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                                                                POSITION DESCRIPTION
                                                                Director of Nursing / Facility Manager

Core Mercy Values:              Compassion, Respect, Innovation, Stewardship, Teamwork

Position title:                 Director of Nursing / Facility Manager       Employee name:

Entity/Group:                   Mercy Place, Parkville                       Date:                                 April 2009

Business Unit/Department:       Aged Care
Position reports to:            Operations Manager, Aged Care                Positions reporting to this one:      All Clinical and Site Services Roles.

Position Purpose:               The DON/Facility Manager is responsible for the operational, financial and clinical operations of this 110 bed facility. This is to
                                be done within an agreed budget and in consultation with the Operations Manager.

                                The DON/Facility Manager will deliver effective leadership by consistently achieving optimal levels of care that are resident
                                focused within a framework of strong financial, clinical and human resource management. This facility will also be managed
                                and developed in line with the Mercy Health Values, Commonwealth Accreditation Standards, the Aged Care Act 1997 and all
                                other legislation pertaining to aged care. The DON/Facility Manager will also play a major role in commissioning the new facility
                                and building and maintaining occupancy.

                                Mercy Health is an equal opportunity employer committed to providing a safe, stimulating and supportive environment for
                                residents and staff.

Qualifications (to be read in   ESSENTIAL:
conjunction with person          A current Division 1 Nurses registration.
and job competency               Excellent Leadership and communication Skills (both written and verbal)
requirements)                    Highly developed organisational skills and experience in Human Resource Management
                                 A demonstrated record of achievement in a senior management role, preferably in an aged care or related setting.
                                 A demonstrated understanding of financial management and actions to put in place to ensure the facility meets budget.
                                 Demonstrated ability to be self motivated and work with limited direction
                                 Well developed working knowledge of contemporary aged care including but not limited to;
                                  - Aged Care funding systems (ACFI)
  Mercy Health                                              1                                                              Director of Nursing / Facility Manager
                                       -   Aged Care Act 1997 and amendments
                                       -   Aged Care Accreditation Standards
                                       -   Medication administration
                                       -   Contemporary practice in aged care
                                       -   Rostering and staff management.

                                    Tertiary qualifications in health care or management preferably with an aged care focus.
                                    A record of achievement in aged care accreditation.
                                    Membership in Industry Reference Groups, Committees and Associations.
Resource management:               Total Staff Management (FTE):             Approximately 60 EFT 104 heads
                                   Annual Operating Expenditure:
                                   Annual Capital Expenditure:

                           Personal Competencies required                                                      Job Competencies Required
       To work within the Vision, Mission and Values of Mercy Health.                   Clinical skills commensurate with nursing/gerontology training.
       Communicates effectively and deals sensitively and professionally with           Operates in a manner that ensures confidentiality and privacy of
        residents, families and staff.                                                    residents, staff and other stakeholders.
       Leads cultural change, presents a positive attitude and an ongoing               Manages several tasks concurrently, utilising effective time
        commitment to position responsibilities and organisational goals.                 management strategies.
       Delegates in a responsible manner that supports and develops staff.              Manages resources (staff and equipment) efficiently depending on
                                                                                          priorities, resident needs and budget controls.
       Builds, maintains and leads an effective team.                                   Manages staff including identifying developmental needs, setting and
                                                                                          measuring KRA’s and addressing performance issues.
       Maintains own professional knowledge and contemporary practice                   Basic research skills and willingness to participate in research projects.
       Implement change and supports staff through the change process.                  Communicate effectively with all stakeholders, taking into account their
                                                                                          diversity and varying requirements and experience levels.
       Accepts responsibility for the performance of the facility with respect to       Understand and manage budget and achieve outcomes.
        compliance with the Aged Care Standards and meeting budget.
       Embraces and promotes new and innovative approaches within the facility           Computer Literate.
        and wider group.
       Sets system and individual performance objectives.                                High level of understanding in Quality Improvement and ability to
                                                                                          implement and support quality activities.
                                                                                          Collects relevant data and statistics to conduct accurate analysis.

