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					Silver Spirit Booster Club

Parent Meeting

February 2, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 6:33 p.m. by Booster President Terry Kellems.

Debby read the minutes from the December 2009 meeting. The minutes were approved as read.

Treasurer report: Our checking account balance is a little over $14,000 and we have $527 in a
savings account. We ended the season with expenses exceeding our income by about $146. We
still have some outstanding band fees. Terry and Chris emphasized the need for everyone to fully
participate in the fundraisers. Terry said it makes the difference between charter or school buses
and many other choices we have to make. We need to improve our fundraising in order to buy
new uniforms and pay for new instruments.

Fundraisers: The Boston Butt/Bake Sale with the Mason’s will be in March. The Onion Sale
will be in April.

Concession Stand: Terry said the delay in getting permits is the reason the construction has not
started yet.

Photo Website: Debby urged everyone to visit the Silver Spirit photo website that has been set
up by Mike Terry. The whole season in pictures is on the website. He has done this as a
fundraiser for the band. Everyone needs to look at the pictures and hopefully buy some CD’s.

Commitment Letter: Mrs. Brown covered the 2010-2011 Commitment Letter. There are some
major changes in the attendance and conduct sections and all band students and their parents
need to read the entire Commitment Letter carefully. The signed forms at the end of the
Commitment Letter are to be returned to Mrs. Brown by April 16, 2010. Kristin also covered
important upcoming dates for Silver Spirit. Those dates will also be sent out on a separate
handout and in email. She said she would also like to do some summer mini-camps just to get a
head start on the marching season. She will get that information out as soon as possible.

Fees: Chris explained that a $100 deposit must be turned in with the signed forms by April 16,
2010. Please do not turn in a Commitment Letter without the deposit. We need the deposit to
reserve your spot in the program. Chris and Terry explained how students could use Sponsors to
pay all of their band fees and not pay anything out of pocket.

Region, All State, etc.: Mrs. Brown said we have 5 students and 2 alternatives in Region Band.
County Band is coming up soon. Concert Festival will be at the end of March. There will be a
“pre-festival” clinic at USCA on March 19 for the Symphonic Band.
Banquet: The Banquet will be on Saturday, May 8. This year we will include all band students.
We will celebrate their accomplishments too. We also hope this might encourage more students
to join Silver Spirit.

Parent Volunteers: Terry listed all the parent volunteers who will be leaving this year because
their child is a senior. Regina Brock has volunteered to be the Chairperson for the Chaperone
Committee and he is pretty sure the Kysers will oversee the Concession Stand but we need new
parent volunteers to lead the Fundraisers and Props committees. Terry asked parents to seriously
consider volunteering.

Nominations: We will take nominations for President, Vice President and Secretary at the April
meeting. Terry explained that the Treasurer is appointed by the Executive Board and Chris
Jarrell will keep that position next year. He asked everyone to consider who they think would
best suit the other positions and to ask them if they would accept the nomination. Please bring
nominations to the April meeting.

Band Class: Mrs. Brown advised that all marching band students must be in a band class. She
explained that the work on the music must take place in the classroom so they can use the field
time for marching. If parents cannot get a band class on their child’s schedule, they need to see
Mrs. Brown.

Band Jackets: Mrs. Brown said a new requirement for a band jacket will be two years in Silver
Spirit. She said there needs to be more commitment to the band to earn a jacket.

Respectfully submitted by:

Debby Bouknight

Secretary, Silver Spirit Booster Club