27th Annual 50 Dealer 50 State Review & Forecast by ProQuest


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27th Annual

50 Dealer
   50 State                                              Review & Forecast

It’s not news that the recession and lingering economic uncertainty remain big – by almost all measure-
ments, the biggest – challenges for all American consumers and businesses. MI retail is certainly no exception
when it comes to these tough hurdles, but our 27th end-of-year survey of music stores across the country
seems to suggest that some truly are seeing things take a turn for the better.

   “It seems like customers, while still be-   dicated that the recession forced them to            So was 2010 a return to the salad
ing a bit cautious, are starting to open up    rethink how they approached elements of           days of, say, a decade ago? The vast
a bit and do some of the things they have      their operation, ultimately improving the         majority would be on board with a re-
been holding back on, due to economic          overall model. Additionally, retailers are        sounding reply of, “No!” so it’s prob-
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