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									                         VFW MISSOURIAN
                                        January 2011 Edition

                                                                                                   Robert Wonnell
                                                                                                  State Commander

                                                                                                    Charlotte Jones
                                                                                              State Ladies Aux.President

Inside this edition:
Page   #1 -    Past Commander-in-Chief bio and State Commander message
Page   #2 -    Letters from the State Commander and Line Officers.
Page   #3 -    Letters from Past State Commander, Surgeon, Bio on new Assistant Service Officer
Page   #4 -    Candidates for State Surgeon & Message from Foundation Chairman
Page   #5 -    Ladies Auxiliary page.
Page   #6 -    Veterans Day at the Capital schedule
Page   #7 -    Partners in Veteran Service program and Veteran Service Articles.
Page   #8 -    Press Release on Tornado relief support at Fort Leonard Wood.
Page   #9 -    Eulogy, Past State Commander Rober Newell & Post Dispatch Article on VFW
Page   #10-    Scouting Program details.
Page   #11-    Scouting Program continued.
Page   #12-    Scouting Program continued, WWII Europe trip & message from POW/MIA Chairman
 VFW Missourian January 2011 pg. 1
  Thomas T. Tradewell, Sr., Past Commander-in-Chief of the Veterans of Foreign Wars to be
  National Representative at the Council of Administration and Voice of Democracy, Patriot’s
        Pen and Teacher Banquet in February

                                                                                             Robert Wonell
                                                                                           State Commander
                                                                                       Commanders Message
              Thomas T. Tradewell, Sr.                      It is with a heavy heart that we have to endure the passing of Past State
          Commander-in-Chief 2009-2010                      Commander Robert E. Newell. Bob was a true Comrade of our VFW
    Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States           Team and has continually supported every State Commander to the best
                                                            of his ability through the years. Bob will be missed for a long time to
Thomas Tradewell was elected Commander-in-Chief of          We are also enduring the health problems of another true Comrade, Past
the Veterans of Foreign Wars on August 20, 2009, at the     State Commander Don Watts continues his stay in the hospital and he and
VFW 110th national convention, held in Phoenix, Ariz.       his family are continually on our minds.

Tradewell served in the U. S. Army from 1966-1968 and       Please keep these Comrades and their families in your hearts and
earned VFW eligibility while serving with B Company         prayers.
26th Engineers 198th Light Infantry Brigade (Americal
Division) in South Vietnam as a demolition specialist.      Let's talk about membership. To date, the Department of Missouri is at
His decorations include the Vietnam Service Medal,          34,312 + in membership. We have 4,715 to go just to hit last years' num-
Vietnam Campaign Medal, Purple Heart and Good               bers. Are you doing your job?
Conduct Medal.
                                                            We still have approximately 290,000 prospective members available to us
Tradewell joined the VFW in 1968 at Post 6498 in            within the state of Missouri. This means that our next door neighbor, the
Milwaukee where he is a Life Member. He has served          postal person, the milk man and even the news paper delivery person may
in elected and appointed positions at the Post, District    be potential members. We must do everything that we can at the Post
and Department (state) levels culminating with his elec-    and District level to bolster our membership. We must put away the old
tion as Department Commander 1999-2000. He served           theory of paying for membership at the end of the year and replace that
as national inspector general in 2001-2002. He also         theory with new members and keeping the members we have already
served as the District 11 National Council representative   brought on to our team.
for members from the Departments of Wisconsin and
Iowa in 2003-2005.                                          Membership from July to December is a time to get all current members to
                                                            pay their dues coupled with some recruiting at Veterans Benefit Fairs and
Tradewell earned an associate's degree in industrial        Post Service Officer Events. After January our membership should be at
safety.                                                     100%. We need to go into our recruiting new members mode January
                                                            through June. Membership is not a January, February, March and April
Tradewell retired from Briggs and Stratton in 1998 as a     thing, it's an all year thing. We must start by putting together a strong
Metallurgy Laboratory Technician after 30 years of serv-    membership team at the Post level. Post Commanders elected in April
ice.                                                        should form their membership teams and be ready to hit the ground run-
                                                            ning July 1st. We must hold monthly meetings to develop a recruiting
He is a member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart,   program and goals that will work within our communities. You should
Military Order of the Cootie, American Legion, Disabled     have at least one recruiting event monthly at the Post and District level
American Veterans, Vietnam Veterans of America and          and be available to attend fairs, events, carnivals, church functions or any
Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.                     place at all that a crowd could gather.

Tradewell married Sharon in 1966 and they make their        If membership is not important to you and you are a Post or District officer,
home in Sussex, Wis.                                        you need to let someone in your Post or District have your job who under-
                                                            stands that membership is the life blood of any organization including the
                                                            (Continued on page # 8)
Vfw Missourian August 2011 pg. 2

      Olin Parks, Sr. Vice Commander                 Phil Pippin, Jr. Vice Commander            Jessie L. Jones, Adjutant/Quartermaster

Comrades and Friends:                          Comrades,                                     Hello Comrades:

