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									         10-0007 Systems Integration Tool (aka Enterprise
         Application Integration aka EAI)
         Vendor/Product Evaluation

Scores   0 = Functionality not provided

         1 = Functionality provided, but requires customized integration with a third party (explain the details)

         2 = Functionality provided by the vendor, but requires customization (explain the details)

         3 = Functionality provided seamlessly by third-party product (explain the details)

         4 = Functionality provided out of the box

         5 = Functionality provided out of the box and is very strong or highly differentiated (explain the details)
                                                                                     ATTACHMENT “D”
                                                                           VENDOR RESPONSE -TECHNOLOGY SECTION

      Technology                                                                                                 Vendor Response (-select score-)
      Criterion                                                                              Weightage                       Score
           Governance                                                                        Low
          REQ-TECH-001        Lifecycle Management                                             Medium
          REQ-TECH-002        Policy Management                                                Medium
          REQ-TECH-003        Discovery                                                        Medium
          REQ-TECH-004        Policy Enforcement                                               Medium
          REQ-TECH-005        Policy Definition                                                Medium
          Architecture                                                                       Medium
          REQ-TECH-006        Application Architecture                                         Medium
          REQ-TECH-007        Data Architecture                                                 Medium
          Repository                                                                         High
          REQ-TECH-008        Embedded repository                                              Medium
          REQ-TECH-009        SCCM Integration                                                 Medium
          REQ-TECH-010        UDDI support                                                          Low
          REQ-TECH-011        Repository metamodel                                             Medium
          REQ-TECH-012        Import and export functions                                           High
          REQ-TECH-013        Runtime metadata management                                      Medium
          REQ-TECH-014        Repository design time and runtime                               Medium
          REQ-TECH-015        Version management                                                    High
          REQ-TECH-016        Parallel Releases                                                Medium
          REQ-TECH-017        Build Process                                                    Medium
          REQ-TECH-018        Promotion model                                                  Medium
          REQ-TECH-019        Repository architecture                                          Medium
          REQ-TECH-020        Referential Integrity                                                 Low
          REQ-TECH-021        Transformation rules repository                                       Low
          REQ-TECH-022        Process repository                                                    Low
          REQ-TECH-023        SOA Metrics                                                      Medium
                          Messaging Platform                                                 High
          REQ-TECH-024        Platform                                                              High
                              Message Routing Capabilities
          REQ-TECH-026        Store and forward                                                     High
          REQ-TECH-027        Publish/Subscribe                                                     High
          REQ-TECH-028        Request/Reply                                                         High
          REQ-TECH-029        Content based routing                                            Medium
          REQ-TECH-030        Message Size                                                     Medium
          REQ-TECH-031        Unique messaging capabilities                                         Low
          REQ-TECH-032        Message-oriented middleware support                                   High
          REQ-TECH-033        Mainframe connectivity support                                        High
          REQ-TECH-034        File operations support                                               High
          REQ-TECH-035        Database connectivity support                                         High
          REQ-TECH-036        Email connectivity                                                Medium
                          Mediation                                                          High
          REQ-TECH-037        Transformation                                                        High
          REQ-TECH-038        Semantic transformation/common data models                       Medium
          REQ-TECH-039        Enrichment sources support                                            Low

ITN No.: 10-0007                                                                                                                                    April 29, 2010
Attachment "D" - Vendor technology Questions                                                                                                        Page 78 of 89
                                                                                         ATTACHMENT “D”
                                                                               VENDOR RESPONSE -TECHNOLOGY SECTION

