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									Is The Teaching Job Right For You?

                             Teaching job may be well loved by many but only a few can be considered
                             under the said profession. It is not surprising that many love to become a
                             teacher. As such, this profession is considered noble which touches many
                             lives in the process. However, not all can be considered as teachers.

                                 Fresh teachers as we often see have that sense of spirit and enthusiasm to
start work. But after a few weeks or months they got tired and exhausted to the point of giving up.
However there are some teachers that in spite of their long stay in the profession, they are still
enthusiastic as if it is their first day of work. Does the real question here is will the teaching job be
suitable for you? Here are some questions you might want to truthfully answer.

Question 1: Are you patient? Patience is one key attitude of teachers. Not just a short one but definitely
longer than you could ever imagine. The work requires you to lecture on different students coming from
different lifestyles and backgrounds. As such, some can be noisy and hard-headed that you must be able
to address. On the other hand, it is so difficult to impose discipline on these students at it may be
harmful to your profession. Thus, the only way to cope with these disruptive students is to be patient
with their actions. Every teacher should have more than that in order to contain the situation and not to
be stressed in the process.

Question 2: Are you hard working? Teachers do not just come to class and teach the lesson and leave.
They have many responsibilities to begin with that spans even outside the classroom walls. As such they
need to prepare their lectures and the topics to be discusses. There are also documents and papers to
check most especially after an exam or two. So, what teachers should possess is that the value of hard
work to complete these tasks with the best possible results.

Question 3: Are you dedicated? Teaching involves commitment to the profession. As such there are
many aspects that you must be truly dedicated at. One would be how you value all students. To the
extent possible, never leave any student behind. To do this you must be really dedicated and spend
more hours with them at school only to achieve such objective. The only way to succeed in teaching is to
love the profession and the students you are handling.

These are worthy questions you may want to ask to determine if the teaching profession would be ideal
for you. This is a kind of reality check at the end checking if you are prepared and ready with the
demands of the job. After all, the teaching job is never easy but having the right attitude can make a

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