A Turkey for Thanksgiving Reader's Theater by kellys3ps


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           A Turkey for Thanksgiving

Actors: Narrator, Mr. Moose, Mrs. Moose, Rabbit &
         Sheep, Porcupine, Turkey & Goat

Narrator 1: It was Thanksgiving morning. Mr. Moose helped Mrs.
Moose set the Thanksgiving table.

Mr. Moose: Sheep will sit here. He likes a chair that’s straight up
and down,

Narrator: Mr. Moose said.

Mr. Moose: Rabbit here. Porcupine here. Mr. and Mrs. Goat here.

Narrator: He smiled at his wife.

Mr. Moose: Isn’t it nice to have friends to share Thanksgiving?

Narrator: Mrs. Moose set two paper pilgrims, one at each end of the
table. She placed the paper turkey with its great fan of a tail between
the candles, and stood back.

Mr. Moose: They look good, my dear,

Narrator: Mr. Moose said. Mrs. Moose sighed.

Mrs. Moose: Yes. But I wish we had a real turkey. Everyone always
has a turkey for Thanksgiving. Everyone but us.

Narrator: Mr. Moose nuzzled Mrs. Moose’s head.

Mr. Moose: Well, that won’t do. I will go this minute and find you a
turkey for Thanksgiving.

Narrator: Mr. Moose put on his cap and went out. (pause) Mist
wandered through the bare trees. The cold made his nose water.
Rabbit poked his head from his rabbit hole.

Rabbit: Mr. Moose! Is it dinnertime?

Mr. Moose: Not quite yet. Mrs. Moose wants a turkey. I’m off to
find one.

Narrator: Rabbit joined him in three quick hops.

Rabbit: I’ll come, too.

Narrator: Moose’s warm breath hung white in front of him. Snow
crunched under his hooves and made little holes that Rabbit jumped

Rabbit: I see the Goats.

Narrator: Rabbit said. (pause) Mr. Goat raised his head and spat out
the tin can he was chewing.

Goat: Is it dinnertime?

Narrator: he called.

Mr. Moose: Not till I find a turkey.

Narrator: Mr. Moose said.

Goat: We saw one down by the river.

Narrator: Mrs. Goat told him, and Mr. Goat added,

Goat: A fat one.

Narrator: The Goats leaped down from their perch.

Goat: We’ll show you.

Narrator: Sheep was farther up the hillside, looking round as a fur
ball in his winter coat.

Sheep: Is it dinnertime?

Narrator: he bellowed

Mr. Moose: First I have to find a turkey.

Narrator: Mr. Moose bellowed back.

Sheep: There’s a turkey nest on the riverbank.

Narrator: Sheep called.

Sheep: Wait for me.

Narrator: The earth smelled of ice and moss as they crunched along.
Above them a crow hung, black as a puff of wood smoke. Porcupine
was hiding in the underbrush.

Porcupine: It’s you.

Narrator: Porcupine said and put his quills down.

Mr. Moose: We’re off to get a turkey for Mrs. Moose.

Narrator: Mr. Moose explained.

Mr. Moose: Do you want to come?

Porcupine: I’m slow.

Narrator: Porcupine said.

Porcupine: Pick me up on your way back.

Sheep: Who’d want to pick you up?

Narrator: Sheep asked, and laughed his bleat of a laugh.

Porcupine: I’ll wait.

Narrator: Porcupine told Mr. Moose. (pause) They saw Turkey’s
nest right away, and Turkey himself peering over the top of it.

Mr. Moose: Turkey! Turkey!

Narrator: Mr. Moose called in his sweetest voice.

Turkey: Aagh!

Narrator: Turkey blundered from his nest and ran. (pause) Mr.
Moose lumbered after him.

Mr. Moose: Turkey! Don’t run. We just want you for Thanksgiving

Narrator: Turkey ran faster.

Narrator: Mr. Moose saw the red and blue sheen of Turkey’s neck.
Turkey’s tail brushed crumbs of snow behind him as he tried to fly.

Goat: Too fat.

Narrator: Mr. Goat said.

Narrator: Turkey’s legs bent in the middle as he fell. Mr. Moose put
a booted hoof on his head and smiled his great, toothy smile.

Mr. Moose: I hope you don’t have other plans for Thanksgiving,

Narrator: He helped Turkey up.

Mr. Moose: My wife won’t mind that you’re too fat.

Narrator: he said.

Mr. Moose: Let’s go. It’s getting close to dinnertime.

Narrator: They marched Turkey in front.

Mr. Moose: I’m sorry about this, for I can see you don’t want to

Narrator: Mr. Moose said.

Mr. Moose: But I must insist. A promise is a promise.

Narrator: There was wreath of dried fruit on the Moose’s’ door.
Inside, the house was filled with Thanksgiving smells. Mr. Moose hid
Turkey behind him.

Mr. Moose: Look who I brought, Mrs. Moose.

Narrator: he said.

Mr. Moose: Sheep, the Goats, Rabbit, and Porcupine. And ta-da!

Narrator: He pushed Turkey around in front of him.

Mr. Moose: For you. A turkey for Thanksgiving!

Narrator: Mrs. Moose clapped her hooves.

Mrs. Moose: I’m so happy to have you, Turkey. Thank you, Mr.
Moose. Now everything’s perfect.

Sheep: Shall we sit?

Narrator: Sheep asked, heading for the straight-up-and-down chair.

Mrs. Moose: Let’s.

Narrator: Mrs. Moose pointed.

Mrs. Moose: Rabbit here. Porcupine here. Mr. and Mrs. Goat here,
and look! I brought a chair from the other room in hopes of Turkey.

Turkey: A……a chair?

Narrator: Turkey stammered.

Mrs. Moose: Right next to me.

Narrator: Mrs. Moose said.

Mrs. Moose: Light the candles, Mr. Moose.

Narrator: There were bowls of acorn and alfalfa sprouts, dried since
summer. There was willow bark and cured grasses and wild parsley.
There were pressed leaves, thin and pale as new ice on a pond.

Mrs. Moose: I hopeyou find something here to your liking, Mr.

Narrator: Mrs. Moose said.

Mrs. Moose: I wasn’t sure of your taste.

Turkey: You are so kind to worry about my taste.

Narrator: Turkey said.

Turkey: I thought you’d be worrying about how I’d taste.

Mr. Moose: Heavens, no!

Narrator: Mr. Moose smiled his big-toothed smile and filled
everyone’s cup with cold spring water.

Mr. Moose: It’s so nice to have friends around the table of

Narrator: Turkey’s wattles wobbled.

Turkey: It’s even nicer to be AT you table and ON it.

Narrator: he said.

Turkey: Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

All: Happy Thanksgiving, Turkey.


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