A chance is all I need by jrtechplanet


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									One bad day which you faced

Took away the delight and the grace

Tears took the place of shine

You know what? It wasn’t your bad day alone

In a way it was all mine

Though I promised to walk with you every mile

I failed even to make you smile

At least you should have given me a chance to try

You just had a look of mine and began to cry

Were you just waiting for me to come?

And to give cry more priority and smile to none?

You said you are angry with yourself and not with me!

You and I am the same thing and it will always be

Learn a bit of science dear

Weather one feels happy or emotional

Similar things are always directly proportional
Smile dear that’s all I need

You said you want to hear it from me

I will speak for you from dawn till dusk

You should have given me a chance today

I wanted to remove from happiness a bit of dust


“If you want me to be your shadow,

Then you have to switch on the lights first”


        WITH LOVE

    -   -Jeevs

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