Newborn Cloth Diaper Review Chart

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					               Began      Stopped      Absorbenc Umbilical                Ease of   Bang for
Diaper         fitting at fitting at   y         cord friendly?   Leaks   use       the buck   Overall
                                                                                               trim fit. Easy.
                                                                                               Great daytime
               birth                                              1, then                      diaper. Tight
Lil' Joeys     9lbs       n/a          **         yes             none    *****     ***        leg elastic.
                                                                                               buttery soft.
Goodmama       birth                                                                           Absorbent.
Newborns       9lbs       n/a          ****       yes             Never   ****      *****      Gentle on legs.
Sustainableb                                                                                   most
abyish                                                                                         absorbent.
Bamboo         birth                                                                           Nighttime
fitteds        9lbs       n/a          *****      yes             Never   ****      *****      diaper.
                                                                                               bigger than
                                                                                               other nb
Little         birth                                                                           Suspect will fit
Boppers        9lbs       n/a          ***        yes             Never   ****      *****      to 15+lbs

                                                                                               elastic, fits to
Muttaqin     birth                                                                             enough for
Baby (Mutts) 9lbs         n/a          ***        yes         Never       ****      *****      long naps.
                                                  no snap
                                                  down but                                     really like fit.
                                                  long                                         probably leaked
               birth                              enough to                                    b/c needed more
Cutiepoops     9lbs       n/a          **         lay over it Yes         ****      ***        prep.
                                                  no snap
                                                  down but
Ragababe       birth                              enough to
AIO            9lbs       n/a          **         lay over it No          *****     ****       easiest to use.
                                                  no snap
                                                  down but
Ragababe 2- birth                                 enough to                                    very wide in
step size 0 9lbs          n/a          ***        lay over it No          ***       **         crotch.
                                                                                               side-snap fit
                                                                                               nicely under
                                                                                               cord. Super
Clothmopolit birth                                fits under                                   trim. No
an           9lbs    n/a      *                   cord            No      ***       *          absorbency.
             birth 8                              Yes, but        Yes,
bumGenius! lbs 8     around                       velcro can      long                         Would buy
XS           oz      11.5 lbs ****                rub             naps    *****     ***        again
              birth 8                                                           Love these
Fuzzibunz     lbs 8   around                                                    except
XS            oz      12 lbs     ****      Yes        Rarely    ****    ***     stuffing.
              birth 8                                 Yes,
              lbs 8   around               No, velcro long                      Adorable, easy
Tiny Fit      oz      12 lbs     ***       in the way naps      *****   ***     to use

                        around                         tight                    Not my fav fit
Gro Via NB    ?         11 lbs   ***       Yes         enough ****      ***     but love soaker

                                           Yes,        booster
Smartipants around around                  placing     , then                   Needs more
NB          9.5 lbs 12.5 lbs **            over stub   no      *****    **      absorbancy
              birth 8                      (didn't                              <3 These!
Ragababe      lbs 8   around               have to                              Perfect NB
NB            oz      12 lbs     *****     try)        Never! *****     ****    diaper

                                                       not                      Cute for tiny
              birth 8                                  absorb                   babes, didn't
              lbs 8   around               Yes (cord   ent                      work great for
Lil' Joey     oz      11 lbs     **        dip)        enough ****      **      us
            birth   8                      (didn't
Happy Heiny lbs 8                          have to                              Like these a
Mini        oz          still fits ****    try)        Rarely   ***     *****   lot, good value
            birth   8
Thirsties   lbs 8                                                               Absorbent and
Duo Size 1  oz          still fits *****   No          Never! ****      *****   great value
Ragababe    birth   8                                                           Prefer using
Step 2 Size lbs 8                                                               once, not like
0           oz          still fits *****   N/A         Rarely   ***     ****    AI2
            birth   8
Kissaluvs   lbs 8       around             Yes, cord                            Love! Great
Size 0      oz          12 lbs   *****     dip         Never    ****    ****    NB fitted
                                                                                These rock!
                                                                                Live on as
              birth 8                                                           inserts when
Sbish Flats   lbs 8   around                                                    they grow out
XS            oz      11 lbs     *****     Yes         Never    ***     ****    of.

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