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					                                                        Resumé of
                                               Gary S. Shumway
Email:                                                                       (801) 824-4469 :Phone
Web Site:                                                                    (801) 665-1803 :FAX

Contract or Contract-to-Hire Caché, MUMPS, M, web programming, Project Management and/or Statistician position.

Senior level software development and project management experience. Superior customer relationship and communication skills.
Proven team player with leadership skills. Expert problem solver with strong analytical skills. Reliable and self motivated. Masters
degrees in Psychology (MA), Biostatistics (MPH), and Business (MBA). Over twenty-eight years of IS experience.

Proficient in Languages/Technology: (also see 'Additional Software Used' section)
MUMPS, Caché, WebLink, MIIS, DCL, HTML, JavaScript, FileMan, and VistA

Skill Set: (years experience)
Affinity (1), Antrim/Rubicon/Lab (3), Caché (3), ColdFusion (1), COSTAR (1), DCL (2), Dental School Apps (17),
Dreamweaver (4), Epic {Resolute/Cadence/Chronicles} (2), FileMan/Kernel (3), HL7/NSF/ASTM/Interfaces (3), HTML (5),
IDX {BAR/SCHED/AES} (2), JavaScript (2), MIIS (18), MUMPS (22), Project Lead/Mgmt (13), Serenji Debugger (1), SQL (4),
Statistician (1), TK Forms (1), VBA (1), Web Link (1), VistA (3), 508 Compliance (1)

Chronological Work Experience: (see for resumé with Skill Set Indexed list of work experience)
MUMPS/Caché Contract Lead Developer, EHP/HEC/EDS to VA, SLC, UT                                                Jul 2002 to Present
          Worked on Herbal/OTC, Performance Measures, Clinical Indicators Data Capture, Lexicon and PFSS projects on
          VHA’s VistA (FileMan). Using TeamPlay, RequisitePro, and ClearQuest as Project Management tools. Received
          FileMan/VistA, Delphi, and OO training. Coded in DSM and Caché on Compaq/HP Alphas running VMS.

Caché/WebLink Contract Programmer, Giromex, Inc., San Diego, CA                               Sep 2002 to Oct 2002 (p/t)
        Documented global structures of an existing WebLink and Caché based money transfer system running on Windows
        NT. Advised as to Caché and system security issues. Also reviewed OFAC functionality and implementation options.

Project Coordinator & MSM/Caché Programmer, Indian Health Services, Albuquerque, NM May 2001 to Jun 2002
          Caché Upgrade Project Coordinator for the conversion of RPMS (DHCP/VistA like) system from MSM to v.4.1.5 of
          Caché and FileMan programming via MSM and Caché. Created and maintained Project’s 508 compliant web pages via
          ColdFusion and Dreamweaver. Also worked on the installation of the PCC+ package and other assigned projects.

Caché Contract Programmer, Ameritrade, Inc., Omaha, NE                                          Jan 2001 to Apr 2001
         Programmed assorted functionality (primarily reporting) into Ameritrade’s financial Back Office System (BOS) with
         v.3.2 of Caché running on SunOS 5.6 using PVCS as version control and TNVT Plus as the PC interface.

Caché Contract Programmer, MEDecision, Inc., Wayne, PA                                       Jul 2000 to Jan 2001
         Analyzed, programmed, tested, and documented assorted functionality into MEDecision's iEXCHANGE and
         MEDInform products with v.3.2 of InterSystem's Caché running on NT using StarTeam for version control.

Caché Contract Programmer, Compass Information Solutions, Inc., Greenville, SC                  Nov 2000 to Dec 2000 (p/t)
         Worked remotely and part-time (p/t), abstracting patient demographic and visit data from a Compucare, Inc. Affinity
         system for a hospital in Massachusetts using v2.1.9-F.14 of Caché on a UNIX (HP RISC) system.

MUMPS Contract Programmer, Carolinas HealthCare System, Charlotte, NC                      Mar 2000 to Jun 2000
       Programmed BAR and SCHED related reports and utilities using AES tools and SQL on Carolinas' IDX system. Also,
       wrote M and VBA routines that compiled group data from DSM and created graphical reports via MS Excel.

MUMPS Contract Programmer, County of San Diego, Dept. of Public Health, San Diego, CA Jul 1999 to Mar 2000
       Resolved Y2K issues, up-dated Medically Indigent Care Reporting System, abstracted data from COSTAR, and
       supported County’s Child Health & Disability Program. Worked on a DEC Alpha cluster using DSM and Refection 2.

