2003 Conference Photos

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					  Clovis Maksoud with conference volunteers and                 Clovis Maksoud with registration desk volunteers

 Conference Panelists: Caroline Fawcett, Eugenio Diaz-      Conference Panelists: Ziad Hafez, Colin Bradford, Jr., and
             Bonilla and Hector Schamis                                           Zahir Jamal

Clovis Maksoud makes the welcoming remarks to the first         Panel on “Governance, Knowledge and Women’s
 panel on “Profiles in Human Development: Arab Region       Empowerment.” Pictured l-r: Hector Schamis, Shaha Riza,
and Latin America.” Panelists l-r: Caroline Fawcett, Ziad             Mona Kaidbey and Diane Singerman
              Hafez and Colin Bradford, Jr.
   Panel on “Governance, Knowledge and Women’s              Panel on “The Scope and Direction of Chainge in the
Empowerment.” Pictured l-r: Shaha Riza, Mona Kaidbey        Regional and Global Environment.” Pictured l-r:
                and Diane Singerman                         Eugenio Diaz-Bonilla, Ziad Hafez, and Zahir Jamal

Award Presentation to Luncheon Speaker Mohamed T. El-       Pictured l-r: Catherine O’Neill, Hector Schamis, Eugenio
Ashry. Pictured l-r: Mohamed T. El-Ashry, James Sams,                   Diaz-Bonilla, and Clovis Maksoud.
        Clovis Maksoud and Shaanon Lindauer

Dean Good man’s Closing Remarks. Pictured l-r: Eugenio          Pictured l-r: Zahir Jamal and Shaanon Lindauer
Diaz-Bonilla, Ziad Hafez, Zahir Jamal, Catherine O’Neill,
               and Dean Louis Goodman.