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									Free FBML Template For Facebook
For those who are new to viral Facebook fan page, this is your great chance to have hands-on
learning experience for free about how to build a customized viral Facebook fan page. You will
download a source files which includes images files and FBML code. After all it is free and you
have nothing to loose. If you are wondering what the fan page looks like, please see the sample
image below.

What is included in this free template:

  1. 2 PSD files (you can customize your own title and optin form title)
  2. 3 JPEG files
  3. 4 PNG files
  4. 1 style.css file
  5. 1 FBML code in doc file
This is a complete package for setting up your viral fan page. The most valuable thing here is the
secret viral FBML code which you need to copy and paste from doc file to text file for further
editing. After paste the code into text file, I would highly suggest you save the text file to any html
form (ie. mypage.html) because you will use this html file for editing with Notepad ++ (its free).
You will also need FTP software (you can get free Filezilla FTP here) to upload all images files and
style.css file to your server. A lot of savvy people just upload all required files into their Flickr
account, then get the images URL, then paste back into the FBML code.

Here are some tips to get your free URL images from Flickr:

 1. Login to your Flickr account
 2. Upload all your image files
 3. Click to any related image that you have uploaded (you will see SHARE THIS tab)
 4. Click to SHARE THIS tab
 5. Click to GRAB THE HTML/BBCODE link
 6. Copy and paste all the code there, then paste into text file
 7. Then just copy the image URL link, ie.
 8. Copy and paste the image URL into your FBML code (in mypage.html file).

To upload the style.css file, I always upload it with FTP software into my own hosting server. If you
know where to upload the style.css file for free, please feel free to share here with our reader.

Important Note:

Just to share with you from my own experience, the most crucial step in building a fan page is make
sure all images links are correct. Because once you copy and paste your finished FBML code into
Static FBML application, Facebook will automatically cached all your image URLs into its own
unique new FB URL. Even if you change your image URL in FBML code, usually the previous
image is still there. This will be very messy work and always lead you to frustration.

So if you are interested and would like to try Free FBML Template For Facebook, please download
the free template from Martin at official FBLaunchpad fan page. You are required to LIKE his fan
page first before the download link is show up.

Thanks for reading my post.
Have a nice try!

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