As we face the challenges of a New Year,       Another year has past, Thanks for all you       I would also like to thank the many posts
we need to assess our strengths and            do to make this a great veterans organiza-    and Ladies Auxiliaries that donated to our
weaknesses. Focusing on our strengths,         tion. Please, I’m asking everyone to          Veteran Service Officer program. A special
and working with that format, allows us to     recruit new members. Just think, if every-    “thank you” goes out to the Posts that are
accomplish our goals.                          one would just recruit one new member,        supporting the mission of the VFW and
Functionally we must always maintain the       we would double our membership. As you        donating $3.00 dollars per member or more.
goal of a strong and vibrant membership.       know, the state program will be ending on     We’re doing pretty good this year, but, your
Without a strong membership, we diminish       April 30th, 2011. Several programs have       support is still needed. We may have more
our opportunity to be an effective advocate    to be done. The one Jim Rippy and I will      money coming in from the state grant next
for our fellow veterans. In order to be        be judging is the Vet’s Fairs and Vet         year, but we have to make it through this
vibrant we must ascertain how our posts        Referral days. You must have four (4) vet     year to get there. I’m counting on your con-
can promote themselves within their com-       referral days or one (1) benefit fair. The    tinued support.
munities. As every community is different,     Post VSO must report to the District             Of great concern is problems with Posts I
as well as the composition of each post,       VSIO, who in turn will report to Jim Rippy    deal with on a daily basis that have moved
goals and objectives (how to get there) are    our Department VSIO Chairman. I know          toward depending on their canteen and
specific to each post. Spend some time as      all will complete this task, as we must       non-member participation to support the
fellow comrades within your post to devise     always take care and serve all veterans.      Post. Comrades, they are failing. The
action plans that grow your membership                                                       demographics are changing. We must keep
base and enhance the many programs that        Looking forward to seeing all of you at the   our Posts involved in good works in the
identify VFW members as mutually caring        Council meeting in February.                  community and provide a canteen that our
vetersns.                                                                                    members feel welcome in. We’re losing the
Catch the bug - let's work with our individ-                                                 Posts for the sake of serving the public a
ual strengths to make on e MOTIVATED,          Phil Pippin                                   cheap/loaded drink. We must get back to
ACTIVE, GROUP OF VETERANS - the                Department Jr. Vice Commander                 the purpose of the VFW and welcome our
Missouri Veterans of Foreign Wars                                                            members back in and get back to volun-
                                                                                             teerism if we are to save the Post.
Olin Parks,                                                                                     There’s no better way to promote the Post
MO Sr-Vice Commander                                                                         to members and non-members alike than to
                                                                                             publicly hold Veterans Benefit events and let
VFW Aids Soldiers in the Wake of Ft. Leonard Wood Tornado                                    them know why we were founded and who
                                                                                             we are. This will only work if we “walk the
                                                                                             talk” and move away from our dependence
                                                                                             on non-member support and ask our mem-
                                                                                             bers to renew their support. Many of our
                                                                                             members that don’t attend meetings will get
                                                                                             involved if we only ask. To often, they are
                                                                                             the one’s that feel unwelcome when they
                                                                                             come to the Post.
                                                                                                I’m looking forward to seeing you at the
                                                                                             September C of A.

                                                                                             Jessie L. Jones
                VFW Department of Missouri Commander,                                        Adjutant/Quartermaster
                Robert Wonnell, with Captain Julie Hatcher at
                the event. See Page #8 for additional details.
VFW Missourian August 2011 pg. 3

    Dave Morgan Past State Commander                  Lyle Seelinger, State Surgeon                     Robert Myers
                                                                                              Assistant Servcie Officer Popular
  "Past Commander Corner" Experience        Greetings Comrades,                                             Bluff
              (Ask Someone)                     I hope you all had a Happy Holiday sea-
                                            son. By the time you receive this
                                                                                             Meet the new Assistant Service
  Congratulations to all the Department     Missourian another year will have gone by.       Officer at Popular Bluff.
 Line Officers of year 2010-2011. We        It has been in many ways a productive
 must all listen to our people on the       year                                               Born in 1968, in the city of Hillsboro,
 ground, they are the ones who make our         Weather permitting I will soon have all of   Kansas, Robert Myers started off his mili-
 Department a success. To Commanders        the VA medical facilities and veterans           tary career in 1986 at Ft Jackson, South
 and Quartermasters and Dist.               homes in Missouri visited. As one would          Carolina as a Light Wheeled Vehicle
 Commanders, communicate with (each         suspect no surprises at the Homes on the         Mechanic. From there he has since been
 other) (share ideas) don't be afraid to    care of the residents. The homes                 assigned to various military units thru out
 ask someone. Use the experience of         are in top shape. Although they are fairly       the United States and Europe and
 someone that knows. Don't wait, MAKE       new facilities they are constantly being         Southwest Asia.
 A CALL.                                    upgraded in equipment and structures.
                                            The personnel work around the clock in             Robert has been deployed to Iraq in
                                            caring for our veterans insuring that they       support of operation Enduring Freedom in
 V.F.W. Membership Application              have the best of medical care, food and          the Sunni Triangle with the Missouri Army
                                            clean facilities. In short our comrades in the   National guard In-Lou of Military Police
 Do you have one in your wallet or in       Missouri homes have a place to live they         when he served as Forward Operating
 your possession?                           call home that is second to none.                Base Grizzly Engineer. For this action
 Do you know how to fill one out?                Although the weather this time of year      Robert was nominated for the Bronze Star.
 Do you know where you can get some?        is disagreeable for many of us, whenever
 Do you know what membership at large       you can, stop by one of the homes in your          Roberts current unit of assignment is the
 means?                                     area and say "Hi" to our brothers and sis-       1138th Medium Truck Company stationed
 Have you asked anyone lately to join?      ters.                                            at Jefferson Barracks, St Louis Missouri
 Come on lets ask somebody.                      I know money is tight at a lot of           where he serves as the Motor Sergeant.
                                            the Posts but so are budgets at the veter-
 To All the VFW Members of the Dept. of     ans' homes. If your Post can spare a few           Robert is a life time member of the Hell
 MO and all the Post and Districts and      dollars what better place to spend it than at    on Wheels chapter, Killeen, Texas, and a
 Ladies' Aux.                               one of the homes. Contact the home near-         member of the VFW Post 6477, of Poplar
                                            est you and see if there is anything that        Bluff, Missouri, and is continuing to work
 Thank You for what you do for our veter-   your Post can buy for the veterans. Many         on his degree towards a Bachelors in
 ans.                                       of the veterans in the homes do not have         Business Communications, with Colorado
                                            money to buy those extra things that would       Technical College.
     !!!! Veterans Helping Veterans !!!!    make their lives more enjoyable. A new
                                            pair of socks or robe means a lot to them.       Editor Note:
 Past Dept Commander                        It also tells them that there is still someone     Please visit Roberts office at the Popular
 Dave Morgan                                out there who cares. . Someday we may            Bluff VA Hospital and make him feel wel-
                                            be the ones in the homes and will wonder if      come. Who knows, you may have a need
                                            anyone still cares about us. After all if we     to file a claim with the VA. He has been
                                            don't look out for our fellow comrades, in or    assigned to attend District meetings in
                                            out of the homes, who will?                      District #15 and 18.

