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The theme for this week's newsletter is GOALS. In order to achieve a goal, you must first have one! The
key to hitting your target is that you must first have a specific one to hit. If you ask 100 people where
they will be in five years, 95% of people will respond that they do not know!

The majority of people fail at building business, because they have a 2-5 hour mindset versus a 2-5 year
plan. When someone sets a goal for five years from now and takes into consideration that they will
have many ups and downs on that journey, they will never quit because they KNOW what they are
working toward. Want proof? Just ask any successful person where they want to be in five years and
they will tell you exactly where they want to be with an unmistakable passion in their eyes.

Personal goals are what drive you every day toward where you want to be. I ask you right now, "What
are your goals? Do you have them written down? Do you have a goal partner?" A goal partner is
someone who you share your goals with. The more you vocalize your goals, the more your mind
believes you will achieve them. Sadly, most people do not write their goals down, nor do they find a
goal partner. People without goals are lost souls just wandering back and forth to their jobs every day in
anticipation of FRIDAY. (Re-read that sentence a few times because it SAYS IT ALL!)

Today I invite you to change your immediate mindset. Take action! Set some goals! Write them down
and tell a friend (goal partner) who believes in you.

I often teach on the concept of "addition by subtraction". Most people have many "friends" but have no
goal partners. Often your "friends" will laugh at your goals and dreams. You need to delete this
negativity from your life because it is TOXIC! When you subtract this negativity from your life, then you
add to your chance of actually accomplishing your goals and ultimately achieving your “Why” in life.

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