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					About Ken Betterton

In his newsletter, Ken will give you the benefit of his wealth of knowledge on personal
and organizational development. With two decades of experience working with
businesses, law enforcement agencies, and government organizations, Ken's deep
understanding and analysis of the dynamics of people and organizations are recognized
throughout the country for their fundamental intelligence and groundbreaking

Ken Betterton Bio:Organizations that succeed and continue to grow are those that have
leaders who can:

* build a sense of significance in the individual
* establish relationships based on trust
* neutralize barriers and obstacles through self-disclosure
* move through the past and allow for recovery
* motivate employees based on accurate wants and desires

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The workshop consists of the following topics:
* Introduction to Coaching
* Establishing Credibility
* Trust and Communication
* The Art of Influencing Change
* Self Discovery
* Self Re-invention
* Inspired Leadership (Self-less)

Ken Betterton Info:

Ken Betterton works with leaders in the public and private sectors to give organizations
the ability to work together as a team, develop leaders within the ranks and contribute
meaningfully to the quality of life in the communities they serve. Focusing on emotional
intelligence, interpersonal awareness, and individual integrity, Ken shows people in
positions of authority how to use their power to promote change and exhibit a
commitment to true service. Whether through his powerful keynote presentations, his on-
site training workshops or consulting engagements, he has enabled private companies and
law enforcement agencies across the country to build stronger organizations based on
respect, trust, and service.
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Power Up Through Turbulent Times
Keep Ken's Power Tools in your professional and emotional tool kit and marvel at your
continued success, positive outlook, and winning attitude. When times are tough—
personal struggle, economic uncertainty, and workplace turmoil—the 12 Power Tools
equip you with the necessary mental machinery to smash through adversity and emerge
on top, no matter what profession you are in.

Ken delivers "Career Velocity for Veterans" to associations and affiliates from the United
States Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of
Foreign Wars, American Legion, Department of Defense, and various other community
and not-for-profit agencies.

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