                                            (Article continued on Page # 8)
VFW Missourian August 2011 pg. 4

             Tom Hartman
                                                            Robert Eckerle                                  Tom Mundell
          Foundation Chairman
                                                    Candidate for Surgeon 2011-1012                Candidate for Surgeon 2011-2012
   The calendar year has come to an end, but
the promise we made as an organization to          Greetings Comrades;                              I strive each day to enhance the image
help our Veterans and their families never                                                        of the Veterans of Foreign Wars in our
does. Your Missouri Veterans Foundation has        I trust the holiday season has been enjoy-     State. If elected Surgeon, I will maintain
been very active at reviewing and granting         able by all, as we look forward to yet         the focus for our Veterans to have the
requests for needed assistance. As always, it      another New Year. My wife, Linda, and I        best hospitals and doctors possible.
is our desire to help all that come to us for      have worked hard these many years with         Continuing the vigilant watchful eye of
help. Unfortunately that is not possible.          the VFW and supporting our community           the treatment, care, hospitalization,
   Our task is to find funding for the programs    through VFW efforts at our Post and            assisted living, and Nursing home Care
the Foundation supports. The Missouri              District.                                      in our Veteran Administration Hospitals
Veterans Foundation is committed to improv-                                                       and Veteran Homes. Visiting each of
ing the live of Veterans, their families and the   I come to you once again as a candidate        these and communicating back to the
communities in which they live and work. To        for State Surgeon. I will forgo detailing my   Department, District Officers and our
be successful, we need your help! With your        credentials here as I attended most of         membership the advances that were
donation we can give back to those that have       your District Meetings this last year and I    made and the needs of the hospitals,
given so much.                                     will attempt to follow-up with many of you     homes, patients, and residents.
   If you would like to help support these pro-    again this year.                                  We must help guide our Veterans and
grams send your donation to:                                                                      the entire community, to develop a thor-
Missouri Veterans Foundation                   I am a strong advocate of the Veterans             ough understanding of our programs,
2420 Hyde Park Ste.C PO. Box 26                Service Officer program and the VFW                and what we precisely stand for.
Jefferson City, Mo.65102                       motto of "Veterans Helping Veterans". I            Reaching out to our youth through the
                                               believe the Department of Missouri's lead-         VFW Patriots Pen and Voice of
           RED WAGON RAFFLE                    ership must continue the greatness that            Democracy Essay Scholarship Programs
    The Missouri Veterans Foundation is con- we have accomplished by supporting all               strengthens Patriotism.
ducting a fundraising raffle for any and all   that we do and a little more. I believe in            We must recognize the Teachers that
who would like to participate. Copies of tick- leadership by setting the example and the          emphasize the importance of Veterans
ets are attached, which may be printed and     sharing of leadership, by seeking out              and the important role they played in
sold. A list of items included with the RED    those that want to further our great organi-       shaping America to be what it is today.
WAGON RAFFLE and tickets will be posted        zation and of knowing our resources to             Never forgetting the Combatants that
on the VFW website in the next few days.       make it happen. Keeping us strong by               have made the Ultimate Sacrifice, or
The raffle will run from Date of announce-     supporting the programs that are dear to           those held as Prisoners of War, or is
ment (TODAY) and end at the February C of all of us will be my priority. I will attempt           Missing in Action. These Warrior's must
A (February 4th-6th). Winning ticket will be   to further the awareness of communica-             be in the forefront of our message to all
drawn on February 5th at 2:30 pm.              tion to the public of what we really are and       Americans. Veterans in the Veteran
Please make copies of tickets, cut, and put    what we stand for within our community as          Homes and Hospitals should not only be
into proper packs. Sell at your Bingo ses-     I move up the chairs.                              in our prayers, but we must stand togeth-
sions. Ask your friends or neighbors, anyone                                                      er, visit them, and give them our time, so
can participate. Cost will be ($1.00ea. 6 for  I look forward to seeing you at the CofA in        they know they are not forgotten.
$5.00 or 15 for $10.00).                       February when we honor our youth of                   We must make sure that our Women
Help the Foundation so the Foundation can      today, which will be our leaders of tomor-         Veterans are cared for and given the
help those that need us.                       row during the Voice of Democracy,                 respect that they earned and deserve.
Return money and tickets to:                   Patriots Pen and Teachers Award ban-               We must stand together as Veterans,
Missouri Veterans Foundation                   quet.                                              using our talents to make sure that every
2420 Hyde Park Ste. C                                                                             Veteran has the opportunity to access all
P.O. Box 26                                    In Comradeship;                                    the benefits that they have earned.
Jefferson City, Mo. 65102                      Robert Eckerle
Any post or individual that sells $100.00                                                   (Continued on Page # 8)
or more will be awarded 25% of total sale
that they made. Anyone can sell & anyone
can buy.
VFW Missourian August 2011 pg. 5                                         LADIES AUXILIARY PAGE

                                         I hope each and every one of you had a won-
                                         derful Holiday season, with your friends and

