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									                                                                   University of the East
                                                                   College of Education
                                                   DEPARTMENT OF PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION
                                                                  School Year 2010-2011

A. SUBJECT AND SECTION:           ED 421

B. COURSE TITLE:                  Practice Teaching

C. COURSE CREDIT:                 6 units

     This course is design to provide the student-teacher series of exposures and experiences to actual classroom situations that would develop his instructional
  knowledge and skills needed to produce competent pupils and/or students in either the elementary or secondary level.
     As a student teacher, he will experience various teaching activities such as conducting remedial instructions, working in the school’s ancillary services,
  rendering community and allied services, as necessary. He is also expected to teach a class assigned to him by his cooperating teacher s when the latter is
  present in an emergency meeting within the premises of the cooperating school.
      Throughout his stay in either the elementary or secondary school where he is assigned to undergo his off-campus, his potentials could be unleashed to the
  highest extent possible. As expected, this practicum would really provide him the good qualities of a would-be teacher.

E. PRE-REQUISITE:                 Had taken 95% of all courses or all Field Study courses (for old or new curriculum)

F. FACULTY IN-CHARGE:             Prof. Eric D. Agustin

G. CONTACT ADDRESS / NO.:         12 Eustaquio Street, Sto. Niño, Marikina City, +639225229730 (Contact address/no. may change w/o advance notice.)

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H. CONSULTATION SCHEDULES: Kindly text or call me using the above mobile phone # (+639225229730). In the message textbox of your phone, please include
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       At the end of the course, the student teacher should be able to: a) Apply the principles, strategies and techniques of teaching in actual classroom situations;
   b) Demonstrate his awareness of the total program of instruction in either the elementary or secondary level where he is assigned; c) Express his instructional
   competence in the subject assigned to him; d) Experience meeting situational problems that may occur in his class and provide possible solutions to these; e)
   Demonstrate satisfaction on his role, duties and responsibilities as student teacher; and, f) Utilize his skills in the construction of evaluative instruments and/or
   preparation of support teaching materials.

   1. Attendance + Attitude
   2. Off-campus Student Teaching
      2.1 Observation                2.2 Pre-demonstration         2.3 Participation              2.4 On-the-Spot Teaching                2.5 Post-demonstration
   3. Internship Portfolio / Narrative Report (in hardbound, email, CD)
   4. In-campus Participation

