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					                                                                              Acanac Inc.

                          1650 Dundas Street Unit 204, Mississauga, ON L4X 2Z3 Canada
                                                           Telephone: 1 (866) 281-3538

 Acanac Cable Internet Instructions
   Please note: Acanac Cable takes 7 business days to connect in Ontario and Quebec.
    Your internet connection is active when INTERNET LED lights up on your modem.

***Important notice: All the Cable modems are
already configured. All you have to do is plug it in.
Your Cable connection will become active in around 7
Business days. You will know when you are connected
when ONLINE light on your modem will be solid and if
you have your pc connected and setup as DHCP you
will have internet connection

Front Panel:

                2          3           3       4           1
  1- Power
     Lights up when power is supplied to the modem.
     Lights up when the Ethernet cable is properly connected from
     your Cable modem to the Ethernet card on your computer.
     Flickers while transmitting/receiving data.
     This light will light up once the Cable signal is present and
     connection to internet is available
  4- SEND
     Lights up when you are sending data through internet
     Lights up when you are receiving data from Internet
Rear Panel:

   1- CABLE
      You need to connect your Cable wire to this place
   2- Ethernet
      100 Based-T Ethernet jack (RJ-45) to connect to your Ethernet
      Network card, or Ethernet Hub/Switch.
   3- Power
      To connect the Power Adapter that comes with your package.

   Ok let’s get started!
   Important! Make sure your computer is off before proceeding with
   hardware installation.

   1. First step is to connect the Cable modem to your network card.

2. Your second step is connecting the Cable modem to your Cable wire
that is installed by the technician dispatched to your location or if you
have the Cable already installed.

3. Step three is connection the power supply.

4. Step four is powering up your computer.

5. Once your system boots you can now surf the web.

*** NOTE: Cable takes 7 business days to be active from the day your
account was setup. Your internet connection is active when ONLINE LED
lights up on your modem.
User ID: ((username))
Password: ((password))
Click on “Save Settings”

Your modem is now configured and you can start surfing the web.

Please contact if you need any further

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