    Mercy Health                                                2                                                          Director of Nursing / Facility Manager
    Key Result Areas                                     Key Activities                                              Standard Measures
MERCY VALUES                     Ensure the values of Mercy Health are incorporated into            Be compassionate and provide support to staff and
                                  daily practices in relation to all activities.                      customers.
Demonstrates and                                                                                     Consistently shows respect and values each person’s
upholds the Values and                                                                                dignity.
Mission of Mercy Health
                                                                                                     Seeks opportunities to be innovative for improvement.
                                                                                                     Is accountable for a high standard of care.
                                                                                                     Communicates and operates openly and honestly as an
                                                                                                      effective team member.
Responsible for                 Ensure resident care meets the required Resident Aged               Meets or exceeds ACSA Standards 1, 2, 3 & 4.
coordinating resources to        Care Standards and organizational values.                           All care is properly documented.
achieve the required            Promote a culture of service delivery that meets resident           Residents express satisfaction on resident surveys.
standard of Resident Care        and family needs.
at all times.                                                                                        Evidence of satisfactory complaints resolution.
                                Promote a culture of best practice and holistic care delivery,
                                                                                                     All policies and procedures are implemented and
                                 assessment and documentation.                                        reviewed.
                                Ensures regular contact with residents and their                    Establish and implement ongoing communication
                                 representatives, to inform clinical assessment and assist and        processes with residents, families, treating practitioners,
                                 advise staff accordingly.                                            staff and other stakeholders, to ensure consistency of care
                                Ensure appropriate policies and procedures are implemented           and minimisation of conflict.
                                 in relation to resident care and contribute to their review.        Income meets budget as a minimum.
                                Responds to resident’s complaints, resolving or escalating as       Maintenance of reporting and analysis process for all
                                                                                                      incident reports.
                                Optimise funding through managed documentation and                  Appropriate responses or corrective actions are formulated
                                 assessment.                                                          and acted upon.
                                Takes responsibility for resident accident and incident
                                 reports and associated follow up.

 Mercy Health                                             3                                                              Director of Nursing / Facility Manager
    Key Result Areas                                      Key Activities                                                Standard Measures
Responsible for Staff            Contributes to an organisational culture where learning,          Continuously promotes cultural improvement through self
Management on the site in         improving and communicating teamwork is fostered.                  awareness and displaying behaviours consistent with the
accordance with Mercy            Ensures a team approach is created which promotes loyalty,         Mercy values.
Health’s HR Policies              discipline and a high degree of staff satisfaction.               Positive results in the Employee Feedback surveys.
                                 Ensures appropriately skilled staff are available to meet         Achievement of improved outcomes in climate surveys.
                                  resident, facility and legislative requirements.                  Turnover and unplanned absences are kept to an
                                 Actively ensures that all staff are supervised and issue           acceptable level.
                                  resolution is timely and effective.                               Staff issues resolved satisfactorily.
                                 Recruitment and selection of appropriately qualified staff,       Identifies and addresses performance issues.
                                  suitable to work in aged care in line with MH policy.             Implements and maintains processes for identifying skill
                                 Ensures HR records are maintained for staff and that               shortages / surpluses and implements strategies to
                                  appropriate records and statistical data is maintained as          address these as required (and as agreed).
                                  required by the Aged Care Act and underlying principles.          Provides development opportunities to staff where
                                 Regular contact with staff, with recognition of achievements       appropriate.
                                  both individually and by work group.
                                                                                                    Provides regular informal feedback to staff
                                 Ensure staff appraisals are completed at least annually.          Compliance with reference checks, credentialing and
                                                                                                     mandatory police checks.
                                                                                                    HR records are compliant.
                                                                                                    Evidence of recognition of staff achievement.
                                                                                                    Completion rates of staff appraisals.

Financial Management in          In consultation with the Aged Care Business Manager               Achieve set financial and non-financial targets as required
accordance with facility          formulate, allocate and monitor budgets.                           by Mercy Health.
budget and Mercy Health          Ensure that roster costs are within budget.                       Provide regular budget performance reports as required.
financial delegation policy      Ensure that income is maximised and meets and/or exceeds          Consumable costs within budget.
                                  budget.                                                           Roster costs are within budget.
                                 Ensure that costs of consumables are within budget.               Minimal agency costs.
                                 Minimise the use of agency staff.                                 Evidence of succession planning.
                                 Develop succession planning.                                      Monthly report received within prescribed time frames.
                                 Provide monthly report to Operations Manager on budget
                                  outcomes and actions to remedy variations.

