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									Dept. 21                               FIRE INSPECTOR II                                   Page 1 of 3


Actively supports and upholds the City’s stated mission and values. Performs skilled fire protection
planning, inspection, and technical plans review. Provides development review and inspections to assure
that new construction and proposed development meet the provisions of the fire code. Assists in creating
FireWise neighborhoods and property within the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI).

Under direct supervision of the Deputy Fire Chief, employees of this class are expected to possess a strong
working knowledge of the uniform fire code, uniform building code, and national fire protection standards,
along with established departmental inspection and review procedures, so as to review construction plans,
assist with field inspection situations, and assist the public with fire code and departmental requirements.
This position also performs an important role in educating the public regarding fire safety and in the
investigation of fire causes. Participates in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in a support role.

This position is FLSA non-exempt.


   Provides excellent customer service to both internal and external customers.

   Reviews site plans that go to the Development Review Board (DRB) for such things as access, water
    supply, fire resistant building materials, potential fire hazard and hazardous materials situations, hydrant
    placement, need for fire protection systems, and other fire code requirements.

   Reviews construction plans such as residential construction, commercial building permits, public
    improvement plans, and fire protection systems.

   Inspects and issues fire protection system permits.

   Reviews fire protection system plans for proper specifications and requirements.

   Conducts final inspections and tests prior to certificate of occupancy.

   Attends the Development Review Board and represents Fire Department concerns, as assigned. Works
    with developers, contractors, and the business community in the area of fire protection planning.

   Reviews business license applications to ascertain type of permit needed for their business, such as
    hazardous materials being sold or used in the course of business.

   Issues gas tank removal and installation permits and inspects for compliance.

   Assists engine companies with inspections, as needed. Performs field inspections of an unusual or
    highly technical nature that may be beyond the normal capability of an engine company.

   May on occasion serve as an expert witness for fire code infractions that may go to court.

   Assists the public with information regarding necessary permits for special events such as requiring
    street closures or of a fire or hazardous material risk nature. Issues permits and inspects for compliance.

   Conducts or assists in fire investigations, as assigned.

   Responds to major emergencies and EOC activations to provide staff assistance, as directed.
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   Performs considerable citizen assistance with questions or complaints they may have regarding
    property, fire or hazardous materials situations, permits, and codes and processes.

   Conducts or assists in public education projects, as assigned.

   Performs related duties as required.


   Working knowledge of the International Fire Code, national fire protection association codes and
    standards, and the uniform building code and other construction codes that may pertain to fire
    prevention concerns.

   Considerable knowledge of departmental and municipal procedures and processes that pertain to fire

   Demonstrated ability to read blueprints, construction plans, and other documents relating to the proper
    review and issuance of permits.

   Demonstrated ability to perform research and field inspections so as to insure proper fire prevention
    materials, construction, equipment, systems, and uses, and to be able to detect deficiencies and
    recommend modifications to gain compliance.

   Ability to prepare reports and maintain accurate records regarding inspections and issuance of permits.

   Ability to exercise good judgment and deal professionally and tactfully with the public, contractors,
    architects, and other city departments involved in the development review process.

   Knowledge of fire behavior and community fire protection planning.

   Ability to work with the engine companies in field inspections, and to assist them in unusual or highly
    technical situations.

   Ability to communicate well orally and in writing.


   High school diploma or GED.

   Three years of inspection and/or plans review experience.

   Two years of fire protection systems experience (sprinkler, and alarm systems).

   Any combination of experience and training listed above predicting the ability to successfully fulfill the
    required knowledge, skills, and abilities.

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   Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) knowledge and experience, including International Wildland Urban
    Interface Code experience.

   Experience in fire investigation.

   Experience with computer systems and fire department software systems.

   Previous fire department experience.


   Must maintain continuing education to remain current on job duties and applicable codes.

   Must recertify in the Fire Code every three years.

   Must obtain certification in Fire Code inspection within one year of employment.

   Must pursue additional certifications pertinent to the position such as UBC Plans Examiner.

   Must possess a valid Arizona drivers license.

   Regular attendance is an essential function of this job to ensure continuity.

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