                                         It is now time to get back to work on our goals
                                         for this year, I know we can meet our goals if
                                         notsurpass all of them. One of our Primary
                                         goals for this year is membership. I know each
                                         andevery one of us know someone who is not
                                         a member but is eligible. Please contact this
                                         person,it can't hurt and you may have yourself
                                         a new member.I have been very busy since the
                                         last General Orders and have had a wonderful
                                         time, let me give you a brief outline of where I
                                         have been. I have visited District 1, District 7,
         Charlotte Jones
                                         and District 18,thanks to all of you for the hos-
 State Ladies Auxiliary .President                                                           LEANNE LEMLEY, West Point, Iowa
                                         pitality you have shown me.
                                                                                             NATIONAL JUNIOR VICE-PRESIDENT
Each one of the Auxiliaries in theseDistricts are making a Difference in the lives of our
                                                                                             Leanne Lemley of West Point, Iowa, was
Veterans, their families and theircommunities, keep up the good work ladies.
                                                                                           elected National Junior Vice-President of the
                                                                                           Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign
I have attended the Big Ten Conference inColumbus, Ohio, Membership Chairman,
                                                                                           Wars (VFW) of the United States at its 97th
Jackie Jones; I would like to tell you what a great jobyou did, with the membership skit,
                                                                                           National Convention in Indianapolis,
specialty cooks (Commander Bob Wonnell andQuartermaster Jessie Jones) were and
                                                                                           Indiana, on August 26, 2010.
unexpected delight.
                                                                                           She is now in the fourth of five offices lead-
                                                                                           ing to the National Presidency, which she is
The Halloween Party at the VFW National Home for Children in Eaton Rapids, Mi.,
                                                                                           expected to hold in 2012-2013.
what a wonderful and exciting trip this was. If you have never visited the National
                                                                                             A member of Hartman-Dawson Auxiliary
Home, you have missed an experience that you will never forget.
                                                                                           #1805 in Fort Madison, she started her par-
                                                                                           ticipation in the organization in 1964 on the
I have been there four times and each time I leave amazed at what is accomplished at
                                                                                           eligibility of her father who served in the
our National Home with your donations. The 124 birthday celebration of the Statue Of
                                                                                           U.S. Navy Seabees during World War II.
Liberty, what a honor to be a part of, thank you to all of the ladies of the Department
                                                                                           Her family has always been very involved in
Missouri who made this possible for me to attend. Thanks to Brenda Bryant and Thea
                                                                                           the VFW and Ladies Auxiliary, with her
Warblow for going and carrying the Flags and for Donna Cartner for taking the pictures.
                                                                                           brother a VFW life member with Vietnam eli-
                                                                                           gibility, a son and stepson VFW members
I had the opportunity in October and November to visit the Mount Vernon Veterans
                                                                                           with Iraq eligibility and two daughters-in-law
Home and the CBOC there, the MO Veterans Home in St, Louis, St James Veteran's
                                                                                           and two granddaughters as Ladies Auxiliary
Home, and Veterans Hospital in Fayetteville, AK, John Cochran Veteran's Hospital and
the Jefferson Barracks Hospital at Jefferson Barracks. I was also given a tour of the
                                                                                             She has served as Auxiliary President,
new Fisher House at Jefferson Barracks; if you get a chance go see it for yourself I
                                                                                           District President, 1993-94 State President,
cannot explain how nice it is. I would like to thank all the VAVS Reps., Deputies' and
                                                                                           and as National Chairman for the Big Ten
Veterans Home Reps., you are doing a great job to make sure our Veterans are given
                                                                                           Conference on the VFW-PAC, Safety,
the respect and services they deserve. The one thing they are short of at all the
                                                                                           Rehabilitation (currently known as Veterans
Veterans Hospitals and Homes is volunteers, if you have some time to spare and live
                                                                                           & Family Support), Buddy Poppy, Junior
near a Veterans Hospital or Home, donate a few hours of your time, you will be reward-
                                                                                           Girls and Americanism programs. From
ed in so many different ways.
                                                                                           1997-99 she served on the National Council
                                                                                           of Administration representing Iowa and
The Council of Administration & Voice of Democracy Banquet will be held February 4-6
at the Capitol Plaza in Jefferson City. The announcement of our Patriots Pen and Voice
                                                                                             She is a graduate of the Burlington
of Democracy winners is the highlight of the year. What a joy it will be to meet and visit
                                                                                           Business College and has worked in
with all our District winners, not to mention the anticipation of the announcement of the
                                                                                           accounting and office management for ADM
Department winners. Our National Representative for that weekend will be the National
                                                                                           Elevator, Sweetheart Bakery, Peter Pan
Jr. Vice President Leanne Lemley from Iowa. We will be having reception in her honor
                                                                                           Bakery and Aldi Incorporated. Leanne also
at 9:00 Friday evening, please come and get acquainted with her; I know she would
                                                                                           served in the Boy Scouts of America organi-
love to meet you.
                                                                                           zation in various leadership positions for 20
Thanks to all of you for all that you do for our Veterans, their families and our communi-
                                                                                             She and her husband, Ivan, are both
Charlotte Jones                                                                            retired. Leanne enjoys gardening, reading,
President LAVFW                                                                            cooking, sewing, line dancing, working on
                                                                                           the computer and volunteering for her local
                                                                                           senior center as well as for her VFW Post.
                                                                                           The Lemley family includes four sons, eight
                                                                                           grandchildren and one great-grandson.
VFW Missourian August 2011 pg. 6

                                “VETERANS DAY AT THE CAPITOL”
                                    MAVO LEGISLATIVE DAYS

                                        January 31, 2011, Monday

                                                      10:00 A.M.

                      Missouri Veterans Commission (MVC) 1st Floor State Board of Edu. Room
                                  Jefferson State Office Building, Jefferson City, MO

                                                       1:30 P.M.

                      Missouri Association of Veterans Organizations (MAVO) Meeting, Room 400
                                      Truman Office Building, Jefferson City, MO

                                                       6:00 P.M.

                                          Legislative Reception – VFW 1003
                                     217 E. Capitol Ave., Jefferson City, MO 65101
                         Hosted by the Missouri Association of Veterans Organizations (MAVO)
                   and the Missouri Veterans Commission Foundation, Inc. (MVC Foundation, Inc.)
            Please visit your Senator and your Representative during the times between scheduled events.

                                          February 1, 2011, Tuesday
                                                   8:00 - 10:00 A.M.

                    Rolls & Coffee, – Missouri State Capitol Rotunda, 3rd Floor, Jefferson City, MO

                                                       5:00 P.M.

                       Testimony before Joint Session Senate and House Veterans Committees
                                      Missouri Capitol, 3rd Floor, Senate Loung
                                                Lunch on your own.
                                   Thank You for Attending – Please Drive Safely!

                                    Missouri Association of Veterans Organizations

MAVO is a coalition of twenty-two state-wide chartered veterans' organizations in Missouri. Through our member organi-
zations, MAVO represents 149,000 members and is an advocate representing Missouri's nearly 523,000 Veterans.