 Mercy Health                                             4                                                             Director of Nursing / Facility Manager
    Key Result Areas                                    Key Activities                                                  Standard Measures
Responsible for the            Ensure recognition as a clinical leader and role model,             Evidence that all residents have a care plan.
Planning & Organisation         particularly for staff.                                             Evidence that training and education has been
of the facility to ensure      Supports registered nursing staff in the daily coordination of       implemented.
Mercy Health’s objectives       staff and allocation of work loads to appropriate staff,            Evidence of work allocation and coordination.
are delivered                   establishing team work practices that result in the
                                                                                                    Peer recognition as clinical leader.
                                achievement of clinical goals.
                                                                                                    All records are maintained accurately and completely.
                               Develops and reviews the planned program for staff
                                education and training.                                             Documentation control procedures and processes in
                               Develop effective systems for the control of records.
                                                                                                    All staff are aware of and understand their role in
                               In consultation with the Operations Manager and Chief                achieving facility objectives.
                                Operating Officer, develops strategic and operational plans
                                which reflect the vision, mission and philosophy of the             Achievement of milestones by documented dates.
                               Reviews the strategies required to meet the planned
                                objectives. Ensure responsibility for achieving objectives of
                                the plan are known and understood throughout the facility.

Provides and environment       Evaluate and review the management, service systems and             Improving results of Key Result Areas.
in which Continuous             organisational performance using established reporting              Documented outcomes.
Improvement is promoted         mechanisms.                                                         Evidence that the quality plan and actions have been
at all times                   Ensures that staff integrate a quality improvement approach          achieved.
                                into all functions.                                                 Quality meetings held as scheduled.
                               In consultation with the Quality Officer implement the quality      3 year accreditation achieved.
                                plan and ensure continuous improvement programs are
                                maintained and measured.                                            Full compliance with the 44 outcomes of the accreditation
                               Chairs the site quality committee.
                                                                                                    Number of reviews undertaken.
                               Ensure all personnel have the resources required to plan,
                                assess, evaluate and review their work practices and

 Mercy Health                                             5                                                             Director of Nursing / Facility Manager
    Key Result Areas                                     Key Activities                                                 Standard Measures
Implements as effective           Maintain effective reporting through the Operations Manager      Regular reporting to the Operations Manager.
and comprehensive Staff            and communication systems throughout the organisation.           Improving results in Employee Climate Surveys.
and Resident                      Ensure that staff are kept up to date through regular staff      Active participation in staff forums and meetings.
Communication process              meetings.
                                                                                                    Informed staff.
                                  Schedule and attend resident meetings as requested.              Satisfied residents and families.
                                  Maintains effective communication practices between
                                   residents and /or their representatives.
                                  Maintains effective communication within local health

Legal and Regulatory              Maintains knowledge of relevant Laws, Acts and                   Compliance with all Aged Care Standards and maintaining
                                   Regulations that apply to the management of an Aged Care          facility accreditation.
                                   Service.                                                         Compliance with Aged Care Act 1997.
                                  Integrate the requirements of the current Laws, Acts and         Compliance with local, state and commonwealth
                                   Regulations within the management and services policies           regulations
                                   and work practices.
                                                                                                    Practices reflect relevant legislation and codes of practice.

Provide, a Healthy and            Risk assessments completed and controls implemented              Undertake regular risk assessments
Safe environment for staff        Incident forms thoroughly completed                              Actively review work procedures and supervise staff to
and others in the                 Completion of incident investigations                             ensure all work is performed in a safe manner
workplace.                                                                                       
                                  Provision of alternative duties                                   Actively investigate incidents
                                  Induction/orientation records                                    Ensure all new staff are provided with an
                                  Number and costs of WorkCover claims                              induction/orientation to the work area
                                                                                                    Assist injured staff to return to work in a safe and timely

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  Mercy Health                                             6                                                             Director of Nursing / Facility Manager

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