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									    The Tidewater DJ Contract
Our goal is to make each event exceptional using three core principals:

                       Quality, Personality & Professionalism

We call this the “Tidewater DJ Experience”. If you become an affiliate Disc Jockey with the “Tidewater” team, it is expected that you
will follow these principals as well as the common sense requirements listed below.

1. All prospective disc jockeys will be required to attend a minimum of three (3) events with a veteran DJ prior to being assigned a gig.
Your skills and capabilities will be evaluated to ensure that you can adequately represent Tidewater Disc Jockeys.

2. We have spent a very long time establishing a Great reputation so please do not tarnish it. Preparation is the key to success, we do
not plan to fail, we fail to plan!

3. As an affiliate Disc Jockey of Tidewater DJs, you will be responsible for all of the Equipment and Supplies necessary to perform the
event and services, plus other expenses required for the performance of those services. You shall receive 66% of contracted amount
unless other provisions have been agreed upon by both parties.

4. If you accept an event booking, a cancellation should happen in extreme circumstances. (Family Emergency, Acts of war, your death
ect.) You should contact us as soon as possible so that we can find a substitute dj within Tidewater DJs to cover your event. Under no
circumstances will you just not show up, you are expected to make every effort to contact a senior DJ within the company. Leaving a
message is not satisfactory, continue to call until you have spoken with a senior staff member. It is highly encouraged that you program
all staff members phone numbers into your phone in the event of an emergency.

5. Tidewater Disc Jockeys has two strikes and you are out policy. It’s understandable that everyone makes mistakes and unforeseen
problems occur, but we expect you to make every effort to avoid them. This is what sets us apart from the competition.

6. Do not accept a function that exceeds your limitations. You must have the resources & experience to adequately perform the event.

7. We strongly encourage you to become a member of the American Disc Jockey Association and attend monthly meetings and various
seminars offered throughout the year. Other forms of training are available within the company to improve yourself and your skills as a
professional entertainer. As your skills and proficiency improve, you will be assigned better gigs with greater earning potential.

8. Once you accept a gig, it is your responsibility to immediately contact the client to introduce yourself and discuss the details of the
event. Future communication between you and the client may be necessary to establish a relationship, especially for bigger events.
Be familiar with the Tidewater DJs website and contract of service so you can answer any questions the client may have.

9. Personal, face to face consultations are necessary for wedding receptions and various other formal functions. (exceptions being the
“Home Brew and Midnight Café” packages) Under normal circumstances, you will arrange to meet with the bride and groom at least 30
days prior to the reception. For larger events, it may be necessary to meet with the client several times.

10. Always be prepared for catastrophic failures, have back-up equipment available with you. Ideally, you should be able to resolve
equipment failures within 30 minutes in accordance with the Tidewater DJs contract of service.

11. Arrive early. Being on time is being late. Know how to get to your event and what the load-in requirements will be. Some venues
require longer load-in times that may affect your start time. A good rule of thumb is to have your equipment set-up, sound checks
complete and music ready to play 30 minutes prior to the event start time.

12. When arriving at a venue, contact the head caterer or hotel staff member to determine where the predetermined location for your
set up is. Always be courteous to the hotel staff! If you do not like the location of your setup, ask if a different arrangement is
possible. Remember, treat everyone like you want to be treated. Some venues arrange the room according to the wishes of the
client. Make recommendations, always be courteous, polite and professional. Pay attention when loading, unloading, and carrying
equipment, because this is usually when breakage occurs. Damage to your equipment or hotel property can prove to reduce your
profits. Take care of your equipment and it will take care of you.

13. Always have a copy or print out of the DJ Webmin page containing the information of your event with you at each gig. This is for
your protection and may clear up any problems that may arise. Do not continue a gig beyond the contract time unless the client hires
you to do so. You may have to adjust your start time to accommodate the arrival of guests as per the contract of service. Make sure
you communicate frequently with the host/hostess as you are approaching the end of the event. A good rule of thumb is to
communicate with the host/hostess 30 minutes prior to the end of the evening. Be willing to stay longer if necessary, this puts more
money in your pocket and keeps the client happy.
14. Always announce your name and that you are with Tidewater Disc Jockeys. When asked, only hand out Tidewater business cards.
If a client wants you to perform other events, direct them to the Tidewater DJs website or give them our office number and have them
request you. Remember, you are representing our company, promoting another company (including your own) is grounds for
immediate termination.

15. Do not use signage at weddings or formal events. Having business cards available and appropriately displayed in a holder is

16. Our job is to make each event more electric, sentimental, energetic, exciting and memorable. Remember, we were hired to do a
job, not to be part of the party. Always act professional and above all, have a great time. The most successful events are those where
you enjoy yourself!

