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									Auburn City
  Business Investment Prospectus
                          Auburn City
                                  Business Investment Prospectus

Welcome to Auburn City                                        3
Introducing Auburn City                                       4
Investing in Auburn City                                      5
A Strategically Positioned City                               6
A Diverse and Skilled Workforce                               8
An Economically Thriving City                                10
Prime Investment Locations                                   14
An Extensive Infrastructure Network                          18
An Educated City                                             20
Infrastructure Projects                                      21
A Competitive City for Business                              22
A Liveable and Distinctive City                              24
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Business Investment Prospectus
                                                                          Auburn CityBusiness Investment Prospectus

Welcome to Auburn City

John Burgess
General Manager, Auburn City Council

Welcome to Auburn City, a City which is continuing to      Auburn City has become a major commercial and
develop, prosper and grow to its full potential – a City   industrial hub within Sydney and continues to evolve
with many advantages for business.                         with the global economy, attracting a range of major
                                                           businesses to the area.
Located just 20 km south west of the Sydney CBD and
situated in the geographical heart of Greater Western      A vibrant, youthful and skilled local population is
Sydney, Auburn City is home to people from over 100        supported by an extensive network of world-class
nations and is part of the fastest growing economy in      education and training facilities including globally
Australia.                                                 recognised universities, which provides a skilled and
                                                           adaptable workforce.
As the third fastest growing local government area in
New South Wales, Auburn City is an integral part of        Businesses, investors, residents and visitors are
Greater Western Sydney and is projected to grow well       offered unique opportunities for work, leisure and
above the Sydney and Australian averages.                  business development.

Auburn City has been identified as a key growth area       We invite you to invest in Auburn City, do business
in planning for the future of metropolitan Sydney,         here and be part of our City’s prosperity.
strategically located along the Sydney Enterprise
Corridor.                                                  Auburn City is ready for business.

                                                                       Auburn City Business Investment Prospectus   3
Introducing Auburn City
“A culturally diverse growth area of Greater Western Sydney”

Auburn City is strategically located within the heart of   More recently Auburn City has become a major
Sydney along the Parramatta River. The City is             commercial and industrial area within Sydney and
situated 20km west of the Sydney CBD and 5km east          continues to evolve with the global economy, attracting
of the Parramatta CBD and includes the suburbs of          a range of major businesses to the area.
Auburn City, Berala, Homebush Bay, Lidcombe,
Newington, Regents Park and Silverwater.                   Auburn City rose in international recognition when it
                                                           played host to the Sydney Olympics in 2000. The
Auburn City is one of the most culturally diverse          Homebush Bay site was developed into a state-of-the-
regions in Australia and is a major destination for        art sporting, recreational and residential precinct to
settlement of new arrivals into Sydney due to its          host the Games and remains a major sporting,
established ethno-cultural support systems and             recreational and cultural destination for Sydney and
networks. Over 100 nationalities are represented in        beyond.
Auburn City and help create a vibrant international
atmosphere in the City.                                    Auburn City is the third fastest growing Local
                                                           Government Area (LGA) in New South Wales with an
Auburn City was one of the first locations in Australia    average population increase of 3.3% each year since
to be settled, dating back to 1792. Auburn City            2002. Projections indicate that Auburn City will
developed as a key agricultural and grazing area           continue to grow well above the Sydney and Australia
supporting the Sydney region.                              averages.

    Auburn City Statistics – A Snap Shot
    Estimated Resident Population in 2007                  70,986

    5 year average annual population growth rate           3.3%

    Land area                                              32 square kilometres

4    Auburn City Business Investment Prospectus
                                                                                           Auburn CityBusiness Investment Prospectus

Investing in Auburn City
“An innovative and competitive City with significant investment opportunity”


                                                 NORTH SYDNEY
                       tta River

                        t   Wes

                y                                      AIRPORT
    m   eH

Auburn City is located at the geographical heart of                        Auburn City boasts a highly skilled and productive
Sydney, Australia’s largest and most globally                              workforce, supported by an extensive network of
integrated city. Situated between the Sydney and                           world-class education and training facilities including
Parramatta CBDs, Auburn City is strategically placed                       globally recognised universities. The multicultural
within one of the nation’s enterprise corridors.                           nature of Auburn City is an added advantage,
                                                                           providing a workforce that understands the culture and
Auburn City is an integral part of Greater Western                         language of Australia’s emerging trading partners.
Sydney, one of the largest and fastest growing
regions in Australia. The region is experiencing a                         Auburn City is a great place to live with a relaxed
booming population and economic growth that is                             lifestyle and relatively low cost of living. With great
driving significant levels of new investment from                          access to leading schools, health services and world
Australia and overseas.                                                    class sporting and recreation facilities, Auburn City is
                                                                           a great place to raise a family.
A well developed infrastructure network provides a
major advantage of locating within Auburn City with                        Auburn City’s Sydney Olympic Park played host to the
superior access to major road and rail                                     Sydney Olympic Games in 2000 and the legacy has
transport corridors and technologically advanced                           provided a significant platform for growth and
communications infrastructure.                                             investment. Sydney Olympic Park is a world class
                                                                           sporting, recreational and cultural precinct with
                                                                           planned residential and commercial development
                                                                           representing exceptional investment opportunities for
                                                                           new businesses.

