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					Review :: Foundations
Jan 17 – Jan 21, 2011

The goal for you in the first few weeks of class is to review some basic principles and or make
sure you do not have any gaps in your knowledge on Basic Photoshop, Image Rights, Input
Output, Resolution, Scanning and Printing.

When you complete the online tutorials post final images in your blog with questions, feedback
and or comments.

There are three online tutorials for you to practice and complete along with classroom
demonstrations on how to work in AB134 and create and prepare your projects for submission.

Review, Practice :: Tutorial One :: Metaphor in Digital Imaging

You should be able to label and define Photoshop tools, commands, and palettes. Create new
files and folders.
Make adjustments to a file and save your files.

   •   Label Macintosh finder basics, SCC lab skills, and define the process of utilizing the
       computer lab environment.
   •   Create files and folders.
   •   Create new files in Photoshop.
   •   Create basic adjustments in selected areas.
   •   Understand the difference between a raster and vector file.
   •   File naming conventions.
   •   Save your file.

Review, Practice :: Tutorial Two :: Input . Know Your Rights
You should be able to demonstrate the process of finding and documenting images online that
are usable for fair use and appropriation.

   •   Identify terms and specifications of web resolution.
   •   Searching and sampling.
   •   Fair use and appropriation.
   •   Advanced search.
   •   Creative Commons.
   •   Stock Photography.
   •   Demonstrate your knowledge of resolution by downloading an image of appropriate print
       resolution following copyright practices.
Review, Read, Practice :: Tutorial Three :: Input Resolution
You should be able to describe and define input resolution through scanning. Label and define
the tools and panels of Photoshop.

   •   Understanding file resolution.
   •   Tools and panels of Photoshop.
   •   Image size, file size and resolution.
   •   Scanning.
   •   Basic adjustments.

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