      Technology                                                                                                     Vendor Response (-select score-)
      Criterion                                                                                  Weightage                       Score
          REQ-TECH-040       Federated database access                                             Medium
          REQ-TECH-041       Prebuilt infrastructure services support                              Medium
          REQ-TECH-042       Service endpoint container support                                    Medium
          REQ-TECH-043       Interaction models support                                            Medium
          REQ-TECH-044       Qualities of service                                                       High
          REQ-TECH-045       Routing features                                                           High
          REQ-TECH-046       Defined business formats support                                           Low
          REQ-TECH-047       Message parsing support                                               Medium
          REQ-TECH-048       Error management features                                                  High
                         SOA Support                                                             Low
          REQ-TECH-049       Logical Naming Service                                                Medium
          REQ-TECH-050       Dynamic Service Virtualization                                             Low
          REQ-TECH-051       Synchronous Communication                                                  High
          REQ-TECH-052       Asynchronous Communication                                                 High
          REQ-TECH-053       Extensibility                                                         Medium
          REQ-TECH-054       Support for typed messages                                                 Low
                         Adapters                                                                High
                             Industry Standard Support
          REQ-TECH-055          ACORD Support                                                      Medium
          REQ-TECH-056          Financial Information Exchange (FIX) Support                       Medium
          REQ-TECH-057          SWIFT Support                                                           Low
          REQ-TECH-058          RosettaNet                                                              Low
          REQ-TECH-059          Others                                                                  Low
                             Package Application Adapters
          REQ-TECH-060          Lawson                                                             Medium
          REQ-TECH-061          ProFinancials                                                           High
          REQ-TECH-062          Aperta                                                             Medium
          REQ-TECH-063          AS/400                                                                  High
          REQ-TECH-064          ACHIEVE                                                                 Low
          REQ-TECH-065          AgentPower                                                              Low
          REQ-TECH-066          Daptiv                                                                  Low
          REQ-TECH-067          RightNow                                                           Medium
          REQ-TECH-068          IVANS                                                              Medium
          REQ-TECH-069          Power2Pay                                                          Medium
          REQ-TECH-070          Kronos                                                                  High
          REQ-TECH-071          Emblem                                                                  Low
          REQ-TECH-072          ImageRight                                                              High
          REQ-TECH-073          TeamTrack                                                               Low
          REQ-TECH-074          Plumtree /Oracle Web Center                                        Medium
          REQ-TECH-075          Numara Footprints                                                  Medium
          REQ-TECH-076          GIS                                                                Medium
          REQ-TECH-077          CDS                                                                     Low
          REQ-TECH-078          Xactimate                                                               High
          REQ-TECH-079          SendSuite                                                          Medium
          REQ-TECH-080          Commercial Policy Management                                       Medium

ITN No.: 10-0007                                                                                                                                        April 29, 2010
Attachment "D" - Vendor technology Questions                                                                                                            Page 79 of 89
                                                                                      ATTACHMENT “D”
                                                                            VENDOR RESPONSE -TECHNOLOGY SECTION

      Technology                                                                                                  Vendor Response (-select score-)
      Criterion                                                                               Weightage                       Score
                             Technology Adapters
          REQ-TECH-081          RDBMS Adapters                                                  Medium
          REQ-TECH-082          MQ Adapters                                                          Low
          REQ-TECH-083          Data Warehouse Adapters                                         Medium
          REQ-TECH-084          Exchange Server Adapters                                             Low
          REQ-TECH-085          File System Adapters                                            Medium
          REQ-TECH-086          Search Adapters                                                 Medium
          REQ-TECH-087          Messaging Adapters                                              Medium
          REQ-TECH-088          Other Adapters                                                       Low
          REQ-TECH-099       Custom Adapter Development                                              High
          REQ-TECH-090       Spring Framework                                                   Medium
                         Data Integration                                                     Medium
                             Data Manipulation
          REQ-TECH-091          Extract, transform and load (ETL) tooling                       Medium
          REQ-TECH-092          Caching                                                              Low
          REQ-TECH-093          Data access                                                     Medium
          REQ-TECH-094          JDBC interface                                                       High
          REQ-TECH-095          ODBC                                                                 Low
          REQ-TECH-096          Distributed Query                                                    Low
          REQ-TECH-097          Two phase-commit                                                     High
                             Data Stewardship and Governance Services
          REQ-TECH-98           Quality                                                         Medium
          REQ-TECH-099          Profiling                                                       Medium
          REQ-TECH-100          Mining                                                          Medium
          REQ-TECH-101       Data Warehouse Integration                                              High
                         Runtime environment                                                  High
                             Runtime Technology Platform
          REQ-TECH-102          Physical                                                             High
          REQ-TECH-103          Virtual                                                              High
                             Operating Systems
          REQ-TECH-104          Windows 2003 Server                                                  High
          REQ-TECH-105          Windows 2008 Server                                                  High
          REQ-TECH-106          AIX                                                             Medium
          REQ-TECH-107          Other Unix platforms                                                 Low
          REQ-TECH-108       Application Servers                                                     High
          REQ-TECH-109       Server Cluster                                                          High
          REQ-TECH-110       Runtime platform dependencies                                           High
          REQ-TECH-111       Dynamic provisioning                                               Medium
          REQ-TECH-112       Memory and storage utilization                                          High
          REQ-TECH-113       ESB service extension                                              Medium
          REQ-TECH-114       OSGi Support                                                            Low
          REQ-TECH-115       Alternative implementations                                        Medium
          REQ-TECH-116       Embeddable runtime                                                 Medium
          REQ-TECH-117       Appliance form factor support                                           Low
          REQ-TECH-118       Reliable messaging features                                        Medium

