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									Healthcare System and Delivery Network - Growing Geriatric Population and Increase in
Life Expectancy Drives Demand for Healthcare

Tremendous Variation in Healthcare Expenditure Across Geographies

Healthcare expenditure as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has been
increasing consistently and differs variably across geographies. An international
comparison on healthcare spending in 2008 demonstrated that the US spent significantly
higher than any other developed and emerging countries. In 2008, healthcare spending as
a percentage of GDP in the US was 16%, it was 11.2% in France, 9.1% in Italy, 10.5% in
Germany, 9% in Spain, 8.7% in the UK, 4.7% in China, 5% in India and 8% in Brazil.
Japan spent 8.1% of its GDP on healthcare in 2007. An increase in elderly population, a
rise in chronic diseases, medical technological advancements, and the growing
expectations of patients, have all contributed towards increasing health care expenditures.
The global share of health expenditure as a percentage of GDP is likely to increase
further as countries recover from the global recession that hit many countries in 2008 and
became widespread in 2009. The distribution of health expenditure across the different
types of health services and medical goods is influenced by factors such as the
availability of hospital beds, health professionals and access to new technology and
healthcare providers, as well as by national clinical guidelines and the disease burden
within the country.

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The per capita expenditure on healthcare has been consistently higher in the US than in
any other industrialized nation. In 2008, per capita spending on healthcare was $7,538 in
the US, $3,693 in France, $2,870 in Italy, $3,737 in Germany, $2,902 in Spain and
$3,129 in the UK. Japan spent $2,729 per capita on healthcare in 2007. Although
healthcare expenditure as a percentage of GDP has been increasing, there has not been a
significant rise in the per capita health expenditure in China, India and Brazil because of
the high population growth in these countries.

GBI Research’s new report, “Healthcare System and Delivery Network - Growing
Geriatric Population and Increase in Life Expentancy Drives Demand for Healthcare”
provides key data, information and analysis on healthcare system in both developed (the
US, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, the UK) and emerging economies (India,
China and Brazil). The report provides comprehensive information on the key trends
affecting healthcare delivery, and analytical content on the key market dynamics. The
report also reviews the competition in the healthcare delivery sector and key factors
driving the market. This report is built using data and information sourced from
proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by GBI
Research’s team of industry experts.
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