                        interested in attending any national conferences this year should contact
                        Caroline ASAP to get information on taking advantage of these funds.
                    OMM App - FREE for iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. It is programmed and
                        reviewed by Pennsylvania Osteopathic Medical Students. May be downloaded
                        via iTunes Store or AppStore. Visit
               for more details
                    LECOM-Bradenton Publication in the September issue of the American
                        Academy of Osteopathy Journal (, page
                        23. Discusses study results from a survey from the first graduating class about
                        confidence in OMM skills and intention to used such skills in practice. To
                        increase confidence and training, our clinical faculty has provided us with a list

LECOM BRADENTON SGA                                                                                          1
         of DO’s who practice and teach OMM during rotations. This list is on the SGA
         Website under the Rotation Reviews Forum  Useful Rotations Documents.
     Next SGA Meeting – Eric Craig from Manatee County Red Cross would like to
         speak to us about how LECOM Students can help with hurricane relief.
     Hypoglycemia Talk is same day as next months meeting so we will try to adjust
         the schedule.
     Questions about OMM? E-mail them to so she
         can send them to the representative attending the NBOME meeting this year.
     This is a link to the NIH program for loan repayment POST-Graduation. If you
         are interested in doing research after receiving your degree, please look at the
         following information regarding post-graduate work with the NIH. If you are
         eligible upon graduation, you can receive up to $35,000/year of loans from the
o    1st Vice President: Benjamin Schumacher
     most of you have been sending me meeting minutes which is great. Budgets,
         however, are a different story. I need these ASAP!
     we still have clubs without positions filled (Pres, VP, secretary, treasurer). I will
         read these clubs off.
     any TOUCH questions?
o    2nd Vice-President, Jeremiah Libby
     Intramurals: Softball and Kickball – we need players, especially for kickball. E-
         mail Jeremiah by Friday so we can be registered. Softball is every Thursday
         night (6:30) and they end the first week in December.
     Social Event Options: SGA sponsored or pay-your-own so you can drink?
o    Secretary, Stefanie Johnson
     Send me your minutes before the meeting!!!
     Remind your members to register for the SGA website.
     Everyone sign in, especially first years because you have to attend a certain number of
         meetings to be an officer next year.
o    Treasurer, Kayla Rohleder
     Pick up your checks
     If you need reimbursed for the San Fran conference, find me after the meeting.
         E-mail me your itineraries.

o    Webmaster, Ryan Ung
     We have 483 people signed up for the website.
     If you have questions, find Ryan.
     Anyone interested in Paypal on the SGA website?
                 - Xenia Ooms, OMSII: Is it for sale of club merchandise?
                 - Ryan Ung, OMSII: Yes.
                 - Xenia Ooms, OMSII: Some clubs have different prices for
                    members and non-members. How would you enforce it?
                 - Ryan Ung, OMSII: Not sure. Paypal does charge a fee.
                 - Erin Telepak, OMSII: How would we know who paid for what?
                 - Ryan Ung, OMSII: You will have a list of transactions/receipts.
                 - Votes: 9 yeses.
                 - Blake Van Brunt, OMSII: Did LECOM approve this?
                 - Ryan Ung, OMSII: No.
                 - Ben Schumacher, OMSII: It is still LECOM approved. It is still
                    the same process as before, just an easier way to facilitate

 Open Floor to Old Business
         o Caroline Davis, OMSII: As far as the e-mails/forums go, do you feel like it is
             Sean Nonnemaker, OMSII: Are fundraisers still able to go through e-mail since
                 not everyone is subscribed to the forums.
             Caroline Davis, OMSII: Yes. Ideally, the fundraisers are going to go through the
                 weekly e-mail but if not you can send them through the Shivelys.
             Xenia Ooms, OMSII: Weekly e-mails are great.

 Open Floor for New Business
         o Breanna Gawrys, OMSII: When are we doing elections for OMSI?
             Ben Schumacher, OMSII: Beginning of next year.
         o Jeremiah Libby, OMSII: Cost of LEPROM – Less on LEPROM, more on student
             Chris Whiting, OMSII: It was a lot of fun. We should do it again.
             Ross Kurland, OMSII: Also enjoyed it.
             Joel Barredo, OMSII: Price should not be $30 a ticket. We might get more
                 people to go.
             Ruchi Jain, OMSII: Whatever we charge for tickets is what we need to break
                 even. Its not an SGA fundraiser. It would be better if we could do it somewhere
                 cheaper, somewhere with no alcohol. If you have any suggestions, let us know.
                 They cant even have alcohol within walking distance.

