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									  Dental Teeth Whitening in Encinitas: Beautiful Bright Smiles the
                            Easy Way

This article explores the inevitability of tooth discoloration with time, aging and exposure to
various substances. Teeth whitening treatments are then explored as the easiest, quickest and
most affordable of all the cosmetic procedures available.

Dental Teeth Whitening in Encinitas: Introduction

Dental teeth whitening in Encinitas offers a comprehensive, quick, easy and inexpensive solution
for those pearly whites that are just, well, not that pearly white anymore! It is a fact of life and
of aging; our teeth lose their lustrous gleam, no matter how well we look after them. Of course
factors such as poor oral hygiene and smoking serve to rapidly speed up the process of natural
aging as well as increase your susceptibility to tooth decay and gum disease, which both take
their toll on tooth color. Ultimately, however, we would all love our teeth to look a lovely,
healthy white. A healthy smile is sexy and combined with the confidence it brings, it plays a
huge role in our social and professional success. For this reason, one of the most popular of the
cosmetic dental treatments available is dental teeth whitening in Encinitas: A procedure that is
not only completely safe, quick and affordable, but offers results that are worthy of red carpet
movie premiers!

Dental Teeth Whitening in Encinitas: Combating Tooth Discoloration

Our teeth are made from an extremely hard material called enamel. While it is this substance
that enables us to bite into hard and crunchy foods without damaging or hurting ourselves,
ultimately, we cannot take our teeth for granted. They do chip, crack, break, decay, fall out and
become discolored. There are a great variety of cosmetic treatments available that can help us
to maintain and often improve upon the appearance of our teeth and as it was said, one of the
quickest, easiest and most affordable of them all is dental teeth whitening in Encinitas. You may
be dedicated to your oral hygiene, even obsessive, but your penchant for a cup of coffee in the
mornings and a glass of red wine with your dinner will eventually cause your teeth to become
discolored. You may even have been born with teeth that are more yellow than white. Whatever
the reason, a beautiful and radiant smile is easily within reach thanks to dental teeth whitening in
Encinitas. So, how does it work and what are the risks?

Dental Teeth Whitening in Encinitas: The Fine Print

The fabulous news about dental teeth whitening in Encinitas is that it is completely safe and
poses absolutely no risk to your oral health. The treatment is more a process than a procedure;
you have molds taken of your teeth that will aid in the fabrication of a custom mouth-guard.
Once this has been completed, you may collect it from the dental office along with our special
bleaching agent and you will be ready to begin your dental teeth whitening in Encinitas.
Essentially, you need to wear your mouth-guard with the bleaching agent for a few hours
per day, every day (usually no longer than a week), until you are satisfied with the level of
whiteness. Thereafter, you may choose to wear your mouthguard every now and then when you
would like a brightness boost.

Dental teeth whitening in Encinitas really is that simple. No catches and no risks. Only a
beautiful and bright smile!

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