All these competitive advantages and more make Auburn City a
desirable place to Live, Work and Invest!

                                                                                        Auburn City Business Investment Prospectus   5
A Strategically Positioned City
“A strategic hub identified in the future planning for Metropolitan Sydney”

Auburn City has been identified as a key strategic
growth area in planning for the future of Metropolitan
Sydney. The NSW Sydney Metropolitan Strategy (the
Strategy) sets out a desired framework for future
growth, with strategies relating to the economy and
employment, centres and corridors, housing, transport,
environment and resources, parks and public spaces
and governance.

As part of the Strategy, the Sydney CBD has been
identified as a Global City and Parramatta CBD as a
Regional City, confirming their role as major
commercial centres.

Auburn City is strategically located between these two
cities in the Parramatta-Sydney Enterprise Corridor and
will benefit significantly from planned growth.

Planning strategies have recognised the opportunity to
further expand economic activities and urban
development along the corridor in areas such as Auburn

Auburn City forms part of the West Central Subregion of
Metropolitan Sydney which also includes Bankstown,
Fairfield, Holroyd and Parramatta. The Subregion is a
key hub for manufacturing and industry within Sydney
and is the gateway to Greater Western Sydney, one of
the fastest growing regional economies in Australia.

Employment lands are an important component of
Auburn City’s economy, supporting the strong
manufacturing and industrial economy. There are over
540 hectares of zoned employment land in Auburn City
which will continue to help facilitate growth in the local
economy and create investment opportunities.

Sydney Olympic Park has been identified as a
Specialised Centre due to the unique nature of the
precinct with world-class infrastructure including
sporting and major event hosting facilities. Planning
for significant land release will see major residential
and commercial development resulting in population
and employment growth.

6   Auburn City Business Investment Prospectus
                                                                                  Auburn City    Business Investment Prospectus

A Strategically Positioned City
“One of the fastest growing areas in Sydney and Australia”

Auburn City is located within Greater       Population Trends and Projections
Western Sydney, one of the fastest          for Auburn City
growing regions in Australia. The
population of Auburn City was estimated     120,000

at almost 71,000 in 2007, with over 2,000
new residents having moved to the area      100,000

each year since 2002. Auburn City is
projected to experience continued rapid
growth, with over 40,000 new residents       60,000
projected to boost the population beyond
110,000 by 2031. This population growth      40,000

will provide a significant driver to the
economy and strengthen the capacity of
the local labour force.                          0
                                                      1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2011 2016 2021 2026 2031

The NSW Department of Planning has          Source: ABS 3118.0 and NSW Department of Planning
identified the West Central Subregion of
Sydney as a major centre for
employment growth in Sydney over the
next 20-25 years. Over 12,000 new jobs
have been targeted for the Auburn City
area to 2031, representing growth of
over 25% on existing levels. Supporting
this projected employment growth will
require significant new levels of public
and private investment.

                                                                              Auburn City Business Investment Prospectus                     7
A Diverse and Skilled Workforce
“A young and diverse workforce and community”

Country of Origin of Auburn City Residents                                         Auburn City is one of the most diverse
                                                                                   regions in Australia with the population
                                               Americas 1%
                                                                                   including people born in over 100
          Southern and Central Asia 9%                                             different countries. The culturally rich
                                                                                   nature of the population creates a
          North-East Asia 15%                                                      vibrant community with a global
                                                                                   atmosphere. With 75% of residents
                                                                                   capable of speaking a language other
                                                                   Australia 41%
                                            Country of                             than English, Auburn City has the
                                         Origin of Auburn                          workforce ready made to help
        South-East Asia 10%                 Residents
                                                                                   businesses integrate into the global
          North-West Europe 2%                                                     market.

           Africa and the Middle East 14%
                                                       Oceania 4%
                                                  Southern & Eastern Europe 4%
Source: ABS Census 2006

Age Distribution of Auburn City Residents

    Age Group                                           Auburn City                       Metropolitan Sydney
    0-14 years                                                21.0%                                  19.5%
    15-24 years                                               16.7%                                  13.8%
    25-34 years                                               17.7%                                  15.3%
    35-44 years                                               15.2%                                  15.3%
    45-54 years                                               12.5%                                  13.5%
    55-64 years                                                7.9%                                  10.2%
    65+ years                                                  9.0%                                  12.3%
    Average age (years)                                        33.5                                   36.6
Source: ABS Census 2006

8    Auburn City Business Investment Prospectus
                                                                             Auburn CityBusiness Investment Prospectus

A Diverse and Skilled Workforce
“A highly educated, skilled and productive workforce”