17. Absolutely no alcohol or drug use at any time before or during a gig. The only exception is prescription medications. What you do
afterwards is your business, but remember you are there representing Tidewater Disc Jockeys!

18. If you must smoke, do it in private before the function or out of sight. “Hanging out,” and smoking with clients and their guests
during functions is un-professional and unacceptable. Smelling smoke on an entertainer is unpleasant to those that don’t smoke.
Consider quitting, imagine the amount of money you will save and the benefit to your health!

19. Flirtation is part of our job. Hitting on the ladies (Gentlemen) is not. Asking for phone numbers or inappropriate touching is
unacceptable! Approach the line, but do not cross it.

20. Use appropriate language at all times.

21. Be appropriately dressed at all times. Discuss appropriate attire with the client in advance.

22. Don’t compromise your safety, or security, or that of our clients, at any time. Under no circumstances should anybody at the party
assist you with the load-in, set-up, breakdown, or removal of your equipment.

23. Do not accept situations when a list of songs or timeline is provided from which you may not deviate or that you may not at least
accept requests from guests. If you cannot reason with the client and they insist that you adhere to a predetermined schedule/list of
songs, they should be referred to Tidewater DJs staff for appropriate action.

24. Once you have agreed upon a program or schedule of events, do not deviate without first checking with the client. If changes are
made, ensure that you communicate and coordinate with other vendors (photographer/caterer/hotel staff/etc)! Communication is vital to
the success of the event.

25. Part of our job is saying “No” to certain songs that are inappropriate. This applies to events where children or adults are present.
We promote clean, radio edited music. Take the time to screen your music and know what is and is not acceptable. Communicate with
the client prior to the event so you understand what is acceptable and what is not. If a song is requested that you are not sure about,
error on the side of not playing it until you have had a chance to preview what it is. Do not give into peer pressure, stick to your guns
and what you have agreed upon with the client.

26. Don't cut corners where ethics are concerned. "When in doubt,....don't".

27. If someone brings their own CD, don’t play it without being absolutely sure of it's content and it's place within the approved format.
If at all possible, screen the music with an independent player. There is nothing more unprofessional than playing inappropriate music.
Remember, you have the final say in this situation, be absolutely sure!

28. Don’t "badmouth" other companies, DJ's, Venues, or other event staff. Instead, focus upon your strengths within our company and
our vision for making the event a success.

29. One must eat to survive. If you are offered food, take it back to your booth or out of the room. Some clients will insist you join
them, other functions will have lots of empty seats. Read each situation as a professional.

30. Do not sit while performing. The exception would be a marathon gig lasting more than six(6) hours.

31. Never leave your station for extended periods of time. Bathroom breaks are understandable, but make sure you are near your
equipment in the event something goes wrong or the client needs an announcement made. We expect you to mingle with the crowd,
just don’t forget that you are there to provide a service!

32. Don’t use your cellular phone unless it’s an emergency. Turn it off or on vibrate during the event.
33. Remember to take care of your family, it is hard to concentrate on your work if there are problems at home. Communicate with your
spouse or significant other, help them understand what you are doing and how beneficial it is to your family. On that note, do not bring
family or friends to your gig, especially children. The only exception to this would be if you were bringing an assistant to help you load
in/out your gear.

34. If you have any questions or need recommendations about what type of gear to buy, we can assist you. Do not think you are an
Island, we are all here to help. Our goal is to help you have a successful career as an affiliate Disc Jockey with Tidewater DJs!

35. Please Do not forget to thank the clients.

36. Tidewater DJs must file federal income tax form 1099 with the IRS at the end of the year for each affiliate Disc Jockey that earns
more than $600. The 1099 Federal Tax Form states the amount paid to an affiliate Disc Jockey by the company during that year. On
that note Save money, the tax man cometh.

                                     If you agree with the items above, fill out the information below.

                                                  Welcome to The Tidewater DJs Team.

Name (First/Middle/Last): ________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

City: ______________________________________________

State Zip: __________________________________________

Home Phone #(including area code): _____________________

Cell #(including area code): _____________________________

Work #(including area code): ____________________________

Social Security Number (for tax purposes): ________________________ or EIN: _________________

Date of Birth (month/day/year): ___________________

Years DJing experience: _______________________              What company(s)?____________________

Specialties (types of music, preferred venues, etc): _________________________________________



Background information Your willing to share: ______________________________________________


Signature: ________________________________               Date:_________________________________

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