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       MAIN ACTIVITY                        TASKS                      PROGRESS MADE                    REMAINING GAPS
1. Developing support to         1.1 Fish post harvest losses   •   SOW for assessment of         •   Co-ordination with other
improve production value,        survey.                            losses of Nile Perch & Nile       stakeholders for
quality and market                                                  Tilapia from Lake Victoria        assessment of post
opportunities for the existing                                      finalized.                        harvest losses of selected
fisheries harvest.                                              •   SPEED intervention                species from lake Victoria.
                                                                    package for assessment of     •   Selection of service
                                                                    post harvest losses of the        provider to carry out
                                                                    selected species from Lake        assessment of the post
                                                                    Victoria finalized.               harvest losses of selected
                                                                •   SPEED package                     species from Lake Victoria
                                                                    implementation schedule
                                 1.2 Certification of fish      •   SOW for consultancy to        •   Recruitment of consultant
                                 processing factories               prepare fish processing           to prepare fish processing
                                                                    factories for                     companies for certification
                                                                    implementation of ISO             ISO 9000:2001.
                                                                    9000:2001, HACCP has          •   Hiring of reputable
                                                                    been prepared                     company to award ISO
                                 1.3 Production of quality      •   SOW for quality assurance     •   Approval of SOW for
                                 assurance and awareness            and awareness training            consultant to prepare
                                 training module and course         consultancy is ready.             training module and
                                 for stakeholders using the                                           conducting courses for
                                 module on quality assurance                                          stakeholders.
                                 1.4 Identifying new markets    •   SPEED with the                •   SPEED in collaboration
                                 for existing and for new           coordination of COMPETE           with fish processing
                                 products within the                Consultant, work has              factories to investigate
                                 European Union, Middle East        been done on this project         economic production of
                                 and Asia.                          and recommended careful           new fish products.
                                                                    evaluation of new
                                                                    products production.
                                  1.5 Identification of high        •   It has been recommended       •   SPEED in collaboration
                                  value fish products and               by COMPETE Consultant             with fish processing
                                  production.                           to produce pre-packed             companies to carry out
                                                                        frozen portions, headless         product development
                                                                        and gutted vacuum                 investigations to increase
                                                                        products with certification       value to fish products.
                                                                        and brand names
                                  1.6 Support for participation     •   23rd to 25th April 2002 are   •   International certification
                                  in international exhibitions          dates for European                according to HACCP will
                                                                        international exhibition.         be required for intending
                                                                    •   25th to 27th November             participating companies.
                                                                        2002 are dates for Asian
                                                                        international exhibition.
                                  1.7 Identification of local and   •   SOW for identification of     •   Approval of SOW and
                                  regional markets (Rwanda,             local and regional markets        recruitment of a local
                                  Congo and Sudan etc).                 (Rwanda, Congo and                consultant for local and
                                                                        Sudan) is ready.                  regional fish market study.
2. Support for the                                                  •   Fishermen on Lolwe Island     •   Discussion on financing of
improvement of                                                          have formed a company             the project.
infrastructure facilities                                               the “Lolwe Golofa             •   Approval of scope of work.
particularly the development                                            Community Development         •   Selection of contractors,
of a model fish landing site in                                         Projects Ltd”. which in           for feasibility study,
remote islands.                                                         collaboration with M/S            construction and other
                                                                        Gomba fishing Industries          activities.
                                                                        Ltd. will invest in the       •   Launching of Lolwe Golofa
                                                                        development of a model            fish landing site with
                                                                        pilot fish landing site at        developments.
                                                                        Golofa on Lolwe Island.
                                                                    •   A site for a fish landing
                                                                        site has been selected.
                                                                    •   The fishermen have agreed
                                                                        to pay 30% of the
                                                                        feasibility study costs for
                                                                        the landing site.
                                                                    •   SPEED intervention
                                                                        package document has
                                                                        been prepared.
                                  •   A proposed package
                                      implementation schedule
                                      has been prepared.
