; lesson 2
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lesson 2


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                                             “Helping teachers prepare for the future

Level: Intermediate
Main Aim: to introduce past perfect.
Secondary Aim: To review narrative tenses and practice collaborative writing.
Vocabulary: Money vocabulary (optional)
Materials: Teacher´s own video created with Flix time

   1) Lead in: Brainstorming
   In groups ask students to imagine a story that finishes with the following
   sentence “And that’s how (teacher’s name) lost all her money”. To make the
   task more challenging you can get sts to include vocabulary they have learnt
   in the past unit. Sts get in groups of three and, if there are computers
   available, brainstorm by using Bubbl.s (Sheet 1) to create a mind map with
   possible ideas. If you don’t have computers for every group or every student
   you can ask them to do a traditional mindmap.

   2) To practice writing: After brainstorming ideas sts are ready to write the
      story. They can do it on a piece of paper or if there are computers
      available they can use a Google Docs (Sheet 2) account to write the
      story and share it with other groups.

   3) To correct writing: Sts share their story with other groups. Each group
      underlines any mistake they have found and help correct them (using
      Google Docs or exchanging the stories).

   4) To check sts predictions: Sts watch Teacher´s video made using Flix
      time (Sheet 3). Watch the example provided.

   5) To introduce past perfect: Board the following sentence:

   “ xxx told her sister she had won the lottery” (related to the example
   video). You can adapt the sentence depending on the video you create.
   Focus on Use, Form and Time line for Past Perfect

   6) Restricted Practice:
   Online practice: http://www.englishpage.com/verbpage/verbs11.htm

   7) Freer practice (homework): Ask sts to take pictures of themselves to tell
   a story. After they do it, ask them to use Flix Time and create a story for
   other students to guess.
                                         “Helping teachers prepare for the future

Sheet 1: Bubble.us

Go to www.bubbl.us
You need to sign (for free) creating a user name and password

2) Once you sign in you´ll find it is really easy to create a mind map.
You just need to press enter and it will add a new cloud connected
to the previous one.

                                                                              Step 3:
                                      “Helping teachers prepare for the future
3) Now you can click on the label Sharing and change your options.
If you choose Read-only other users can’t include changes, if you
choose Full-edit you allow other users to change your mindmap and
if you choose No Access you are the only one who can access the
                                        “Helping teachers prepare for the future

  Sheet 2: Using Google Docs

  You need to have a Gmail email account to be able to use it. So
  remember to sign in for an account first!

2) After you sign in you’ll be directed to your Google Docs account.
You can easily find the options to create a word document, a power
point presentation, an excel spreadsheet, a form, a drawing or a
                                     “Helping teachers prepare for the future
3) After you choose an option is as easy as creating a word
document or power point presentation. You can even upload one
you have already saved in your computer.

                                                                        Share: Step 4
                                        “Helping teachers prepare for the future
4) After you create your document you need to click Share and
choose one of the following options:
a) Public on the web: anyone can have access to my document
b) Anyone with the link: You may send the link by email to each of
c) Private: only people on my list can view the document (they will
be invited to see it by email).
                                     “Helping teachers prepare for the future
Sheet 3: Flix Time

  1) Go to www.flixtime.com and create an account

  2) Click on create a new video
                                      “Helping teachers prepare for the future
3) Upload images, photos and music to include in your story:

4) You are ready to create your digital story and share it with your

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