 Class of 2013 Officers
          o President, Breanna Gawrys
              We will have another class meeting in October after our affiliate list is sent out.
                 There will be another class meeting with Dr Feretti and Sandra in late
                 October/early November.
              Reference email I sent last week / forum site for how to set up your own cores.
              Location preferences will be modified as needed in Oct/Nov
          o 1st Vice, Jillian Hady
              Class Cause – Last year was DO Day on the Hill – will do this again
              Nursing Home Adventures
                      Contact Nursing Homes in the Area – what are their needs?
                      Are they open to having students come in throughout the week
                      Set Time or just open the door and let people go? Use flower notes in the
              More attendance at DO Day on the Hill
                      Last year – about 5 students went
                      Important: Register in Advance – FREE to register
                      Leanne Fox – talk to us later this year again?
                      Work with Joel – SOMA convention going on too?
              Service Project – Community Service Cause
                      Habitat for Humanity, Youth Ranch?
                      More community awareness, fundraisers for organizations that are already
              Community Service Week
                      Feature different projects each day
                      Brainstorm ideas for new projects
                      Incorporate Nursing Home
                      Help out around the school – work in lounge for Mike and Yvonne
                      Clean up – Adopt a Highway?
          o 2nd Vice, Ruchi Jain

               Bowling Night – find a good weekend or week night
                    Thursday night after the Clinical Exam test.
                    At the big purple building in Sarasota, off of exit 205
              With Jeremiah - Post Exam Snacks?
                    Work with first years second semester?
                    Free Coffee on Exam Days?
                    Caroline spoke to Mike – Free Coffee from 7-1 on PBL Exam (and
                    Anatomy Final) days. SGA will sponsor.
              LEPROM
                    $6,000 SGA Budget
                    Venue, food, arrangement last year was perfect
                    Earlier in the semester – look at schedules
              LECOM Cup – week leading up to LEPROM?
           o Secretary, Caroline Davis
              Rotation Meeting – Tentatively the week of November 8-November 12
              3-4th year DME speaker.
           o Treasurer, Jeff Cara
           o Curriculum Rep, Sean Nonnemaker
              Next meeting is 9/30. If you have any questions, e-mail them to me.
              Ryan created a link on the forum website.

 Club reports:
          o ACOFP, Chris Murphy, OMSII
              Alternative Growing Healthy Kids Training - Tuesday, September 28 at 1PM at
                the All Faiths Food Bank; One on one training will also be available if this
                better fits your schedule. You may contact
                or If anyone is interested let me know, they
                have a lot of schools.
              No blood drive this month. Blood Drive will be Thursday October 28.
          o CMA, Erin Telepak, OMSII
              The second t-shirt order is in and we had pick up yesterday and today but not
                many people came. We might not have another pickup till after the PBL exam is
              Our second meeting of the semester is next Tuesday at 5:30pm in the lecture
                hall, and we will most likely have a Christian pharmacist speaker that the CPFI
                president is bringing in.
          o EmED, Matt Hallanger, OMSII
              We had an employee health fair at a bakery in Sarasota on Wednesday, took
              We have 2 more health fairs in the afternoon on Tuesday, October 12, and
                Thursday, Oct 14. Anyone interested in volunteering their time to take blood
                pressures at these events is welcome to email me at
      ; however, EM club members have priority.
              2 shadowing opportunities may be available at Tampa General Hospital ER, but
                they are both on Sunday nights, 11pm-7am shifts, already got filled. Hopefully
                we will have more opportunities. E-mail if you
                are interested.
              Due to scheduling conflicts, our self-defense class has been postponed until
              Our next club meeting will be Thursday, October 7th, at 5:30 in LH 212.
          o IMS, Jeremiah Libby, OMSII
              International Dinner, no date yet. If you are a great cook, let us know.
          o Integrative Med, Jeff Cara, OMSII