                                  •   SPEED staff have visited
                                      the Golofa site where fish
                                      landing sites
                                      developments will take
3. Increase business              •   M/S Inter-Continental          •   It will be necessary to
opportunities for MSME’s              Investment Company                 prepare “typical” feasibility
                                      Limited have been                  studies for various
                                      supported to carry out a           activities for MSME’s in
                                      feasibility study to acquire       such fields as
                                      the fish processing assets         establishment of ice
                                      of Clovergem Fish and              plants, vermin proof fish
                                      Foods Ltd.                         stores, fish transportation
                                                                         vehicles etc.
4. Facilitate access to finance   •   M/S Inter-Continental          •   Increased business
                                      Investment Company                 opportunities for MSME’s
                                      Limited have been                  will dictate activities in
                                      supported to access                accessing finance.
                                      finance through
                                      assistance in the
                                      preparation of a feasibility
5. Strengthening sector           •   An international (ICT)         •   The Uganda Fisheries and
intermediaries.                       consultant has been made           Fish Conservation
                                      available to (UFPEA) to            Association (UFFCA) needs
                                      establish a website for the        capacity building. They
                                      association.                       have been asked to supply
                                  •   International consultant           their priority requirements
                                      has finished work for his          for capacity building to see
                                      first mission.                     how a consultant can
                                  •   UFFCA has had                      come and provide advice
                                      discussions with the ( ICT)        for their capacity building.
                                      international consultant
                                      on the establishment of a
                                      website for the
6. Support to develop      •   A workshop on fish            •   Finalize study visit
commercial fish farming.       farming was held on 26th          arrangements for
                               September 2001 and it             intending investors in
                               was agreed that the               commercial fish farming.
                               attendants from the           •   Finalize SOW for
                               various disciplines               commercial fish farming
                               interested in fish farming        feasibility studies with
                               will form the fish farming        intending investors in
                               group to discuss fish             commercial fish farming
                               farming matters under             after study visit to U.S.A.
                               SPEED project.                •   Look into commercial
                           •   SOW for STTA for the              trout fish farming. Trout
                               preparation of a pilot fish       being a highly priced
                               farming project document          species. This species is
                               has been prepared.                already in the country.
                           •   Three willing investors in        There is no need for
                               commercial fish farming           permission to introduce it.
                               have been identified. The y   •   Look into commercial fish
                               are due to visit U.S.A            farming of the Lusiana
                               commercial fish farmers           crayfish (Procambarus
                               as a study visit.                 clarkii) . This species is
                           •   An MOU between                    already at Kajjansi
                               Makerere University ,             Aquaculture and
                               NARO and Sunfish Fish             Development Centre. It is
                               Farm Ltd. has been signed         presently sold at shs
                               for the establishment of a        5,000/= per kilogram to
                               commercial fish farmers           the consumer unshelled (It
                               course.                           is highly priced).
                           •   Suggestions for the           •   Consider training of
                               culture of the Channel            private fry producers and
                               Catfish and the                   support for them to
                               crustecean Peneus                 establish business
                               mondon have been                  enterprises in this line.
                               suggested for introduction    •   Consider the culture of
                               for fish farming as highly        ornamental fish species in
                               priced species but the            Uganda lakes for export
                               Commissioner for
                               Fisheries may find it
                                   difficult to provide
                                   permission for
                                   introduction of the species

7. Data base compilation.      •   Information on lake           •   When the Commissioner
                                   Victoria with regard to           for Fisheries appoints a
                                   number of various types of        contact officer for the
                                   boats on the lake                 SPEED project more data
                                   including fishing boats for       will be easily accessible
                                   year 2000 is available.           from the Department of
                               •   Total number of fish              Fisheries Resources.
                                   landing is available.
                               •   Number of fishermen and
                                   fisheries personnel are
                               •   Number and types of
                                   fishing gears and boats
                                   using them is available.
                               •   Number of boats repair
                                   facilities and fish stores
                                   are available.
                               •   Processed fish products
                                   data (Jan-June 2001) on
                                   weight and value is
8. Update of SPEED fisheries   •   A proposed SPEED              •   Adoption of the proposed
sector work plan                   fisheries sector work plan        fisheries sector work plan.
                                   is available.
9. Preparation of scopes of    •   Scopes have work have
work                               been prepared

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