Businesses can access a highly skilled workforce in          The existing workforce is well equipped to meet the
Auburn City from both within and outside the Auburn          requirements of the emerging knowledge intensive
City area. Auburn City records one third of all residents    sectors as well as the established industries. The
over the age of 15 having a post school qualification.       population growth projected for Auburn City and
The proportion of residents living in Auburn City with a     Greater Western Sydney as a whole assures the
university degree has increased significantly over the       availability of a skilled workforce into the future.
past 5 years indicating the ability of the local workforce
to improve skills. Qualified residents cover all fields,     This highly trained and knowledge intensive workforce
with Management & Commerce (28%), Engineering &              is supported by leading educational institutions
Related Technologies (18%) and Information                   including the University of Sydney, the University of
Technology (9%) being the most common.                       Western Sydney, Western Sydney Institute of TAFE
                                                             and several other global institutions. The availability of
The local labour force is strengthened by neighbouring       highly skilled professional staff is evidenced by the
residential areas, which readily provide a skilled           high end industries emerging in Auburn City.
workforce for businesses within Auburn City. A well
developed road and public transport network provides
businesses with access to a potential workforce
spanning the majority of Sydney and totalling in excess
of 2 million people.

Qualifications of Auburn City Residents
                                                             Percentage of Working Age Population
  Qualification                                                    2001                  2006                Change

    Bachelor Degree or Higher                                     11.0%                 15.9%                  +4.9%

    Diploma or Advanced Diploma                                    5.2%                  6.2%                  +1.0%

    Certificate                                                   10.4%                  9.3%                  -1.0%

  Total                                                           26.5%                 31.4%                  -1.0%
Source: ABS Census 2006

                                                                          Auburn City Business Investment Prospectus   9
An Economically Thriving City
“A dynamic and rapidly growing economy”

The size of the Auburn City economy, measured using Gross
Regional Product (GRP), was estimated at $5.5 billion in
2006-07. Auburn City’s economic growth rate was measured
at 8% in 2006-07, well in excess of growth recorded in the
Sydney, NSW and Australian economies as a whole. The
expansion of the economy has been driven by employment
growth in Auburn City and is projected to continue into the

The structure of the Auburn City economy continues to
evolve to respond to changes in the national and global
economic environment. The competitive advantages of
locating in Auburn City have created opportunities for
several emerging industries. Manufacturing remains the
largest employer in Auburn City employing over a fifth of
the workforce, more than double the Sydney average. The
wholesale trade, transport, postal & warehousing, arts &
recreation services and construction sectors also exhibit
relative strength compared with the Sydney average based
on the number of employed persons.

Employment by Industry

     Industry                                             Auburn City   Sydney
     Manufacturing                                            21%        10%
     Wholesale trade                                          15%         6%
     Retail trade                                             9%         11%
     Transport, postal & warehousing                          9%          5%
     Public administration & safety                           6%          6%
     Construction                                             6%          5%
     Education & training                                     5%          8%
     Health care & social assistance                          5%         10%
     Professional, scientific & technical services            4%         10%
     Accommodation & food services                            3%          6%
     Information media & telecommunications                   3%          3%
     Financial & insurance services                           3%          7%
     Rental, hiring & real estate services                    2%          2%
     Administrative & support services                        2%          3%
     Arts & recreation services                               2%          1%
     Electricity, gas, water & waste services                 1%          1%
     Other                                                    4%          4%
Source: ABS Census 2006

10     Auburn City Business Investment Prospectus
                                                                                       Auburn City   Business Investment Prospectus

An Economically Thriving City
“Established and emerging industries leveraging Auburn City’s competitive

                                         Competitive Industries compared to Sydney Average

                                         Very Competative



                                                             Construction   Arts & recreation Transport, postal Manufacturing Wholesale trade
                                                                                services       & warehousing
                                         Source: ABS Census 2006

The manufacturing, transport, warehousing, construction and wholesale trade industry sectors have traditionally
been very strong in Auburn City reflecting strategic transport connections, affordable and available land, and a
willing workforce. These industries remain strong and are being complemented by emerging knowledge intensive

The manufacturing industry is the biggest employer in              Businesses have leveraged off a central location within
Auburn City and is well established in the region. Areas           Sydney as well as efficient transport links along the
of strength include the manufacturing of electronics,              Eastern Seaboard and to Port Botany.
metal products and fabrication, plastics and chemicals
and food processing. The industry has been undergoing              Information & Communications Technology
significant change in recent years with growth in the              Information & Communications Technology (ICT) is a
advanced high value sector replacing lower value add               growing sector in Auburn City, reflecting the increasing
operations. The expanding sector is characterised by               importance of information flows and technology within
significant investment in innovation, research and                 the global economy. Clusters of ICT businesses are
development with many companies active in the global               emerging within Auburn City at Sydney Olympic Park
market.                                                            and Silverwater.

Transport and Logistics                                            Wholesale Trade
A well developed transport network has positioned                  Wholesale trade has traditionally been strong in Auburn
Auburn City as a leading location in the transport and             City, primarily along the Parramatta Road Enterprise
logistics industry. Auburn City has emerged as a pivotal           Corridor. High traffic flows and affordable land have
hub in the transport & logistics industry due to its               sustained the sector and planning for the Corridor has
strategic location with access to domestic and global              identified the need to consolidate the sector with new
markets.                                                           developments.