   Integrative first meeting (10/4) at 5.
o  Mentoring, Jason Brown, OMSII
   Siesta Key Beach Picnic for Sheriffs Youth Ranch Kids
                - Date: Sunday, Oct. 3rd at 2:00pm-5:00pm ish.
                - Location: Siesta Key, near the main parking lot
                - Cost: NONE
                - Limit of LECOM student participation: 15 STUDENTS ONLY
                         o Only have 10 slots left – shoot Erin Kenney an email
                              if you’re 100% in to go. People that have gone out to
                              the ranch at least once since the beginning of the year
                              will be given preference to attend over someone that
                              hasn’t been at all. E-mail
                     if you are interested.
                - Convenient since it’s after PBL and CE exams.
                - Don’t have to bring anything – dogs, bratwurst , garden burgers,
                    non-alcoholic drinks, etc. will be provided.
                - There will be volleyball!
   Bowling Night for the kids
                - Date: Thursday, Nov 11th at 6:00-8:00pm
                - Location: Sarasota Bowling Lanes (as of now) or AMF Bowling
                    Lanes in Bradenton
                - Cost: NONE
                - Limit of LECOM student participation: 20 STUDENTS ONLY
                         o Only have 15 slots left – shoot Erin Kenney an email
                              if you’re 100% in to go. People that have gone out to
                              the ranch at least once since the beginning of the year
                              will be given preference to attend over someone that
                              hasn’t been at all.
                - Convenient since it’s there are no tests the following week.
                - This includes, pizza, non-alcoholic drinks, shoe rentals and
                    bowling for two hours with the kids.
   We’re doing good with filling up the volunteer spots out there, but I’d like to see
     more medical students!
                - We have 6 total spots open every Tuesday evening with a free
o Military, AshleyRae Hardin, OMSII
   October 14th 6:00pm - the club will be having our annual Commissioning
     Ceremony for the incoming first years. This is a great ceremony for family and
     friends to watch our officers take their oaths and we invite the rest of the student
     body to come out to support our future military doctors. **We are looking for a
     singer to do our national anthem, please let me know if anyone is interested**
   November - we will be making Thank You cards for the soldiers who are
     spending thanksgiving holiday away from home, anyone who wishes to
     contribute can do so by coming to the November meeting (on the 9th) and
     getting as many cards as you would like to fill out. I will be collecting the cards
     approximately one week later in order to send them in time for the soldiers to

        read by thanksgiving. Any other forms of donation that anyone wishes to send I
        can include as well.
     November/December - the Military Club will be collecting donations for the
        annual Toys for Tots. Anyone can participate in this by submitting an
        unwrapped present (date to be determined for turn-in of donations).
o    MMSA, Rahil Khalik, OMSII
     Fast-A-Thon Update: Very successful event with over 50 people in attendance
        and we raised $450 in donations for Meals on Wheels Organization in
     Community Service: Partnering up with Habitat for Humanity for upcoming
        projects & events
     Fundraisers: We are designing MMSA Club T-shirts as well as regular LECOM
        full sleeve shirts for sale soon. Will keep you guys updated on that. All proceeds
        going to Charity Drive for the Flooding Incident in Pakistan.
     Interested in joining? Club dues are $10 and Meetings are 1st Tuesday of every
        month, next one is on Oct 5th at 5:30pm in Student Lounge
o    Ortho, Caroline Davis, OMSII
     First Meeting – Thursday, September 16 (with Surgery Club), 5:30 in Lecture
        Hall 212. Will discuss October community service events, October Speaker
        (Dr. Ferretti – Cervical Spine Imaging), November Fundraisers, and Powderpuff
        Football game with FOMA (in November). Trying to make it more of a big deal.
        Collecting Club Dues ($30/4 years)
     October 23 – Creaky Bones 5K. Working at medical tent – taking blood
        pressures and helping trainers. Email Caroline
        ( if interested.
     Special Olympics is going well. Still doing bowling and softball. No softball this
        weekend. Next Saturday there will be Area Games from 9:30-3:30 at the AMF
        lanes on Cortez.
o    Peds, Sarah Fahnhorst, OMSII
     Trick or Canning: Collecting canned goods/nonperishable food items on
        Halloween for the food shelf. (10/31)
     Lakewood Ranch Health Fair October 2nd: BP and glucose checks.
     Next Meeting October 6th, first Wednesday of every month.
o    SOMA, Joel Barredo, OMSII
     Deadline for SOMA new member scholarship has been extended.
     Second Tuesday of October is Human Bodies Explored start-up. Dr Sexton
        needs more people.
o    SOSA, Jeff Cara, OMSII
     Surgical club first meeting tomorrow (9/16) at 5:30p with Ortho club.
o    UAAO, Xenia Ooms, OMSII
     9.15.2010 Mock Practical was a success! We had over 128 students RSVP and
        raised a good amount of money for Convocation.
     9.23.2010 UAAO monthly meeting in the student lounge at 5:05pm. This
        meeting will be very short and dinner will be provided. If you would like to
        attend please RSVP to
     10.2.20130 Lakewood Ranch Health Fair 10am-1pm at the Lakewood Ranch
        Medical Center. Dr Fotopoulos and students will be educating people on
        osteopathic medicine and performing OMT and basic health screenings. If you
        are interested in participating please e-mail Please