MUMPS Contract Programmer, MRL, Cypress, CA                                                       Feb 1999 to Jun 1999 (p/t)
       Working remotely and part-time (p/t), I assisted in resolving Y2K issues re: the clinical and financial routines/database
       of a highly modified Antrim Laboratory System residing on a DEC Alpha using DSM and ProComm2.
Gary S. Shumway
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MUMPS Contract Programmer, Kaiser Permanente, Pasadena, CA                              Nov 1998 to May 1999
       Programmed and documented a Laboratory Quality Control Management sub-system to be used with Kaiser’s modified
       Rubicon Laboratory System residing on DEC Alpha’s and PDP’s with DSM and TK Forms.

MUMPS Contract Programmer, Cigna Corp., Phoenix, AZ                                   May 1998 to Nov 1998
       Programmed custom HMO related reports with Epic APIs and InterSystem’s Open M/SQL running on an IBM 6000
       under AIX 4.2 using TNVT Plus as the interface.

MUMPS Contract Programmer, Fairview, Inc., Minneapolis, MN                             Feb 1998 to May 1998
       Maintained and augmented SCHED and BAR related AES applications/reports and HL7 interface to Unisys.
       Programmed on an IDX system (AES 7.0 & 8.0) with M/SQL 6.2 on a VAX Alpha with Reflection 2 as the interface.

MUMPS Contract Programmer, U. of Minnesota Clinical Associates, Minneapolis, MN Oct 1997 to May 1998
       Edited existing IDX AES data entry and reporting software, used IDX Screen Generator, interfaced patient billing with
       query results & modified reports, wrote SQL queries via IDX Report Writer. Worked with M/SQL 6.2 on VAX Alpha.

MUMPS Contract Programmer, Quest Diagnostics, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA                             Mar 1997 to Aug 1997 (p/t)
       Worked remotely and part-time, writing portions of a bi-directional patient demographic and test results interface for a
       Viteck on a modified Antrim system using the client PC networked to a VAX Alpha cluster running VMS and DSM.

MUMPS Contract Programmer, HealthAmerica, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA                        Mar 1997 to Aug 1997
       Wrote DCL routines, modified existing IDX AES routines for capitation reports, used Epic APIs and database to report
       on account aging, display patient appointment histories, create chart location and other reports. Wrote library of
       routines for use with Epic APIs. Used DSM on a DEC Alpha cluster under DEC VMS, Windows 3.11, and SmarTerm.

MUMPS Contract Programmer, LabCorp, Inc. (Roche/National Health Lab.), Uniondale, NY          Oct 1996 to Feb 1997
       Supported LabCorp’s IPO Clinical Trials System using their Large Laboratory System (LLS). Also developed, coded,
       and implemented a specimen storage allocation and tracking system and supported use of ASTM and Microsoft Access
       in accession reports and data transfer. Programmed in InterSystem’s DSM on a DEC VAX cluster.

MUMPS Contract Programmer, Healthways, Inc. (Aetna Prof. Mgmt. Corp.), Glastonbury, CT May 1996 to Oct 1996
       Used Epic’s Chronicles, Resolute, and Cadence products to produce reports. Also modified routines, used menu
       screens, created forms, and wrote M routines for generating user entry screens. Used vi, awk, and perl and Open
       M/SQL on an IBM 6000 with AIX 3.2, Windows 3.11, and Netware via TCP/IP with SmarTerm and Rhumba.

MUMPS Contract Programmer, Corning Clinical Laboratories, Inc. (Metpath), Pittsburgh, PA Dec 1995 to Sep 1996
       Developed and implemented a third party EDI Remittance System using proprietary and NSF formats for MediCare
       PA and OH, Bluecross (Keystone), and Rail Road MediCare on a modified Antrim lab system. Also wrote generalized
       user data entry routines. Programmed in DSM on a DEC Alpha cluster running VMS, Pathworks, and Netware.

MUMPS/MIIS Contract Programmer, School of Dentistry, Loma Linda U., Loma Linda, CA                Sep 1983 to Oct 1995
      Consulted, programmed, and managed a wide range of applications taking the School of Dentistry from three CRTs
      and 15 routines to 2,000+ routines, a 1.25 GB database, and 440+ users. Applications included tracking patient and
      student data, appointment scheduling, chart tracking, treatment planning, financial, insurance billing, test creation,
      grading, and electronic grade book, clinic production reports, department requirements tracking, sterilization system,
      support of private practices, electronic mail, text editor, etc. (see

Project Lead/MUMPS Programmer, Gould, Inc., Imaging and Graphics Division, San Jose, CA Sep 1983 to Oct 1984
          Helped develop Gould’s Multimodality Acquisition and Review System (MARS) for medical images, wrote image (x-
          rays, MRIs, sonograms, etc.) acquisition routines in FORTRAN, and wrote MUMPS routines for image filing and
          retrieval. Programmed in DSM & FORTRAN IV on a DEC VAX running under VMS.