Week/Hours/                       Objectives                                      Topic Outline                              Activities            Outcome / Results
Week 1- 1.5    1. To orient student teachers about their         Unit I – Orientation                               Discussion/Interaction        Observations of the
                  practice teaching course                       A. Agreement Between the TEI and DCS                                             College Supervisor
                                                                    1. Goals and Objectives of the College of                                     among student
                                                                       Education                                                                  teachers
                                                                    2. Policies relating to student teaching                                      Evaluation of student
                                                                    3. The Student Teaching Program                                               teachers’ behavior
                                                                       3.1 Roles of the Student Teaching
                                                                       3.2 Duties and Responsibilities of the
                                                                            Cooperating School Principals
                                                                       3.3 Duties and Responsibilities of the
                                                                        EDUC 401 – Page 2 of 7
                                                                          Cooperating Teachers
                                                                     3.5 Roles of the College Supervisor and
                                                                          His Expectations of Student
Week 1 – 1.5   1. To explain the contents of the MOA to the    B. The Cooperating School                        Thorough Explanation   Observations of the
                  Cooperating Schools                             1. Permit from the DepEd Schools Division                            cooperating principals
               2. To set down the Cooperating Schools’               Superintendent, Manila                                            and their cooperating
                  policies on student teachers’ off-campus        2. Orientation/Briefing of Student Teachers                          teachers in both the
                  training in the respective schools on              by Cooperating School Principals                                  elementary and
                  behavior, official time and compliance to                                                                            secondary levels
                  requirements of/by student teachers
               3. To lay down expectations of the principal
                  and cooperating teachers
               4. To discuss ancillary services that may be
                  assigned to student teachers
Week 2 - 1.5   1. To discuss issues on the implementation of   C.1 The Basic Education Curriculum               Discussion/Citation    Citing Examples
                  BEC                                             1. Legal Bases
                                                                  2. Vision/Mission/Goals
                                                                  3. Philosophy
                                                                  4. Objectives of elementary and secondary
                                                                  5. Basic Features
                                                                  6. The Learning Areas
Week 2 – 1.5   1. To expound on the modes of integrative       C.2 Modes of Integrative Teaching                Exposition             Application of student
                  teaching                                        1. Thematic Teaching                                                 teachers’ prior
                                                                  2. Content-based Instruction                                         learning
                                                                  3. Focusing Inquiry
                                                                  4. Generic Competency Model
Week 3 – 1.5   1. To present the qualities of effective        D. Qualities of Effective Teachers               Presentation           Pre-assessment of
                  teachers                                        1. Categories of Teacher’s Attributes                                student teachers’
                                                                  2. Characteristics of Effective Teachers                             teaching effectiveness
                                                                  3. Motivational Strategies
                                                                  4. Instructional Strategies
                                                                  5. Cooperative Learning
Week 3 – 1.5   1. To discuss personality development and       E. 1. Teacher’s Personality Development          Lecture                Individual participation
                                                                     EDUC 401 – Page 3 of 7
                  management techniques/skills for teachers     2. Classroom Management Techniques                Discussion                  Socialized recitation
               2. To simulate meeting a class for the first time3. Instructional Management Skills                Citing examples
                                                                4. Code of Ethics for Teachers
                                                                5. First Time Class Meeting
As scheduled   1. To tour the different services, offices and Unit II – Observation of Classroom Activities       Observation                 Journal Entry
during off-       centers (guidance, clinic, canteen)           1. School’s Organization Setup
campus         2. To meet with the cooperating teachers             1.1 Location
internship                                                          1.2 Administration and Supervisors of
                                                                        School Personnel
               1. To observe actual classroom activities        2. Classroom Setup                                Observation                 Journal Entry
               2. To participate in classroom management            2.1 Teaching-learning Situations              Participation
                  routinary activities                              2.2 Teacher’s effectiveness and               Conference
               3. To observe the strategies and methods of              efficiency in her roles and
                  the cooperating teacher                               responsibilities/performance
               4. To confer with the cooperating teacher            2.3 Teacher-pupil/student relationship
               1. To use classroom management principles            3.1 Classroom Management                      Cooperation                 Journal Entry (noting
                  using actual contexts or simulation               3.2 Lesson Planning                           Conference                  down experiences
               2. To prepare lesson plans                           3.3 Communication Strategies                  Weekly meeting with the     encountered)
               3. To apply teaching techniques and strategies       3.4 Art of Questioning                        Cooperating Teacher
                  in the classroom                                  3.5 Motivational Techniques                   Regular communication
                                                                                                                  with the College
As scheduled   1. To prepare lesson plans in one’s area of         Unit III – Classroom Participation             Preparation                 Lesson Plan
by the            specialization                                   A.1 Lesson Plan (detailed, semi-, brief)       Demonstration               Demonstration
cooperating                                                          2. Effective Use of Lesson Plan
               1. To observe the cooperating teacher as            B.1 Evaluation of teaching-learning outcomes   Observation                 Consultation with the
                  regard to:                                                                                      Participation/Cooperation   Cooperating Teacher
                  1.1 Recording of pupils’/students’ progress                                                                                 Conference with the
                  1.2 Reporting of pupils’/students’ progress                                                                                 Cooperating Teacher
                  1.3 Giving of remedial/enrichment activities                                                                                Meeting with the
                                                                                                                                              College Supervisor
                                                                                                                                              Progress Report
                                                                                                                                              (Weekly Narrative
                                                                                                                                              Report to be sent thru

