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					Computer Aided Dispatch,
  Records Management
   and Mobile Solution

     Law Enforcement and
    Public Safety of Kentucky
  • Welcome / Introductions

  • Conference Purpose

  • Overviews of RFP by Section
     with responses to submitted

  • Question and Answer

Conference Purpose
  To communicate the intent, scope,
  and concepts of the RFP via
  presentation and question & answer
The RFP Sections
 •Section 10   -   Administrative Overview
 •Section 20   -   Background
 •Section 30   -   Scope of Work and Requirements
 •Section 40   -   Terms and Conditions of a Contract
                   with the Commonwealth of Kentucky
 •Section 50   -   Procurement Process & Requirements
 •Section 60   -   Technical Proposal Evaluation
 •Section 70   -   Cost Proposal Evaluation
 •Section 80   -   Oral Presentations/Demonstrations/
                   References/Site Visit Evaluations
 •Section 90 -     Negotiations
 •Section 100 -    Ranking of Proposals/Award of Contract
Section 10:
Administrative Overview
  Section Objective

     • To convey the purpose of the RFP,
       and the administrative response

  Section Highlights

     • RFP Purpose
     • Comparison of RFP and SASR scope
     • Schedule of Activities
     • Submission Logistics
Section 20: Background
  Section Objective

     • To convey information about the
       current situation

  Section Highlights

     • Definition of Terms & Acronyms
     • Project Overview
     • Statistics and Facts of Current Situation
     • Strengths & Weakness of Current
       Situation to convey the purpose of the
       RFP, and the administrative response
  Open Portal Vision

     • Enterprise Data and Document Capture
       and Input Component
     • Enterprise Repository for Data from KSP
     • Enterprise Repository for Structured and
       Related Documents
     • Enterprise Application for the Creation
       of Data Extracts & Reports
     • Thin & Thick-Client Access to KSP Data
       and Documents for Authenticated &
       Authorized Users
  Software Structure

  • Integrate Document Management (Imaging,
    Document Management, Workflow): FileNET
    Panagon Software, Version 3.1
  • OCR/ICR/Data Extraction/High-Speed Data
    Entry: Captiva Software, Version 4.2
  • Relational Database: Oracle Server Software,
    Version 9i
  • Quality Control & Workflow Application:
    Intelligent Document Management Solutions,
    Inc. (IDMS)
  • Electronic Wizard-Based Input Component:
    Intelligent Document Management Solutions,
    Inc. (IDMS)
Open Portal Components

  • Scanning of Paper Documents: FileNET Panagon Capture
  • Optical Character Recognition/Data
    Extraction: Captiva FormWare Software (IPP, FormID,
    Barcode Recognition, Character and Marksense
  • High-Speed Data Entry: Captiva Completion
  • Electronic Wizard-Based Submission Component: IDMS
  • Quality Control Component: IDMS Validation Module/
    Business Edits
  • Simple and Advanced Web Queries to Data & Images:
  • Extract and Report Components for the Dissemination of
    Accurate Data: IDMS
    Open Portal Components - Capture

                         Paper Reports


Paper Reports   Kodak Scanner                               Captiva Data Entry PC   E-Wizard Application

                                FileNET & Captiva Servers

                  Import Component (into the CRASH Database)

                IDMS Data Validation/Quality Control Component

Storage of Documents & Data in Enterprise Repositories (FileNET & Oracle)
Open Portal Components - Quality Control
Open Portal Components - Simple & Advanced
Open Portal Components - Reports & Extracts
Open Portal Applications

   • CRASH (Collision Reporting & Analysis for
     Safer Highways)
   • E-CRASH
   • CCDW (Carry Concealed Deadly Weapons)
   • KSP Citations
   • Uniform Offense Reports
   • E-CRIME Application
Modus Operandi
 Investigative Tool
 • Officers have the ability to search database for
   similar crimes

 Non-Statistical Data

 Crime Types
 • Murder
 • Sex Crimes
 • Robbery
 • Burglary
 • Auto Theft
 • Arson
Kentucky Incident
Based Reporting
 Includes 53 FBI Elements and 17 Kentucky
 Required Elements

 Kentucky Elements are More Specific
 • Location (Address, Geographic Coordinates)
 • School Violence
 • Current Drug Problems (Oxy Contin)
 • Administrative
 • Domestic Violence
Section 30: Scope of
Work and Requirements
 Section Objective
 • To set forth the the requirements and capabilities
   that comprise the scope of this RFP

 Section Highlights
 • Project Purpose
 • Project Objectives
 • Functional Narratives
 • Functional Requirements
 • Vendor Scope of Work
 • Business Profile & Reference Requirements
 • Technology Approach Requirements
 • Project Plan Requirements
Section 40: Terms and
 Section Objective
 • To set forth the contractual terms and conditions
   of this procurement

 Section Highlights
 • Change Process
 • Term and renewal of contract
 • Time Period for Payment
 • Subcontractors
 • Disclosure of Financial Records
 • Rights and Remedies
 • Provisions for Contract Termination
Section 50: Procurement
Process & Requirements
 Section Objective
 • To describe the process and rules of this

 Section Highlights
 • Rights of Rejection
 • Best and Final Offers
 • Acceptance of Proposals
 • Protests
 • Proposal Submission Requirements
 • Format of Technical Proposal
 • Cost Proposal
Section 60: Technical
Proposal Evaluation
 Section Objective
 • To describe the process of technical
   proposal evaluation

 Section Highlights
 • Evaluation Criteria
 • Evaluation Phases
 • Mandatory Components
 • How Points are Awarded
 • Technical Scoring Criteria
Section 70: Cost Proposal

 Section Objective

 • To describe the process of cost
   proposal evaluation

 Section Highlights

 • Evaluation Criteria
 • How Points are Awarded
 • “Submit under separate cover”
Section 80: Presentation,
Site Visit and Reference
 Section Objective

 • To describe the process of the evaluation of
   vendor demonstrations, customer site visits
   and references.

 Section Highlights

 • Rights to Reject
 • How Points are Awarded
Section 90: Negotiations

  Section Objective

  • To identify potential negotiation items

  Section Highlights

  • Items to be Negotiated
Section 100: Ranking of
Proposal and Award
  Section Objective

  • To identify evaluation criteria and
    associated points

  Section Highlights

  • Total Points Possible
Conference Close
 Next Steps and Timeline

    May 31, 2002
      • Vendor questions #2 due to
        Commissioner Speer

    June 7,2002
      • Response to questions from vendors
        conference and questions #2

   June 28, 2002
      • SW RFP responses due by 4:30PM

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