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									                   2003 INNOVATIONS AWARDS PROGRAM
                                   Application Form

                                                      ID #: ________________
                                                      Category: Infrastructure and
                                                      State:     Missouri

1. Program Name

   Consolidated Internet Business Tax Registration

2. Administering Agency

   Missouri Department of Revenue
   Missouri Department of Labor & Industrial Relations

3. Contact Person (Name & Title)

   Dave Zanone, Manager Sales/Use Tax, Missouri Department of
   Revenue/Division of Taxation and Collection

   Cindy Guthrie, Chief of Employer Contributions, Missouri Department of
   Labor & Industrial Relations/Division of Employment Security

4. Address

   Dave Zanone
   Division of Taxation and Collection
   P O Box 629
   Jefferson City Mo 65105

   Cindy Guthrie
   Division of Employment Security
   P O Box 59
   Jefferson City Mo 65104

5. Telephone Number

   Dave Zanone      573-751-4906
   Cindy Guthrie    573-751-3329

6. FAX Number

                                                                                 - - 1
   Dave Zanone       573-751-7273
   Cindy Guthrie     573-751-7483

7. E-mail Address

8. Please provide a two-sentence description of the program.

   The Missouri Department of Revenue, Division of Taxation and Collection and
   Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Division of
   Employment Security developed a combined Internet registration process
   allowing individuals and companies that conduct business or employ workers in
   Missouri to register with both agencies at one time. One application can be
   completed on-line to register taxpayers for the following taxes: retail sales tax;
   withholding tax; unemployment tax; corporate/franchise tax; consumer’s use
   tax; and vendor’s use tax.

9. How long has this program been operational (month and year)?

   This program was implemented in March of 2002.

10. Why was the program created? (What problem[s] or issue[s] was it designed to
   Before this project, a business with employees had to complete two paper
   registration applications and submit them separately to the Department of
   Labor and Industrial Relations and the Department of Revenue. The
   information requested by each agency is virtually the same, yet every employer
   had to complete both (nearly identical) applications. This resulted in a
   redundancy of effort on the Missouri employer’s part, costing that employer
   time and money to secure proper registrations with each agency. As a result, the
   Division of Taxation management saw this as an opportunity for both agencies
   to develop a single registration process that would have a positive impact on
   their customers. It was obvious that such duplication was time consuming,
   complicated and unnecessary for Missouri businesses.
    The Division of Taxation management and Division of Employment Security
   management formed the team to simplify registration for customers needing to
   register with both agencies. The team determined that the best way to improve
   our customer service was to develop an Internet based registration in which a
   business can enter information once, resulting in a registration with both

                                                                                   - - 2
11. Describe the specific activities and operations of the program in chronological order.

   March 1999 – Began planning and reconciling the two agencies’ processes
   November 2000 - Began working on procedures
   February 2001 – Programmers began mentoring with IBM to learn web-
                     programming skills
   March 2001 – Began Internet design
   April 2001- Finalized Internet project plan
   June 2001 – Finalized Internet pages
   August 2001 – Began Internet testing
   February 2002 – Trained agencies staff members
   March 2002 – Internet application became available to public

12. Why is the program a new and creative approach or method?

   The Consolidated Internet Business Tax Registration application is a win-win
   program for both agencies and the business user.

   Each agency saves mailing cost and staff time because the entire registration
   process is streamlined. However, the largest benefit this program provides is
   customer service. New businesses have a fast, easy and convenient way to
   register for their tax identification numbers.

13. What were the program’s start-up costs? (Provide detail about specific purchases for
    this program, staffing needs and other financial expenditures, as well as existing
    materials, technology and staff already in place.)

   The initial start-up costs for this program were approximately $220,000.

   Software purchases to develop the program included Websphere, Visual Age for
   Java and Dreamweaver.

   The existing programming staff was unfamiliar with Internet software tools so
   the decision was made to send the programmers to IBM Immersion training.
   The programmers attended three one-week courses titled: Object Oriented
   Programming, Visual Age for Java and JSPs and Servlets. After the classes
   were completed, the IBM instructor worked with the programmers to help with
   a portion of the Consolidated Internet Business Tax Registration program.

14. What are the program’s annual operational costs?

   The annual operational costs for this program are approximately $600.

                                                                                       - - 3
15. How is the program funded?

   The funding to operate the program is absorbed into each agency’s operating

16. Did this program require the passage of legislation, executive order or regulations? If
    YES, please indicate the citation number.


17. What equipment, technology and software are used to operate and administer this

   Websphere and mainframe technologies are used to operate this program.

18. To the best of your knowledge, did this program originate in your state? If YES,
    please indicate the innovator’s name, present address and telephone number.


19. Are you aware of similar programs in other states? If YES, which ones and how does
    this program differ?


   We do know there are other states that have some type of a consolidated
   registration process. However, we have not analyzed how their programs work
   or differ from ours.

20. Has the program been fully implemented? If NO, what actions remain to be taken?

   The Consolidated Internet Business Tax Registration program has been fully
   implemented. However, there are additional phases and enhancements that the
   team will continue to develop to improve its registration products for its
   customers. For instance, the IRS is developing an Internet FEIN assignment
   process and we are looking to link to that site so taxpayers may obtain a Federal
   Employer Identification Number while registering with the Department of
   Revenue and Department of Labor and Industrial Relations. Also, because some
   businesses are more comfortable completing a paper application, we are
   developing a joint paper application process, mirroring our team effort in the
   virtual world.

21. Briefly evaluate (pro and con) the program’s effectiveness in addressing the defined
    problem[s] or issue[s]. Provide tangible examples.

                                                                                       - - 4
   The team determined the best way to measure the effectiveness of the
   Consolidated Internet Business Tax Registration program is through usage.
   Through March of 2003, over 3,000 customers have registered their businesses
   using the program. This represents 17% of the total applications filed with the
   Department of Revenue’s Central Registration Section and 7% of applications
   filed with the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Division of
   Employment Security.

   Both agencies, the Missouri Department of Revenue and the Missouri
   Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, have saved staff processing time
   of over 450 hours. Business users have saved over $2,200 in mailing cost because
   they did not have to complete and mail two separate paper applications.

22. How has the program grown and/or changed since its inception?

   This program originally started as a two-phased project: phase one being the
   Internet registration program (complete); phase two being a combined paper
   application process (planning stage).

   We expect future expansion with the IRS and other Missouri state agencies.

23. What limitations or obstacles might other states expect to encounter if they attempt to
    adopt this program?

   The laws underlying each agency’s processes are very different. It took a great
   deal of teamwork to reconcile those differences and develop a seamless
   application that not only met both agencies’ needs, but more importantly served
   the needs of the customers.

   Team members from each agency had to be willing to put aside internal
   preferences and have the authority to change their respective agency’s
   procedures for the good of the project.

Add space as appropriate to this form. When complete, return to:
CSG Innovations Awards 2003
The Council of State Governments
2760 Research Park Drive, P.O. Box 11910
Lexington, KY 40578-1910

DEADLINE: All original applications must be postmarked or e-mailed by April 11,
2003, to be considered for an Innovations Award for 2003.

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