                                                                                 Auburn City Business Investment Prospectus               11
An Economically Thriving City
“Home to leading innovative and technologically advanced companies”

Auburn City is home to many of Australia’s leading businesses. The many advantages of operating in Auburn
City have attracted companies looking to deal on a national and global scale.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is one of the            Peregrine Semiconductor Australia is a leading example
leading financial institutions in Australia and recently    of the advanced manufacturing companies that are
chose to relocate 5,000 staff to Sydney Olympic Park.       prospering in Auburn City. Peregrine manufacturers micro-
The $300 million project includes the development of        electronic products using wafer fabrication processes for
several purpose built offices and reflects a trend for      the medical, telecommunications and defence industries.
major corporations to move away from CBDs and               The company has successfully integrated into global
towards      campus      style    developments.     The     markets from a base in Auburn City and represents the
Commonwealth Bank was attracted by the modern               exporting opportunities that are achievable.
workplace environment offered by Sydney Olympic Park
and facilities including childcare, sporting and other      TC Communications is a satellite communications
recreational green areas.                                   specialist that manufactures satellite communications
                                                            systems for military and government clients around the
Cumberland Industries is a social enterprise that           world. TC Communications are a world leader in their field
provides employment, training and vocational support        taking advantage of the skilled workforce and cluster of
opportunities for people with disabilities. The company     innovative ICT companies that Auburn City has to offer.
is headquartered in Auburn City and is example of
successful companies integrating with the local             TNA Australia is a designer and manufacturer of
community.                                                  integrated packaging systems for food production
                                                            companies worldwide. TNA Australia has built a strong
Tooheys (Lion Nathan) has operated a major brewery at       export business through the manufacture of Vertical Form,
Lidcombe for over 30 years, representing the largest        Fill and Seal (VFFS) packaging machines, conveyors, seal
brewery in NSW. The brewery produces 3.3 million            testers, date coders, weighers, metal detectors and
hectolitres of beer each year and supplies approximately    software.
a 43% share of the NSW beer market. The company has
recently decided to invest a further $70 million into the   Machinery Automation and Robotics (MAR) is an
site to improve the efficiency and productivity of its      award winning manufacturer of complete industrial
operations. This investment represents a vote of            automation solutions servicing large and small scale
confidence in Auburn City as a place to invest and          production-critical companies seeking the competitive
indicates the strategic importance to the rapidly growing   edge that high-tech automation and robotics provide.
Sydney market.                                              Based in Silverwater, MAR serves a range of industries
                                                            with flexible turnkey robotic solutions.

12   Auburn City Business Investment Prospectus
                                                                           Auburn CityBusiness Investment Prospectus

An Economically Thriving City
“Opportunities for rewarding business investment across a range of industries”

Auburn City represents a great opportunity for people looking to start up a business, existing businesses looking
to expand their operations and businesses looking to relocate their operations to a thriving economy in the heart of
Sydney. Key industries with investment and growth opportunities that leverage the competitive advantages in Auburn
City include Information and Communication Technology, Manufacturing and Transport and Logisitics.

Information & Communications Technology
A cluster of leading edge Information & Communications
Technology companies have established in Auburn City
with opportunities for new companies to join the mix. The
sector has been growing throughout Australia and
Auburn City is ideally placed for new investment. Sydney
Olympic Park and Silverwater are two locations which
represent significant growth opportunities.

Auburn City represents a great location for
technologically advanced manufacturers looking to
locate within an area characterised by investment in
innovation, research and development. The benefits of
clustering in the sector are apparent providing
partnership and research opportunities. An extensive
range of industrial estates within Auburn City also
provides opportunities for further growth in the sector.

Transport and Logistics
Greater Western Sydney has become a pivotal switching
hub for the movement of freight throughout Australia and
internationally. Auburn City is the ideal location for
businesses looking to invest in the industry with new
road and rail infrastructure projects to further improve
access to the area.

                                                                       Auburn City Business Investment Prospectus   13
Prime Investment Locations
“Established commercial centres in Greater Western Sydney with strong
growth potential”

There are currently five commercial centres located within Auburn City: Auburn, Lidcombe, Regents Park,
Berala and Newington.

Each centre is well serviced by transport infrastructure    The Auburn Town Centre has been identified as a
and has a unique multicultural atmosphere that              Town Centre under the Sydney Metropolitan Strategy
characterises Auburn City. Projected population growth      and is the largest commercial centre in Auburn City,
of over 40,000 additional residents by 2031 will drive      representing the most significant concentration of
demand for administrative, retail and commercial            administrative, retail and commercial facilities. The
services in Auburn City and create significant business     Town Centre is located at a major transport
opportunities within these commercial centres.              interchange, providing it with rail and bus interchange
                                                            services and high pedestrian movements.
The commercial office and retail sectors in Auburn City
are characterised by cost-effective property coupled        The Lidcombe Town Centre has also been identified
with superior transport access. The culturally diverse      as a Town Centre under the Sydney Metropolitan
retail market also attracts people from all over Sydney     Strategy. The Lidcombe train station is a major
looking to shop for the best quality Asian and Middle       transport hub and provides access to numerous
Eastern products.                                           surrounding     employment       precincts. Planned
                                                            residential development in the town centre will help
Auburn City Council is currently in the process of          facilitate commercial opportunities.
preparing strategic plans for the future of Auburn City’s
town centres to position them for imminent growth. The      The Newington Town Centre located in Sydney
plans highlight a number of attractive investment           Olympic Park is the newest commercial centre in
opportunities in the retail, commercial and residential     Auburn City and is establishing itself. The Town Centre
sectors to support the strong population and economic       supports the rapidly growing residential community in
growth of Auburn City.                                      the area and the specialised centre.