ITN No.: 10-0007                                                                                                                                     April 29, 2010
Attachment "D" - Vendor technology Questions                                                                                                         Page 80 of 89
                                                                                             ATTACHMENT “D”
                                                                                   VENDOR RESPONSE -TECHNOLOGY SECTION

      Technology                                                                                                         Vendor Response (-select score-)
      Criterion                                                                                      Weightage                       Score
          REQ-TECH-119       Messaging across firewalls                                                Medium
          REQ-TECH-120       Complex event processing                                                  Medium
          REQ-TECH-121       Client Side Components                                                    Medium
          REQ-TECH-122       Managed File Transfer (MFT)                                                    High
                         Runtime process management                                                  Low
          REQ-TECH-123       Composition and decomposition                                                  Low
          REQ-TECH-124       Distributed process management                                                 Low
          REQ-TECH-125       Instance management                                                            Low
          REQ-TECH-126       Process monitoring                                                             Low
                         Alternate processing engines                                                Low
          REQ-TECH-127       External CEP integration                                                       Low
                         BPM Support                                                                 Low
          REQ-TECH-128       Orchestration                                                                  High
          REQ-TECH-129       Language Support                                                               Low
          REQ-TECH-130       Standards                                                                      Low
          REQ-TECH-131       Semantic Transformation                                                        Low
          REQ-TECH-132       Extensions for transformations                                            Medium
          REQ-TECH-133       Document and content interaction                                               Low
          REQ-TECH-134       Analytical Tooling                                                             Low
                         Web Service Protocol Support                                                High
          REQ-TECH-135       SOAP 1.1 and 1.2                                                               High
          REQ-TECH-136       REST support                                                                   High
          REQ-TECH-137       WSDL                                                                           High
          REQ-TECH-138       UDDI 3.02                                                                 Medium
          REQ-TECH-139       XML                                                                            High
          REQ-TECH-140       HTTP 1.1                                                                       High
          REQ-TECH-141       WS-Policy (2004/09)                                                       Medium
          REQ-TECH-142       WS-Policy Attachment                                                      Medium
          REQ-TECH-143       WSIL                                                                           Low
          REQ-TECH-144       WS Addressing                                                                  Low
          REQ-TECH-145       WS Reliable Messaging 1.0/1.1                                                  High
          REQ-TECH-146       WS-Security (with X.509 and Username Token Profile)                            High
          REQ-TECH-147       WS-Security: SAML Token Profile                                           Medium
          REQ-TECH-148       WS-Security Kerberos Token Profile                                        Medium
          REQ-TECH-149       WS-Trust                                                                       Low
          REQ-TECH-150       WS-Security Policy                                                        Medium
          REQ-TECH-151       WS-Secure Conversation                                                         Low
          REQ-TECH-152       SAML 1.1                                                                       Low
          REQ-TECH-153       Streaming API for XML (StAX)                                                   Low
          REQ-TECH-154       WS-I Basic Profile 1.1                                                         High
          REQ-TECH-155       WS-I Attachments Profile                                                  Medium
          REQ-TECH-156       SOAP with MIME attachments                                                     High
          REQ-TECH-157       MTOM                                                                           High
          REQ-TECH-158       Oauth support                                                                  High
          REQ-TECH-159       Spring Integration Patterns                                               Medium

ITN No.: 10-0007                                                                                                                                            April 29, 2010
Attachment "D" - Vendor technology Questions                                                                                                                Page 81 of 89
                                                                             ATTACHMENT “D”
                                                                   VENDOR RESPONSE -TECHNOLOGY SECTION