Director of Dental Computer Services, School of Dentistry, Loma Linda U., Loma Linda, CA            Jan 1982 to Sep 1983
          Managed department personnel, prioritized and managed projects, installed hardware (DG Eclipse, cabling, CRTs,
          printers, etc.), interfaced with management and users, and wrote systems and health care/academic applications.
Gary S. Shumway
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Project Manager/MIIS Programmer, Surgery Medical Group, LLUMC, Loma Linda, CA               Oct 1981 to Jan 1982
         Wrote MIIS patient DB query system & helped implement a touch screen system on a DG Nova using HP terminals.

Senior MIIS Programmer, CompuCare, Fountain Valley, CA                                         Jul 1981 to Oct 1981
         Wrote MIIS routines for Medical Records charting & task tracking for Hoag Hospital Maint. Dept. on DG Eclipse.

Systems Analyst/MIIS Programmer, School of Dentistry, Loma Linda U., Loma Linda, CA               Sep 1978 to Jul 1981
         Wrote many patient, student, grading, word processing, financial, and employee routines in MIIS, MUMPS & BASIC.

Junior Statistician, Survey Research Service, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA                  Jun 1978 to Sep 1978
          Maintained data integrity and ran statistical analyses for research studies using SPSS and BMD.

Programmer, Dept. of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Loma Linda U., Loma Linda, CA May 1977 to Jun 1978
        Developed routines & ran statistical analyses for Tanzanian YCH Pgm on IBM 370 & DG Nova w/ MIIS & BASIC.

Additional Software Used:
Also have programmed in: ASP, BAL, BASIC, C, CASL, COBAL, ColdFusion, Delphi, DHTML, FORTRAN IV, FoxPro, perl,
PL/1, and VB.
Programmed under/with OSs: AIX, CPM, DOS, Linux, MIIS, OC/VMS, SUNOS, Unix, VMS, and Windows.
Have worked with/used: Affinity, Antrim, ASTM, BAR, BMD, BOS, Cadence, Chronicles, ClearQuest, Composer, COSTAR,
Cross Talk, Dreamweaver, EDI, Epic, Epic Care, Excel, EZ-Cap, Front Page, HL7, Homesite, IDX, IE, MEDInform, NetTerm,
Paint Shop Pro, Pathworks, PhotoShop, ProComm, Project, Quattro Pro, Reflection2, Rhumba, SCHED, Serenji Debugger,
SmarTerm, SPSS, SQL, StarTeam, TextPad, TNVT Plus, VistA/FileMan, Visio, VNC, Word Perfect, WS-FTP, etc.

Hardware Used:
DG Nova, Eclipse, & MV, DEC PDP-11/70, VAX 780, & Alpha, HP 3000, IBM 370, RS6000, PCs, & Univac.

Examples of Previous and Current Web Sites Created:
Ernest Hill Publishing (                      Gary S. Shumway (
Grand Terrace Toastmasters (     La Loma Federal Credit Union ( - previous)

Professional Associations:
Toastmasters International

MIIS to M Conversion and Language Comparison, M Computing, v.1 (5), pp. 58-65, 1994.
MIIS, the Incisal Edge, MUG Quarterly, v. 18 (1), pp. 33-35, 1988.
DSM in Radiological Image Management, MUG Quarterly, v. 14 (4), pp. 33-38, 1984.
Computerized Radiological Practice Systems: An Implementation Survey, Proceedings of Computer Applications in
           Radiology, pp. 85-101, 1984.
Teeth ‘N MIIS, MUG Quarterly, v. 14 (1), pp. 64-66, 1984.
Three additional articles published in refereed scientific journals and two books published by Ernest Hill Publishing.

Education, Certification, and IT Related Instruction:
Master of Business Administration (MBA), Information Systems/Finance, California State U. at San Bernardino
Certified Computing Professional (CCP), Management, Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals
Master of Public Health (MPH), Biostatistics, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA
Master of Arts (MA) and Bachelor of Science (BS), Psychology, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
Rapid Application Development with Caché 4 course from Intersystems, 4 days, completion certificate
Caché Security Essentials seminar from George James Software, 1 day, completion certificate
Introduction and Advanced Delphi 6 Development Training from Jensen Data Systems, Inc, 10 days, completion certificates
VistA Foundations training from Greg Kreis of Pioneer Data Systems, 4 days, completion certificate
Caché System Management from Intersystems, 4 days, completion certificate
Java Programming and J2EE Enterprise Development from Maverick Solutions, 10 days, completion certificate
Additional:, U of U, UNM, UCR, CSUSB, UCLA, New Horizons, GCC, Main Line, & Metropolitan Schools.

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