14   Auburn City Business Investment Prospectus
                                                                            Auburn CityBusiness Investment Prospectus

Prime Investment Locations
“An extensive supply of employment land to meet the requirements of all

Auburn City is home to over 500 hectares of employment land with precincts to suit the needs of businesses
across all industries. The industrial estates are well serviced by transport infrastructure making them an attractive
location for businesses requiring superior access.

The primary industrial estates located within Auburn City include:

• Parramatta Road Industrial Area: The 122                 • Homebush Bay Industrial Area: The 50 hectare
  hectare corridor spans 4km along the strategic             precinct is strategically located adjacent to the M4
  Parramatta-Sydney Enterprise Corridor. Planning is         Motorway providing superior transport access
  underway to promote new development along                  with a focus on transport, logistics and
  Parramatta Road to meet the desired land uses and          manufacturing operations. Planned extensions to
  built form for the corridor.                               the M4 to link with Sydney Airport and Port
                                                             Botany could greatly benefit businesses located
• Silverwater Industrial Area: The 109 hectare               within this industrial area.
  precinct located along Silverwater Road offers a
  diverse range of buildings and warehouses. The           • Lidcombe West Industrial Area: The 41 hectare
  industrial area has a focus on light manufacturing,        industrial area is located adjacent to Parramatta
  utilities and urban services with direct road frontage     Road with strong transport access making it an
  for businesses requiring superior transport access.        ideal location for transport, logistics and
                                                             manufacturing operations.
• Regents Park Industrial Area: The 82 hectare
  industrial area has recorded strong investment due
  to the development of new infrastructure and
  represents a great opportunity for businesses
  requiring larger floor plates.

                                                                        Auburn City Business Investment Prospectus   15
Prime Investment Locations
“State-of-the-art business parks suited to small and medium businesses”

Several new business parks have been developed in          Millennium Court Business Park is a 5 hectare
Auburn City providing modern units to meet the             precinct located in Silverwater towards the north of
requirements of small to medium operations. New            Auburn Local Government Area. The precinct has
business parks incorporate functional design elements      modern units including functional factory, high
to provide a mix of office, warehouse and showroom         clearance warehouse and attractive office space in a
space for innovative operations.                           well presented complex.

Australian Centre Business Park is located within          Newington Technology Park is ideally located close
Sydney Olympic Park and includes several business          to the M4 Motorway, Silverwater Road and other major
park style developments. The precinct is a master-         arterial transport links. The park is equipped with high-
planned business environment located adjacent to the       tech communications infrastructure and is home to
Sydney Olympic Park rail/bus interchange and major         several high profile global companies. Business units
roads. Development has included new campus style           are available and suited to office, showroom, training
office buildings and has attracted a cluster of hi-tech,   or storage units. Newington Technology Park is also
financial, research and education business.                located within walking distance to the Newington Town
                                                           Centre, providing easy access to support services.
Lidcombe Business Park is located along the Great
Western Highway with direct access via dedicated
traffic movement infrastructure. The business park has
state of the art office and warehouse tenancies
ranging from 2,000-4,000 sqm. The site has ample
parking, an onsite café and access to local support
services at the nearby Auburn and Lidcombe town

16   Auburn City Business Investment Prospectus
                                                                             Auburn CityBusiness Investment Prospectus

Prime Investment Locations
“Release of strategically located employment land providing attractive
investment opportunities to all businesses”

Property investment opportunities represent one of the       Auburn City Council is in the process of developing a
core advantages of investing in Auburn City. Auburn          new Local Environment Plan (LEP) that will promote
City boasts opportunities within the commercial              new commercial and industrial land opportunities
centres at Auburn, Lidcombe and Newington, major             along Parramatta Road that have been identified. With
industrial land precincts and modern business and            advantageous transport infrastructure, opportunities
technology parks.                                            will emerge for businesses in the transport, logistics,
                                                             manufacturing, storage and wholesaling sectors.
Auburn City Council has identified the strategic
importance of the Parramatta Road Enterprise Corridor
and opportunities to redevelop employment land.