MAVO member organizations represented include the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, American
Legion, The Marine Corps League, the Military Officers Association of America, the Fleet Reserve Association, Korean
War Association of American and many more great organizations.


I’m looking forward to seeing many of you at the Capitol on January 31 and February 1st.

Jessie Jones
Chairman, MAVO
VFW Missourian August 2011 pg. 7
                                                                         Partners in Veteran Service

                                                           Become a continous donor and receive a distinctive donor pin.
                                                                       Bronze - $10.00/mo or $120.00/yr.
                                                                        Silver - $20.00/mo or $240.00/yr.
                                                                  Gold - $30.00/mo or $360.00 or more per yr.

                                                                     Pins to be awarded at the State Convention.

               Dennis F. Flynn
          Department Service Officer

                   DID YOU KNOW?                                            NOW TWO WAYS TO DONATE
                                                                                  TO THE VETERAN SERVICE
1) The Veterans of Foreign Wars was founded in 1899 for                        OFFICER PROGRAM
the purpose of assisting veterans in obtaining medical          1.                          As an Individual:
and pension benefits from the federal government?
                                                                By Credit Card monthly or one time donation (see attachment).
2) VFW Service officers file over one third (1/3) of the        The individual donor will be recognized by VFW Department.
claims filed in the St. Louis Reginal.office?
                                                                2.                     As a Post/District member:
3) VFW Service officers are successfull in obtaining over
$120,000,000 million dollars in VA benefits for Veterans in Donate directly to your Post Relief Fund on a monthly (auto-
Missouri each year?                                         mated transfer by credit card to Post Relief Fund) or one time
                                                                basis. Be sure to request that your donation be forwarded to
4) The VFW Service Officer program is funded solely             Department for the Service Officer Program and that your
through VFW Department membership dues, programs                Post/District be given credit for the donation. This donation
                                                                will used to offset the $3.00 per member.
and donations?
                                                                       Requirement for Post/District "All State" program.
5) Donations to the VFW Service Officer program are
tax-deductible to the full extent of the law?                   Submitted by: James Rippy, VSIO Chairman

                                   “VETERANS HELPING VETERANS”
                              JOIN THE “PARTNERS IN VETERAN SERVICE”
                                                       DONATION CARD
Mail to:
VFW Dept. of Missouri             I would like to support the important work of the VFW Service
P.O. Box 26                       Officers by enclosing my gift of: ( )$25 ( )$50 ( )$75 ( ) Other $__________(check enclosed)
Jefferson City Mo. 65201          Donor name:_______________________________________________
                                                                        (Please Print)
Credit Card Donation              Address:_______________________________________________________________________
Step 1: Complete Credit Card Information:
Please charge my: ( )Master card ( ) VISA ( ) AMEX ( )Discover Card No. ______________________Expiration _____/_______
Signature_____________________________ Date:_______________ Phone No. _________________ Security Code:_________

Step 2: Please choose one option:
( ) Option 1: Make a one time donation by credit card of $____________.____
( ) Option 2: Join the Partners in Veteran Service by donating the amount listed below from my credit card monthly:
             ( ) $10 per month* ( ) $20 per month ( ) $30 per month ( ) Other $____________per month.
                          *monthly minimum amount is $10, processed on the day requested of each month.
I understand payments will continue automatically each month until I notify VFW Department Headquarters of any change.
VFW Missourian August 2011 pg. 8
(Commader continued from page # 1)                                            (Surgeon continued from page # 3)

Our Veterans Service Officer program here in our state needs your dona-      At this time I want to thank all for their dedicated service
tions. Have a special Buddy Poppy drive and send the proceeds to our        not only to the VFW but also for helping your fellow vet-
Department Headquarters. If you don't understand how important this pro-    erans. The accomplishments of the VFW is unending.
gram is I say again let someone else have your job so we can do what we     We still have much work to do in the future to insure that
exist for, helping veterans.                                                our veterans are taken care of As individuals it is some-
                                                                            times hard to accomplish a goal. When we ban together
In many instances I hear from the readers and they tell me they already     as a TEAM and are persistent in our work then there is
know about these things and they are tired of hearing about it. Well guess not a limit on what we can accomplish. So let us stop
what. Every time I meet at a District meeting or many of our outlying Posts for a minute, take a deep breath, regroup and work
meetings I hear "We never knew about this or that."                         together as an organization for our veterans.
We have to keep repeating ourselves in order to get all members on board
the team.                                                                   Your Comrade

