Project_Save_the_Earth by wuyunyi


									Saving the Environment
Easy Things YOU Can Do to Help!
    Modern Agriculture: Flaws & Solutions
         Conventional               Permaculture/Sustainable
•   Monocultures violate           • Based on natural systems
    natural principles, requires     that build up rather than
    upkeep, destroy soil.            destroy soil every year,
•   "Ecological deserts" -           just like in nature.
    Destroy the environment        • "Forest gardens" -
    and eliminate biodiversity       Intelligently designed to
•   High upkeep - Fossil fuels,      work with the environment
    chemicals, pesticides            and produce high yields
•   UNSUSTAINABLE - No             • No footprint - Well
    matter what, this system         designed systems use less
    cannot last forever!             labor.
                                   • SUSTAINABLE!
          What YOU Can Do to Help
1. Invest in organic food. This is a great first step.
    o They're more expensive but taste better and are more
2. Invest in local agriculture. Superior to organics, this
   reduces the carbon footprint of your meal. VOTE WITH
    o Local is often cheaper than the supermarket due to the
      lack of transportation costs.
3. The best option is to grow your own food.
    o It's hard and immensely gratifying work.
    o Tastes the best, and you know what went into it. No risk
      of contamination with microbes.
    o Saves you a lot of money. Especially if you eat a lot of
      produce. Stay healthy.
    o Eating healthy cuts down on avoidable health expenses.
Diet: If you Change Only One Thing...
• 1 lb. beef - 1939 gallons    • 1 lb. potatoes - 64 gallons
  water                          water
• More water is used in meat   • Humans produce 12,000
  production than all other      lbs. excrement/second,
  uses combined.                 most of which is treated.
• 80% of food produced in      • Eat more fruits and
  America feeds livestock.       vegetables!
• Livestock produce 250,000    • Fruits are the most
  lbs. excrement/second,         efficient calories/acre in
  almost NONE of which is        suitable climates
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• The Keyhole Garden - Why are circular raised beds an easy
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• Think how much money you'll save and how much good
  you'll do for the environment. Our current system will
  eventually collapse. Invest in your education!

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