“Auburn City represents an exceptional opportunity to invest in the
development of one of Sydney’s fastest growing business locations”

Auburn City represents an exceptional opportunity to         There is a wide range of identified sites suitable for
invest in one of Sydney’s most exiting new                   potential development to accommodate major
developments. Auburn City is located between the             commercial, leisure and sporting facilities and high
Sydney Central Business District (CBD) and                   quality residential development. Recent developments
Parramatta CBD, offering excellent accessibility from        have seen the Commonwealth Bank of Australia
the entire metropolitan area, a quality urban                establish a global office, investment from major hotel
environment       and         international standard         chains, education institutions and residential projects.
sporting/recreational facilities.                            Significant opportunities still remain as the precinct
                                                             evolves into a dynamic commercial centre.
The Sydney Olympic Park Authority has finalised its
Master Plan and Vision 2025 which will guide
development of the precinct over the next 20 years.
The Master Plan outlines the future growth for the
precinct that will see it support a residential population
of 15,000 and a workforce of over 10,000 by 2025.

                                                                         Auburn City Business Investment Prospectus   17
                                                                            Greater      Western       Sydney     has
                                                                            experienced major investment in
                                                                             transport infrastructure, providing
                                                                             Auburn City with access to regional,
                                                                             interstate and global markets. Auburn
                                                                              City is centrally located within Sydney
                                                                             making the area a hub for goods
                                                                             transported by road, rail, air and sea.

                                                                             The M4 Motorway and Great Western
                                                                            Highway run through Auburn City
                                                                           linking with major arterials such as the
                                                                          new Westlink M7 Motorway and
                                                                         Centenary Drive. The extensive road
                                                                        network provides access throughout
                                                                       Sydney and the M7 links Auburn City to the
                                                                      major transport corridor north-south along
                                                                     the Eastern seaboard of Australia.

                                                                  Rail infrastructure is advanced from both a
                                                                 passenger and freight perspective. There are 5
                                                               train stations located within Auburn City servicing
                                                             trains on 4 metropolitan lines, allowing people to easily
                                                           travel to Auburn City by public transport.

                                                    Port Botany is located less than 30 minutes from Auburn City
                                                  and is considered to be the trade gateway of global Sydney. It is
                                               Australia’s second largest container port and services one third of
                                             Australia’s container trade. Major intermodal road-rail facilities at
                                          Camellia, Chullora, Minto, Villawood and Yennora surround Auburn City
                                       and provide direct access to port facilities.

                                                  “An integrated transport infrastructure network
                                                    providing access throughout Sydney and to
                                                                                  global markets”

18   Auburn City Business Investment Prospectus
                                                                          Auburn CityBusiness Investment Prospectus

An Extensive
Infrastructure Network
Kingsford Smith Airport and Bankstown Airport are major airports servicing the Sydney Region and are only 25
and 10 minutes from Auburn City, respectively. The nearby Bankstown Airport is planning for significant growth
over the next 20 years across passenger, freight and industrial sectors. This growth will provide businesses with
an opportunity to locate nearby and take advantage of expanded aviation operations.

“State-of-the-art telecommunications and
information technology infrastructure
underpinning an advanced economy”

Clusters of innovative Information & Communication
Technology (ICT) businesses are emerging within Auburn City
at Silverwater and Sydney Olympic Park. This growth has been
facilitated by advanced telecommunications infrastructure
providing streamlined access to global information flows.
Infrastructure includes advanced switching systems and fibre
optic cabling linking Auburn City to the national high capacity
fibre optic trunk system.

The NSW Government has identified the need for continued
development of telecommunications infrastructure to ensure
Sydney maintains its position as an innovative global city.

Planning for the City will see wireless broadband technology
rolled out to the major commercial centres to facilitate
productivity growth.

                                                                      Auburn City Business Investment Prospectus   19
An Educated City
“A network of leading education and training institutions
placing Auburn City at the forefront of innovation and

Access to a network of education and training institutions provides Auburn City with
a highly skilled workforce with capacity across all industries. Auburn City is supported
by several major universities including the University of Sydney, University of Western
Sydney and Macquarie University. These institutions are active in research &
development partnerships with businesses in the region offering opportunities to
companies to remain at the forefront of innovation in their field.

University of Sydney
The University of Sydney is Australia’s first university and has an international
reputation for outstanding teaching, as a centre of research excellence and as an
active and engaged community leader. The University’s Cumberland Campus is
located within Auburn City and is home to the Faculty of Health Sciences with the
main campus at Camperdown less than 30 minutes away by train.

University of Western Sydney
The University of Western Sydney (UWS) is a rapidly growing university servicing
the Greater Western Sydney region. UWS has 6 campuses, with the Parramatta
and Bankstown campuses located less than 10 minutes from Auburn City. Courses
offered by UWS cover those in the Colleges of Arts, Business and Health &

South Western Sydney Institute of TAFE
Aubur City is well serviced by major training institutions including the South Western
Sydney Institute of TAFE. Over 75,000 students per year study at the Institute,
choosing from more than 650 courses. Lidcombe College hosts the State Centres
for Training in telecommunications, advanced manufacturing technologies,
plastering, polymer processing, glass and glazing, and furnishing trades. The state-
of-the-art centre offers globally recognised courses across technologically
advanced disciplines.