I still am finding members that never heard of our Missouri Veterans          Lyle J. Seelinger,Surgeon
Service Officer Program and have no idea what I am talking about. It is       VFW Dept. of Missouri
our job, yours and mine, to teach, talk, call, write and somehow communi-
cate with every member what our goals are. I talk to Post Commanders
                                                                              (Tom Mundell Coninued from Page # 4)
who have no idea that our membership program is at all important and
who have no membership program in place.
                                                                             making sure all the Veterans in Missouri have the oppor-
                                                                             tunity to receive the best health care, education, com-
I go to VFW Post meetings where the Post supports programs of other vet-
                                                                             pensation, and comradeship available by guiding them to
erans' organizations with thousands of dollars of donations and manpower
                                                                             our professionally trained Veterans Service Officers.
but do not support our VFW VSO program, do not purchase Buddy
                                                                                Let us develop a team of Veterans; standing together to
Poppies and do not contribute to the VFW Military Assistance Program.
                                                                             make sure every veteran continues to be all they can be.
When I ask if they have ever received any support from that organization
                                                                             This is my Pledge, to continue each and every day, set-
the response is always, "no"
                                                                             ting the example, helping our Veterans and the Veterans
                                                                             of Foreign Wars to make a successful journey into the
Of course I don't like repeating myself either but until each and every
member of the VFW Team understands our programs and their importance
I will keep doing so. I hope you will be on the team with me. After all it's
                                                                             MILITARY; United States Army. Silver Star,
true "He's not Heavy, He's my Brother, and I don't mind helping him or her.
                                                                             Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star w/V Device, Air
That's why the VFW exists. Can I count on your help? I sure hope so.
                                                                             Medal w/V Device, Army Commendation Medal w/V
I hope each of you have or had a great holiday season and honored the
                                                                             Device, and Four Purple Hearts
birth of our Christ Savior in your own way. I'm wishing each of you a great
New Year now and in many years to come.
                                                                             Veterans of Foreign Wars; Post Commander for 2
Thank you for being a devoted member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars,
                                                                             years leading Overland - St Ann Post 3944 to All
Department of Missouri, Team VFW. It is my honor to serve you this year
                                                                             American and All State Status in 2009 - 2010. Missouri
and in the future.
                                                                             State POW/MIA Chairman 2009 - 2011. 12th District
                                                                             Officer for 3 years. National Recruiter Century Award
Bob Wonnell
                                                                             2009 - 2010 (Recruited 158 Members). National Aide-de-
State Commander
                                                                             Camp 2009 - 2010.
                                                                                 In 2009, I organized the first Joint Prisoner of War,
                                                                             Missing in Action Accounting Command (JPAC) VFW
     VFW Aids Soldiers in the Wake of Ft. Leonard Wood
                                                                             Symposium in the United States. In 2010, I was instru-
     Tornado (Contnued from page # 2)                                        mental in organizing the first POW MIA Recognition
     KANSAS CITY, Mo., Jan. 5, 2011- As clean-up and recovery efforts        Ceremony and displaying the largest POW Flag on the
     continue in Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., after an EF-3 tornado tore           field, and raising the POW-MIA Flag with the American
     through the area on New Year’s Eve, the VFW has come to the aid         Flag at Busch Stadium before a St Louis Cardinal
     of service members and military families with $57,500 in emer-          Baseball Game.
     gency financial aid.                                                        I coordinated many successful Veteran Benefit Fairs. I
        According to The National Weather Service survey teams, the          gave presentations on Veterans Issues throughout
     Fort suffered the worst damage in the region from Friday’s line of      Missouri and was the Keynote Speaker at several dis-
     storms, obliterating or causing substantial damage to a number of       plays at the Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall.
     homes on the Army post.
        After hearing reports of how extensive the damage was, VFW                Veterans are the strength of the past, strength of
     Department of Missouri Adjutant Jessie Jones immediately reached          today, and they will be the strength of tomorrow, on
     out to VFW National Headquarters for assistance on behalf of sol-        both the battlefield, and later in life, in the communi-
     diers displaced by the storm. “VFW was founded on the premise of                ty. I pledge to devote my life to ensure this.
     helping veterans. There’s no greater form of support than reaching
     out to those who’ve lost their homes and need us - that’s what                    I ask for your vote at the State
     VFW is here for,” said Jones.                                                                   Convention
        The emergency grants were presented to the service members
     during a special presentation at the Army post on January 5, 2010.
VFW Missourian August 2011 pg. 9
         Robert Eugene Newell                                  St. Louis Post Dispatch, December 7, 2010, front page.
               1929-2010                                        VFW updating its image to entice younger veterans to join

Bob Newell was a native Kansan born on March          After years of declining membership, leaders of local VFW posts are working to
11, 1929 and passed from this earthly life on         update the organization's image, and their efforts have brought in a surge of
December 12, 2010. He was an Army veteran of          young troops.
the Korean War. On completion of his military
service, he enrolled at the University of Kansas      In Missouri last year, about 2,600 new members signed up, and in Illinois, the
and earned a degree in architecture. He was self-     number reached 8,000.
employed for many years in the Kansas City area,
and finally opened an office in Lee's Summit,            "A lot of people think the VFW is just a bunch of old guys sitting around getting
Missouri where he worked and lived as well.              drunk, smoking cigars and telling war stories, but we're more than that," said Tom
                                                         Mundell, 60, commander of Overland-St. Ann Veterans of Foreign Wars Post
Bob signed his application for membership in Jack 3944.
Ray Post 5789 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars on
January 15, 1980. At that time the Post was locat- Sgt. Charlie Walls, 26, of Affton, who joined Arnold Post 2593 last month, said he
ed in a two story storefront building built in 1881      was attracted to the VFW because it raises a lot of money for veterans and
and located in downtown Lee's Summit.                    includes a diverse membership, which is not always the case with other veterans
As the town grew so did the VFW Post. By 1991, organizations.
the need for a larger Post Home was obvious.
Having been elected Commander of Post 5789 for "There are young people in their mid-20s, early 30s, and the staff is very welcom-
the year of 1991-1992, Bob spearheaded the               ing, regardless of your age," said Walls, a full-time Marine recruiter, and veteran
efforts to secure a new home for the VFW. At a           of Iraq and Afghanistan. "They greet you with open arms."
special meeting of the Post held in August 1991,
the members overwhelming voted to purchase the While VFW posts always will provide camaraderie and support, leaders recognize
existing building at 329 SE Douglas Street and to that some young veterans might not smoke or drink. They know that today's vet-
transform it into a suitable site for our VFW. Once erans include a good number of women, that many are into technology, and they
possession of the building was gained, gutting of        have young children, so they want more events that are family-oriented.
the interior began, and through mostly sweat equi-
ty by the members, the building was ready for            "A lot of our young people today say, 'What can you offer us?'" said Dave
occupancy by April 1, 1992. Bob was not only             Morgan, 68, past commander of the Missouri state VFW, who is heading an effort
instrumental in purchasing the building, but was         to boost membership statewide.
also the architectural designer for the interior.
From four bare walls to the finished building took       Several posts have answered by taking steps to make their facilities more attrac-
only ninety days under the direct supervision of         tive. For instance, the post in Arnold put up a new building that provides easy
Bob Newell!                                              access to Interstate 55. Others have added Wi-Fi cafes or hosted sports leagues
                                                         or dances with live music. Some simply made an extra effort to make veterans of
As the home of Post 5789 helped to increase our Iraq and Afghanistan feel welcome by personally asking them to join.
membership, Bob's involvement in the organization
increased as well. He served as District 5               "We've got to change the way we do business, and the old guy's way of thinking,"
Commander in 1995-1996, and three years later            Morgan said. "They are starting to realize that their post does not belong to them,
served as State Commander of Missouri in 1999- it belongs to all veterans."
2000. Bob also served his Post as Quartermaster
from 2005-2007, and was Assistant Quartermaster John Colonder, 27, whose two tours of duty in Iraq with the Marines ended in
at the time of his death. He achieved All State and 2004, gave a couple of reasons for joining the VFW.
All American status as Post Commander in 1992.
                                                         "I think it's important that veterans my age and part of my generation — the Iraq
He served for several years as a member of the           and Afghanistan generation — start being active," said Colonder, of St. Charles, a
Lee's Summit Parks and Recreation Board. He              member of that city's Post 2866. "Because there's a lot at stake with our future
also served as a county committeeman for the             veterans' benefits."
Democrat Party. One of Bob's best decisions was
to marry his "child bride" Roberta, who was sup-         Colonder, a commodities broker, also said he joined for the camaraderie of other
portive of all of his endeavors. They owned farm veterans. "That's a kind of comforting thing," he said.
land in their native Kansas that served as a retreat
for them and their friends.                              Jacob Libbra, 25, of Belleville, said he's one of about 150 younger members
                                                         (who served in Afghanistan or Iraq) of the approximate 400-person VFW Post
                                                         805 in O'Fallon, Ill.
The members and friends of Bob Newell need only
to look at the building he envisioned for our VFW "It's a support group," he said.
Post to see his hand at work. The members are
grateful for our fine facility, and grateful for knowing He said he joined because VFW members, especially from the Vietnam War, can
Bob who took such an interest in the organization relate to his experiences serving in Afghanistan as an Army MP at a security
and its members.                                         checkpoint.