      Technology                                                                                         Vendor Response (-select score-)
      Criterion                                                                      Weightage                       Score
                           Other Protocol Support                                    Medium
          REQ-TECH-160          FTP                                                         High
          REQ-TECH-161          SMTP                                                   Medium
          REQ-TECH-162          RMI over IIOP                                          Medium
          REQ-TECH-163          CORBA/IIOP                                             Medium
          REQ-TECH-164          .Net Remoting                                               Low
          REQ-TECH-165          TCP/IP                                                 Medium
          REQ-TECH-166          SCADA                                                       Low
          REQ-TECH-167          MQ Telemetry Transport                                      Low
          REQ-TECH-168          COM/DCOM                                                    Low
          REQ-TECH-169          SSH                                                         Low
          REQ-TECH-170          sFTP                                                        High
          REQ-TECH-171          Protocol extension deployment                               Low
          REQ-TECH-172          Custom protocols                                         Low
                           Security                                                  Medium
          REQ-TECH-173          Digital Signatures                                     Medium
          REQ-TECH-174          AES Encryption                                         Medium
          REQ-TECH-175          Authentication                                         Medium
          REQ-TECH-176          Directory support                                           High
          REQ-TECH-177          Authorization                                               Low
          REQ-TECH-178          Administration                                              Low
          REQ-TECH-179          Service management - security                          Medium
          REQ-TECH-180          Audit                                                  Medium
                           Tooling                                                   Medium
          REQ-TECH-181          Service creation and deployment                        Medium
          REQ-TECH-182          EAI administration                                     Medium
          REQ-TECH-183          Ease of tools use                                      Medium
          REQ-TECH-184          Integration of tools                                   Medium
          REQ-TECH-185          Artifact openness                                           Low
          REQ-TECH-186          Testing support                                          Low
                           Design-time process support                               Medium
          REQ-TECH-187          Process modeling                                       Medium
          REQ-TECH-188          Code generation                                        Medium
          REQ-TECH-189          Simulation                                             Medium
                           Federation                                                Medium
          REQ-TECH-191          Homogeneous federation                                 Medium
          REQ-TECH-192          Heterogeneous federation targets                       Medium
          Non-functional Requirements
                           Quality of Service                                        High
          REQ-TECH-193          Load Balancing                                         Medium
          REQ-TECH-194          High Availability                                      Medium
          REQ-TECH-195          Fault Tolerance                                        Medium
          REQ-TECH-196          Fail over                                              Medium
          REQ-TECH-197          Transaction Support                                         High
          REQ-TECH-198          Execution Prioritization                               Medium

ITN No.: 10-0007                                                                                                                            April 29, 2010
Attachment "D" - Vendor technology Questions                                                                                                Page 82 of 89
                                                                                            ATTACHMENT “D”
                                                                                  VENDOR RESPONSE -TECHNOLOGY SECTION

      Technology                                                                                                        Vendor Response (-select score-)
      Criterion                                                                                     Weightage                       Score
          REQ-TECH-199       Message Prioritization                                                   Medium
          REQ-TECH-200       Throughput scalability                                                   Medium
          REQ-TECH-201       Geographic scalability                                                   Medium
          REQ-TECH-202       Endpoint quality of service (QoS) management                             Medium
          REQ-TECH-203       Topology                                                                 Medium
          REQ-TECH-204       Availability/fault tolerance                                             Medium
          REQ-TECH-205       Response Times                                                            High
          REQ-TECH-206       Concurrent Transactions                                                   High
          REQ-TECH-207       Number of integrations                                                    High
          REQ-TECH-208       Configuration                                                             High
                         Monitoring and management                                                  Medium
          REQ-TECH-209       Service management - service-level agreement (SLA) monitoring            Medium
          REQ-TECH-210       Service management - SLA enforcement                                     Medium
          REQ-TECH-211       Service management - logging                                             Medium
          REQ-TECH-212       Vendor/third-party service management integration                        Medium
          REQ-TECH-213       Span of control                                                          Medium
          REQ-TECH-214       External technical monitoring                                            Medium
          REQ-TECH-215       Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager                              Medium
          REQ-TECH-216       SpringSource HypericHQ                                                    Low
          REQ-TECH-217       Native technical monitoring                                               Low
          REQ-TECH-218       Native business activity monitoring (BAM)                                 Low
          REQ-TECH-219       External BAM                                                              Low
          REQ-TECH-220       Service Management & Reporting Extenstions                               Medium
          REQ-TECH-221       Disaster Recovery                                                         High
          REQ-TECH-222       Problem resolution                                                       Medium
          REQ-TECH-223       Disaster Recovery                                                        Medium

ITN No.: 10-0007                                                                                                                                           April 29, 2010
Attachment "D" - Vendor technology Questions                                                                                                               Page 83 of 89

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