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               1. To construct weekly, unit and periodic       C. Rating Pupils’/Students’ Progress           Conference with the         Teacher-made test
                  evaluative instruments                          1. Construction of evaluative test          cooperating teacher and     Table of Specification
                                                                  2. Use of the Table of Specification        college supervisor in the   Samples of Computed
                                                                  3. School’s Rating System                   preparation of different    Grades of
                                                                                                              kinds of test, grading      Pupils/Students
                                                                                                              system and computation
                                                                                                              of grades
               1. To accomplish school forms with the          D. Accomplishment of Forms                     Guidance                    Sample Forms (In
                  guidance of the cooperating teacher             1. Form 1 (School Register)                                             photocopy or digitally
                                                                  2. Forms 2 & 3                                                          captured)
                                                                  3. Form 137
                                                                  4. Form 18 E-1 / 18 E-2
                                                                  5. Form 138 (Card)
                                                                  6. Class Record
                                                                  7. Height and Weight Record
                                                                  8. Form 178
                                                                  9. Daily Time Record
                                                                  10. Cumulative Record
                                                                  11. Report on Promotion
               1. To participate in:                           E.1 Ancillary Service / Community and Allied   Participation               Attendance
                  a. ancillary services of the cooperating           Services participated in and conducted                               Assessment through
                     school and                                      by the cooperating school                                            observations of the
                  b. community and allied services                2. Student Teacher – Cooperating Teacher                                Student Teacher
                  2. To promote wholesome relationship with          Relationship
                     school personnel and community people,       3. Student Teacher – Parents Relationship
                     as well as, with the college supervisor      4. Student Teacher – PTA Officials and
                                                                     Members Relationship
                                                                  5. Student Teacher – Barangay Officials
                                                                  6. Student Teacher – College Supervisor
As scheduled   1. To prepare lesson plans                      Unit IV - Teaching Experiences                 Demonstration teaching      Lesson Plan
by the         2. To have one’s lesson plans checked by the    A.1 Teaching Strategies                                                    Student Teacher’s
cooperating       cooperating teacher                               1.1 Modes of Integrative Teaching                                     Demo Teaching

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teacher   3. To execute the lesson                                1.2 Behavioral Objectives                                                 Evaluation Results
          4. To have a pre- and post-conferences                2. Values Integration in Subject Areas
             between the student teacher and                    3. Execution of the Daily Lesson
             cooperating teacher
          1. To construct print and non-print instructional   B.1 Selection and Construction of Instructional   Construction/Improvisatio   Finished Products
             materials, visual aids, dioramas, etc.               and Support Teaching Materials                n
          1. To adopt the DepEd grading system                C. Effective Measures of Evaluating the           Preparation                 Records of
          2. To record pupils’/students’ progress                Impact of Teaching / Teaching Outputs          Recording                   Pupils’/Students’
          3. To analyze and interpret pupils’/students’                                                         Analysis                    Progress
             grades                                                                                             Interpretation              Summarized Findings
          4. To prepare the record notebook clearly and                                                                                     of the Student
             accurately                                                                                                                     Teacher on
          1. To assess the student teachers’                  Criteria for Rating Student Teachers              Actual Teaching Practice    Successful teaching-
             performance according to:                        throughout their Off-Campus Training              Conferences                 learning process and
             1.1 compliance and observance of school                                                                                        demonstration
                rules and regulations and                                                                                                   teaching
             1.2 ability of the student teacher to teach
                his subject area:
                1.2.1 comments and suggestions of the
                        cooperating teacher and college
                        supervisor during his:
       straight teaching
       on-the-spot teaching
       demonstration teaching
       attitude toward work
          2. Pre- and post-conferences for the
             demonstration teaching conducted by the
             cooperating teacher and college supervisor
          1. To discuss:                                      E. Appraisal of Student Teaching Experiences      Discussion                  Internship Portfolio
             1.1 Reactions of student teachers towards                                                                                      Student Teachers’
                their off-campus training experiences                                                                                       Awards
             1.2 problems met by teachers’ during their
                off-campus training and possible solution

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                   to thresh out these problems
                1.3 Strengths and weaknesses of the
                   student teaching program
                1.4 Final preparation of the internship
             1. To pass the Licensure Examination for        V. Miscellany                                   Review for the LET
                Teachers (LET)                                  1. Preparation of Prospective Teachers for
             2. To discuss the requirements for a teaching         Employment Purposes
             3. Application Letter
                3.1 Where to apply
                3.2 Application requirements

     1. Philippine Elementary Learning Continuum
     2. Philippine Secondary Learning Continuum
     3. Teacher Education Program
     4. Student Teaching and Field Study, CHED Memo Order No. 30, s. 2004, Article IV, Section 6: Competency Standards
     5. R.A. No. 7722: “Higher Education Act of 1994”
     6. Other related references may be used

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