Submitted by Ken Davis                                (See St. Louis Post Dispatch, December 7, 2010 issue for complete article)
VFW Missourian August 2011 pg. 10

                                   Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States
                                              Department of Missouri
Charter Organization Concept

The Boy Scouts of America does not itself operate Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, Varsity Scout teams, or Venturing crews. The
Boy Scouts of America (BSA) makes Scouting available to our nation's youth by chartering community organizations to operate these
Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, Varsity Scout Teams, and Venturing Crews. The BSA thus offers chartering organizations the
opportunity to use the program as a resource for children, youth, and families within local communities. The success of the BSA can
only be assured if the Chartering Organization considers itself successful in the delivery of the Scouting program to the youth in its
local community.
 Following its incorporation in 1910 in Washington, D.C., the Boy Scouts of America became increasingly popular across the United
States. Congress recognized Scouting's potential as an educational resource and, in 1916, granted a federal charter to the Boy
Scouts of America to make the program available to boys through community organizations. Under its Congressional mandate, the
Boy Scouts of America, in turn, issues two kinds of charters:
"         One charter grants annually to a local Scouting council the authority and responsibility to provide services to community
organizations, enabling them to use the Scouting program for their young people. There are more than 300 local councils throughout
the United States. There is a council in Europe and another in the Far East.
"         The other charter is issued annually to a community organization granting it the use of the Scouting program, operated under
its own leadership, to serve the children, youth, and families for which it has a concern.
 The Boy Scouts of America is an educational resource program designed to help instill and develop ethical and moral values in
young people that will serve them throughout their lives. In fact, the purpose of the Boy Scouts of America is to provide a program that
enhances citizenship training, character development, and fitness of this country's youth.
 The success of Scouting's impact on young people can only be assured when both the chartered organization and the Boy Scouts of
America cooperate and meet their respective obligations.

Chartered organizations should understand that their assistance in delivering a quality program, which is in line with their own view-
points and interests, can help the chartering organization achieve its own objectives for the young people in the local community.
Benefits to the chartering organization include:

Your organization will provide an opportunity for youth to adopt and live by meaningful personal standards and have them as a corner-
stone for success in life. Youth in Scouting develop into leaders who have integrity, are responsible, and show reverence to their God
and respect for their country.

The chartering organization is recognized as providing a service to the community by offering a time-tested, high quality program
enriching the lives of local youth.
Today's children are tomorrow's leaders. Show the community that your organization is committed to building a better tomorrow
through the youth of today.

The chartering organization is fulfilling its mission and strengthens its community outreach.

The chartering organization has greater potential for increasing and strengthening its membership by developing more responsible
young adults in the community.

The local BSA council provides the support services necessary to help the chartered organization succeed in their use of the program.
The responsibilities of both the BSA council and the chartered group are described below.

The Chartered Organization Agrees to:

Conduct the Scouting program according to its own policies and guidelines as well as those of the Boy Scouts of America.

Include Scouting as part of its overall program for youth and families

 Appoint a chartered organization representative who is a member of the organization and will represent it to the Scouting district and
serve as a voting member of the local council.
VFW Missourian August 2011 pg. 11
 Help select a unit committee of parents and members of the chartered organization (minimum of three) who will screen and select
unit leaders who meet the organization's standards as well as the leadership standards of the BSA. (The committee chairman must
sign all leadership applications.)

 Provide safe and adequate facilities for the Scouting unit(s) to meet on a regular schedule, with time and place reserved.

The Council Agrees to:

         Respect the aims and objectives of the organization and offer the resources of Scouting to help in meeting those objectives.
Provide year-round training, service, and support to the organization and its unit(s).
   Provide training and support for the chartered organization representative as the primary communication link between the organiza-
tion and the BSA.

Provide techniques and methods for selecting quality unit leaders and then share in the approval process of those leaders. (A council
representative must sign all leader applications.)

 Provide primary general liability insurance to cover the chartered organization, its board officers, chartered organization representa-
tive, and employees against all personal liability judgments. This insurance includes attorneys' fees and court costs as well as any
judgment brought against the individual or organization. Unit leaders are covered in excess of any personal coverage they might
have, or, if there is no personal coverage, the BSA insurance immediately picks them up on a primary basis.
Provide camping facilities, service center, and a full-time professional staff to assist the organization in every way possible.