    dress professionally, but so that you are able to perform OMT. Bring your
    stethoscope and blood pressure cuff.
   10.15.2010 Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens in Tampa. UAAO will be
    purchasing group tickets for this event ($30/person). We will be arranging
    carpooling for all people that are interested. Please email to RSVP for a ticket.
o WH&M,Samra Shafiq, OMSII
   We already had an unofficial meeting this month, and will not be having a
    meeting on 9/20 because of exams,
   We'll be going to Solve Maternity House on 9/30, leaving school at 5:30 pm,
    everyone is welcome to come along
   Breast Cancer Bake Sale: 10/1 & 10/4, all profits go to the Making Strides
    against Breast Cancer Walk. We will be having some organic baked goods as
    well, so stop by and support the fight against breast cancer!
   Breast Cancer T-shirt preorder sales: 9/29-10/6, men's and women's sizes,
    Colors: white, black, purple, light pink, and bright pink, ONLY $10 (xs-xl) and
    $12 (2x-3x). Also have womens V-necks that are $15.
   Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk- in Lakewood Ranch, on October
    23. Join team LECOM on the website if you're interested in walking:
               - Donate money to Team LECOM:
 Click "donate to a team," then
                    search for a team and type in LECOM.
               - The amount doesn't have to be a lot, anything and everything is
o FOMA, Blake VanBrunt OMSII
   -be on the look out for sweats
   -FOMA mid year conference in Tampa Sept 24-26
               - Contact if you'd like to
                    represent LECOM at a table. There will be a lot of DOs there. We
                    need people Saturday morning. If you want to stay for the
                    weekend, we can arrange a hotel.
o IM, Sean Nonnemaker, OMSII
   pre-sales for fundraiser in the beginning of Oct (1st, 4th, 5th)
               - LECOM Hoodies: preorders clearly October; distribution late
                         o One has DO staff, one has Pharm and DO school crest,
                             one is just pullover with LECOM Bradenton on them.
                         o White are $35, black ones (zip-up) are $40.
               - Mugs (always on sale - $7)
               - Calibers: $6; pre-orders. Will be in before we need them.
               - PKD Walk: 10/9; 1-mile walk at 11am up off of Bayway in
                    Tampa; good for TOUCH points. Go onto PKD main website and
                    the team name is LECOM IM.

                            -  Dr Fernandez is having an event on 11/6 from 8am-12pm at One
                               Stop Clinic. Bringing in national organizations to help the
                               homeless. Expecting over 1000 people that are going to need
                               BPs, glucose and cholesterol screening. IM members will have
                               first dibs, then first come first serve. E-mail
                                     o Jeff Cara, OMSII: Do we get TOUCH points for any
                                         charity run?
                                              - Caroline Davis, OMSII: Yes.
           o Habitat for Humanity, Ruchi Jain, OMS II
              First build date set for September 25th. Unsure of number of volunteers needed
               yet. Must be a member, $10 for dues for the year.
              Also need volunteers that day for a booth in the community talking about
              Planning a Habitat Week the first week in October.
           o SNMA, Jessica Fonseca, OMS II

 Open Discussion
        o Post-exam coffee: Anatomy final and all PBL exams will be followed by free
             coffee from 7:30-1:00. SGA will pay for it after.
        o Xenia Ooms, OMSII: Any more club presidents interested in chipping in to get
             Mike and Yvonne a nice dinner or something? Send
             if interested.
        o Sarah Fahnhorst, OMSII: Can club presidents have access to the SGA room again?
             We need things on the weekends!
            Caroline Davis, OMSII: It continues to stay trashed.
            Ben Schumacher, OMSII: I will think about it. The room is very small and it is
            Caroline Davis, OMSII: Its more for things that need to be stored here. If its just
                 a poster or something just keep it at home.

Motion to adjourn the meeting: Christopher Murphy, OMSII; 6:30pm
            Second: Jeff Cara, OMSII