20   Auburn City Business Investment Prospectus
                                                                         Auburn CityBusiness Investment Prospectus

Infrastructure Projects
“New infrastructure projects totalling billions of dollars planned for
Auburn City”

There are several infrastructure projects proposed for Auburn City that will further enhance the area’s position
as a premier business location. :

The Lidcombe rail upgrade project forms part of
RailCorp’s $1.8 billion Clearways Project and will have
a direct impact upon train services. The project will
reduce rail congestion around Lidcombe and improve
reliability across the entire Sydney railway network.
The increase in rail capacity will improve access to and
from Auburn City and make the area a more attractive
place to work.

The M4 East Extension is another multi-billion dollar
infrastructure project that will have major benefits for
businesses operating in Auburn City. The project
involves extending the M4 Motorway to connect with
the City West Link and also to include an underground
link to Sydney Airport and Port Botany. The project will
greatly reduce traffic congestion in Auburn City and
improve access to export markets.

As part of the future development of Sydney Olympic
Park, the precinct will receive significant infrastructure
upgrades and developments. As the commercial
centre develops, new transport infrastructure will
improve access from nearby hubs. The development
of new education and training facilities within Sydney
Olympic Park are in the pipeline and will further
enhance the precinct as a centre of innovation and

The Auburn City community will soon benefit from the
completion of a new $145 million redevelopment of
Auburn Hospital. The project includes a new 184-bed
hospital building and community health facilities and
will be a centre of excellence for elective surgery, aged
care and rehabilitation.

Auburn City will soon be home to the new NSW Rolling
Stock Maintenance Facility. The Public Private
Partnership (PPP) between RailCorp and a
consortium of infrastructure investors will result in over
$220 million of investment in Auburn City with the
creation of over 100 jobs during operation. The facility
will be responsible for the maintenance of Sydney’s rail
fleet and will improve the reliability and quality of the
suburban rail network.

                                                                     Auburn City Business Investment Prospectus   21
A Competitive City for Business
“A globally competitive location to conduct business”

Conducting business in Auburn City provides access to world class infrastructure while allowing companies to
take advantage of a low cost business environment. Auburn City represents one of the most affordable locations
within Sydney to operate a business with office rents considerably lower than neighbouring commercial centres
and industrial land prices up to 70% lower than other industrial precincts throughout Sydney.

Auburn City provides the benefit of a resident labour force with competitive labour costs. Weekly wage costs for
Auburn City residents in various occupations are up to 20% lower than the national average

Industrial Land Costs ($A/sqm), 4th Quarter 2007
                                                                                      Land Value ~    Land Value ~    Avg. Net Face
                                                                                     0.25ha ($/sqm)   1.6ha ($/sqm)   Rent ($/sqm)
     Central West                                                                        $500-550       $450-500          $127
     North Sydney                                                                       $350-$950     $300-$1,000         $150
     South Sydney                                                                      $850-$1,550    $700-$1,500         $145
Source: CB Richard Ellis, Sydney Industrial MarketView Report, 4Q 2007

Office Costs ($A/sqm), 1st Quarter 2008
                                                                                      Avg. Net Face
                                                                                      Rent ($/sqm)
     Central West                                                                           $287
     Parramatta                                                                             $323
     North Shore                                                                            $421
     Sydney CBD                                                                             $629

Source: CB Richard Ellis, Sydney Metropolitan Office MarketView Report, 1Q 2008

Weekly Individual Income by Occupation

                                                                                  Auburn City
                 Labourers                                                        Australia

  Community & personal
      service workers
      Machinery operators
                 & drivers

      Technicians & trades

                  Clerical &
     administrative workers



                               $0   $200   $400     $600      $800       $1,000     $1,200 $1,400

Source: ABS Census 2006

22       Auburn City Business Investment Prospectus
                                                                      Auburn CityBusiness Investment Prospectus

A Competitive City for Business
“An extensive network of business support organisations helping to facilitate
business investment opportunities”

Auburn City Council is actively looking to support investment by new businesses in Auburn City. Investment
attraction represents a core component of key planning strategies such as the Auburn 2030 Strategic Plan and
the Auburn Economic Development Statement.

Auburn City Council is proud of its business initiatives
and has received awards in recognition of its efforts to
provide the community with unique opportunities for
work, leisure and business development. Council’s
Economic Development Unit is ready to help
businesses move into Auburn City and maintains
relationships with many organisations that can assist
businesses with the facilitation of investment
opportunities. Some of these partners and associated
organisations include:

Department of State and Regional Development
(DSRD): DSRD is the New South Wales Government's
business development agency and delivers programs
and services to attract new business activity for NSW.
DSRD provides advice and assistance to help
businesses establish or expand in NSW.

Greater Western Sydney Economic Development
Board (GWSEDB): The GWSEDB is the voice of
business growth and economic development for
Greater Western Sydney. The Board works actively with
Greater Western Sydney's 14 local government areas
including Auburn City with the aim of creating
employment, business growth and investment

AusIndustry: AusIndustry is part of the Department of
Innovation, Industry, Science and Research and looks
to help businesses expand and adopt new technology
through the delivery of programs and financial

Austrade: Austrade is a government agency providing
advice, market intelligence and support to Australian
companies looking to enter international markets.
Austrade also provides advice and guidance to
international companies looking to invest in Australia
and develop partnerships with Australian businesses.

