Computer Communication and Networks june2009 question paper by collinmitra



       --                       'b'~     !S~ Ie..      / f2-1e-v .?TIT
                                                               I           I ~p   p-,   .
           May 09 HP 10                                                                            11 f'~~          1.-r'(Y\
           Con. 2648-09.                                                                         VR-4278
                                             /')       (REVISED
       .                       U".3                  (3 Hours)                       [ Total Marks 100
           .N.S. :-      (1) Question NO.1 is compulsory.
                         (2) Attempt any four questions out of the remaining six questions.
           1.        (a) Explain SONET multiplexing and SONET frame structure.                                10
                     (b) Draw OSI network architecture and explain the function of each layer.                10

           2.        (a) Explain circuit switching, datagram packet switching and virtual packet switching.   10
                     (b) Explain Repeater, Bridges, Routers and Switches.                                     10

           3.        (a) Find the shortest path from source node 1 to 'every' other node for the graph given 10
                         below using Dijkstra's algorithm. Also draw the shortest path tree from node 1 to
                         other node. [Explain the st~ps of iteration].
                ..                       -                 2..   .



                     (b) Explain Transparent bridges. Also show how bridge learning takes place with          10'
                         appropriate example.

           4.        (a) Explain signaling in the Telephone network.                                          10
                     (b) Explain stop-and-wait ARQ protocol.                                                  10

           5.        (a) Explain CSMA and CSMA/CD.                                                            10
                     (b) Differentiate TCP and UDP.                                                           10
/'         6.        (a) Compare and contrast IPV4and IPV6                                                    10
                     (b) Explain,Bellman-Ford algorithm using graph and table with a suitable examp~e.        10

           7.        Write short notes on any two :                                                           20
                         (a) Spanning tree algorithm
                         (b) HDLC
                         (c) ISDN
                         (d) ATM traffic management
                         (e) Flooding and deflection routing.

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