Chartered Organization Representative Responsibilities

The chartered organization representative is the direct contact between the Scouting unit and the chartering organization. This individ-
ual is also the organization's contact with Scouting's district committee and the local Scouting council. The chartered organization rep-
resentative may become a member of the district committee, and by virtue of his position is a voting member of the council. If the
chartered organization has more than one unit, one representative serves them all.
Is at least 21 years old, and agrees to abide by the tenets of the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. Possesses the moral, educational,
and emotional qualities that the Boy Scouts of America deems necessary to afford positive leadership to youth. Must be a member of
the chartering organization. Is appointed by the chartering organization to serve as its official Scouting representative and must be
registered as an adult volunteer with the BSA.
The chartered organization representative's responsibilities are to:
"         Help select the right leadership for the unit.
"         Encourage unit leaders and committee members to take training.
"         Help promote well-planned unit programs.
"         Serve as a liaison between the chartering organization, Scouting units, District and Council staffs. .
"         Help organize enough units to serve the youth population.
"         Promote the recruitment of new youth members and adult leaders.
"         See that boys transition smoothly from unit to unit.
"         Help with the annual charter renewal process.
"         Suggest Good Turns for the chartering organization.
"         Encourage the unit committee to hold meetings.
"         Cultivate organization and Scouting leaders.
"         Encourage outdoor program activities.
"         Emphasize advancement and recognition.
"         Use district help and promote the use of district staff experience and materials.
"         Implement approved unit finance policies.
"         Encourage recognition of and awards for volunteer leaders.
"         Cultivate resources within the local community to support the chartering organization.
"         Represent the chartering organization at the council level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Scouting offer religious and community organizations?

Scouting provides a fun and exciting avenue for organizations to serve their own youth and families, and also to reach others in the
community. For many groups, it provides a way to strengthen bonds with its members while sharing values with young people.

What is expected of a chartered organization when it chooses to offer Scouting?
VFW Missourian August 2010 Pg. 12
When an organization decides to offer scouting, it is issued a charter by the local council. Under the charter, the organization agrees
to provide adequate meeting facilities and quality leadership for the unit, and to appoint a chartered organization representative to
coordinate unit operations within the organization.

How much time will this require of the chartered organization?

The Boy Scouts of America encourages all chartered organizations to be involved in the activities of the Scouting unit and to incorpo-
rate the activities of the unit into the life of the organization. Like many things, what a chartered organization receives as a return from
its Scouting program is directly proportional to the effort expended in supporting that program.

Does the chartering organization have a voice in the Scouting unit?

The Scouting unit is "owned" by the chartering organization, and the unit committee is the unit's board of directors. The chartering
organization helps select the adult leadership, provides the meeting place, and determines how the program will be administered to
meet its specific aims and purposes.

What kind of support does the Boy Scouts of America provide?

The Boy Scouts of America has developed a wide variety of support literature, materials, supplies and adult training courses to help
chartered organizations, adult leaders, youth members, and parents carry out a dynamic and successful Scouting program. Your local
Council provides leadership, management, and overall direction to organizations using the Scouting program.

Can a chartered organization sponsor a Cub Scout pack and not a Boy Scout troop or Venturing crew?

The Scouting program offers something for youth of almost all ages. By providing for the various distinct programs within Scouting,
the chartered organization has an age-specific program for all its youth. It is possible to start with Cub Scouting and to grow the
Scouting program from that point on, or to offer only one portion of the program, depending upon local circumstances.

David Cartner
National Scouting Team Representative
Department of Missouri

       DEDICATION ON UTAH BEACH                         Awareness of the POW-MIA situation in the State of Missouri has
      AND ICELAND STOP OVER ARE                         reached an all time high
                                                        Thanks to the efforts of every VFW Post in Missouri. Each Post Commander
                                                        and many of their members and POW-MIA Chairman disseminated information
WWII veteran-VFW Life Member Dr. Brooks                 throughout their communities and presented POW-MIA programs.
Ranney and wife Vi from Yankton, SD will again be
escorting three WWII tours to Europe in 2011. With      Keeping every individual in our state fully aware that we do have those that are
a departure in June, July and August, all tours fea-    being held Prisoner of War and we still have thousands of our military personnel
ture Paris, the Beaches of Normandy, Reims,             that are still Missing In Action.
Patton's Grave, Battle of the Bulge area, Remagen
Bridge and a Rhine River Cruise. Heidelberg,            As of January 8th, 2011, we have 74, 163 Americans Missing In Action from
Hitler's Eagles Nest, Dachau Concentration and a        World War II. 8,007 Americans Missing in Action from the Korean War. 126
stop over with sight-seeing in Iceland are unique to    Americans Missing in Action from the Cold War. 1,693 Americans still Missing in
the August tour.                                        Action from the Vietnam War. One confirmed POW from the Persian Gulf war,
                                                        Bowe Bergdahl, from Boise Idaho is being held by Al Qaeda or Taliban
The June departure includes the many activities         Operatives possibly in Pakistan. We have numerous civilian contractors, most
planned for the 67th anniversary of D-Day where         former American military, Missing In Action in the Persian Gulf Theatre of
our WWII veterans are honored at all special cere-      Operations.
monies, including the dedication of the new muse-
um on Utah Beach.                                       There are possibly others, still lost, still held captive, tormented and suffering
                                                        unimaginably. Questions still go unanswered from the Vietnam War, Korea, and
Call the Ranneys at 605-665-3596 for a brochure.        the Persian Gulf. We must never rest nor give up the quest to return every war-
                                                        rior or have a full accounting of each lost individual. We must urge each of our
                                                        Members of Congress to establish the search for our Missing In Action and
                                                        those Held as Prisoner of War as a Single Line Item in the Defense Budget.
                                                        Fully funding JPAC, Joint Prisoner of War, Missing In Action Accounting
                                                        Commands, projects and searches for our lost Military Personnel.

                                                        Keep our Family's of our POW-MIA's in your prayers and pray for each of our
                                                        lost comrades.        Tom Mundell POW-MIA Chairman

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