                                                                  Auburn City Business Investment Prospectus   23
A Liveable and Distinctive City
“A vibrant community offering an affordable and supreme quality of life”

Auburn City is a vibrant community that offers a great       Auburn City is located along the beautiful Parramatta
quality of life to all residents. Auburn City is centrally   River that is an arm of Sydney Harbour. The foreshore
located within Sydney, which is globally recognised as       is extensively covered with parkland including the
one of the great cities to live in. Sydney is a beautiful    renowned Bicentennial Park and Millennium
harbour city and was ranked 3rd out of 215 cities            Parklands. These expansive areas help create a
reviewed in the 2006 Worldwide Quality of Living index       relaxed and stress-free environment within the City to
compiled by Mercer Human Resources Consulting.               be enjoyed by all residents.

Auburn City has the major advantage of a significantly lower cost of living in comparison with other areas of
Sydney. There is a diverse range of housing in Auburn City comprising single level dwellings to high-rise
apartments. This is matched by a cost of housing that is considerably lower than the Sydney average in relation
to both housing prices and rents.

Median House Prices and Rents
                                                     Weekly Rents –
                                House Prices ($A)   2 Bedroom House
     Auburn City                       $470,000          $270

     Sydney Total                      $515,000          $280

     Inner Sydney                      $875,000          $450
Source: NSW Department of Housing (2007)

24     Auburn City Business Investment Prospectus
                                                                           Auburn CityBusiness Investment Prospectus

                          “A developed network of community facilities and services
                                  make Auburn City a great place to raise a family”

A Liveable and Distinctive City
Auburn City represents a great place to live and bring up a family with an
extensive supply of community facilities and services.

Schools                                                    Shopping & Entertainment
Auburn City’s school system is recognised through its      Major shopping and entertainment precincts meet the
diversity and state-of-the-art academic approach.          needs of all residents. Recently completed developments
Several leading public and independent schools are         at Rhodes and Parramatta offer higher end retail services
located in Auburn City offering high quality learning in   across all categories complementing the network of local
modern, well-equipped facilities. Many more leading        and neighbourhood centres.
schools are located nearby with easy public transport
access. Children’s services including family day care,     Sport and Recreation
occasional care, long day care, playschools and            An extensive range of sport and recreation facilities
preschools provide options for working parents.            including the world-class Sydney Olympic Park are
                                                           located within Auburn City. The park comprises 640
Health facilities                                          hectares of man-made and natural attractions providing
Auburn City is home to a wide range of high quality        visitors and residents with an irresistible choice of
health care facilities including two public hospitals;     sporting, touring, cultural, historical and nature based
Auburn Hospital and St Joseph Hospital and numerous        activities. Sydney Olympic Park plays host to over 50
community based health services. Private hospital          different sports each year, both at professional and
services are well represented in the area with the         amateur levels with many facilities open to the public on
Sydney Olympic Park Hospital currently under               a daily basis. Sports stadiums and facilities include:
construction. Westmead Hospital, the major public
hospital servicing Greater Western Sydney, is also less    • Olympic Stadium         • Tennis Centre
than 10 minutes away.                                      • Acer Arena              • Golf Centre
                                                           • Sydney Showground       • State Sports Centre
                                                           • Aquatic Centre

                                                                       Auburn City Business Investment Prospectus   25
For any additional information regarding Auburn City and investment opportunities, Auburn City Council’s
Economic Development Unit can be contacted on:

Administration Centre:
Civic Place, 1 Susan Street,
Auburn NSW 2144

Postal Address:
PO Box 118
Auburn NSW 1835

Phone: + 61 2 9735 1222
Facsimile: + 61 2 9643 1120


The following organisations can provide invaluable support in identifying and facilitating new business investment
opportunities in Auburn City.

  Organisation                                      Address                                                            Contact

  AusIndustry                                       Level 5, 341 George Street                                         Telephone: + 61 2 9226 6000
                                                    Sydney NSW                                                         Facsimile: + 61 2 9226 6002

  Austrade                                          Level 23 Aon Tower, 201 Kent Street                                Telephone: 13 28 78 (Aus Only)
                                                    Sydney NSW                                               
  Greater Western Sydney                            Level 2, 470 Church Street                                         Telephone: + 61 2 8843 1100
  Economic Development Board                        North Parramatta NSW                                               Facsimile: + 61 2 9890 9552

  New South Wales Department of                     Level 2, 470 Church Street                                         Telephone: + 61 2 8843 1100
  State and Regional Development                    North Parramatta NSW                                               Facsimile: + 61 2 9890 9552

Information generated and compiled by AEC Group Limited
Produced by Auburn City Council


Whilst all care and diligence have been exercised in the preparation of this publication, Auburn City Council and the AEC Group Limited do not warrant the
accuracy of the information contained within and accept no liability for any loss or damage that may be suffered as a result of reliance on this information, whether
or not there has been any error, omission or negligence on the part of Auburn City Council, the AEC Group Limited or their employees.

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